Camping Trip Sex (L)

Written by my wife…

After 23 years of marriage, we’ve had so many “amazing sex” encounters with each other that it’s hard to put our finger on just one that was the best, but I think we both agree that a camping trip in Arkansas led to one of our most powerful sex adventures ever!

I was five months pregnant with our fifth child when we decided to take a family vacation at a lake in NW Arkansas. Pregnancy typically makes me quite a bit hornier than usual (which is saying something because I really enjoy sex)! This vacation was no exception and we were looking forward to the great sex that was sure to come.

We invited my parents to join us on this vacation, partly because we truly enjoy their company, and partly because it’s a huge blessing to have their help with the kids who were all under 6 at the time. They knew we were hoping for their help with the kids, and were not only okay with it, but also genuinely looking forward to the time with their grandkids!

As we set up our tents, I eagerly anticipated the great sex we were going to have once the kids were asleep! We had a “satellite” type tent where the kids’ tent was attached to ours by a small tunnel. The only child we really had to share our part of the tent with was our 11 month old baby.

“Want to go for a walk?” My usually cautious husband propositioned.

“Of course!” I responded with a twinkle in my eye. “If you’ll promise to go skinny dipping with me!”

“I aim to please,” he laughed, and we tiptoed out of the tent to ask my mom to listen for the children.

A few minutes later,we left one of our cell phones with my dad, and took the other one with us as we walked away from the campsite, hand in hand. I was pretty nervous about my baby waking up and only wanting her mama, but the nerves were quelled by the anticipation of our upcoming adventure.

Every step we took along the road turned me on more and more, until my pussy was wet and swollen with desire! Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer. I pulled him to the side of the road and started kissing him deeply.

As my tongue sought his, he pulled my hips tight against his stiff cock. His hardness turned me on even more, so I wrapped my legs around his hips and started humping his dick with my clit. He pulled his rigid member out of his pants and slid my panties to the side but it wasn’t good enough. He quickly pulled me off of him, yanked my soaking thong off my ankles, and tucked it into his pocket.

I jumped on him again and slid his throbbing cock into my pussy, and moved my hips down until he penetrated me fully!

He pulled the shoulder of my dress down until he exposed my bra and freed first one breast then the other. He needed his hands to support the weight of my hips around him, so he took my tits in his mouth one at a time.

As his tongue teased my nipples, I felt a jolt of electricity go from my breasts to my already aching pussy lips. My clit started pulsing, and I moved my hips up and down, faster and faster! “Oh, baby, I’m going to come!” I screamed, “Don’t stop fucking me! Fuck me harder!”

He obliged and thrust his hips against mine, as he moved me up down against him faster.

I felt the sensations building up the rollercoaster until I couldn’t stand it any longer! Finally, I teetered on the edge after that huge climb then crashed over the edge, sensations swirling about me. My stomach even dropped, the way it does on a rollercoaster!

As I started nearing the end of my crescendo, he began moaning and thrusting his hips more urgently. The danger of someone driving by and seeing us added to my arousal, as did his excitement, and my orgasm increased in sensation and lasted longer than I thought possible!

Suddenly, he pulled my hips against him sharply, his face twisting in concentration as he yelled out! I nearly came again as his jism squirted inside me and I felt his cum coat my pussy.

After holding each other a moment longer, we pulled apart and reluctantly put our clothes back together. He kept my panties in his pocket, however, and from time to time, as we walked, he would pull out my black thong, take a whiff, and grin at me mischievously.

We did end up finding a remote place to go skinny dipping before returning to camp and as the cool water touched our skin, we couldn’t resist another quick fuck! We both agreed, The Roadside Fuck, as we have come to refer to it, was definitely the best sex we ever had!

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  1. California Coastal says:

    Thank you for the masturbation fantasy.
    We also love tent camping at our nudist club. Feeling all the elements on our skin can be quite invigorating and sexy. We have a campsite often where overhanging trees partially hide our sexual adventures and I can take hubby orally out in the open and he can return the favor with his cock where we're free of all encumbrances.

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