Tears to Smiles, Part 2 (L)

You can read Part 1 here.

… “I just want you to fuck me all day,” I smiled. And so the day began.

“Well, you’d best help me set your blanket up, then.” Rez dragged our covers off the bed. Taking the waterproof throw from the top of our ‘toy chest,’ he tossed me one end, and we spread it across the king-sized mattress.

As I crawled across its fuzzy surface, I asked, “How long do you usually spend between my legs when you give me oral?”

“I don’t know.” He paused then said, “Why do you ask?”

“Oh, no reason. I was just curious.” I gave him a wink as I leaned back on the pillows and spread my impossibly short legs for him. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

“Is that your way of asking me to go down on you?” He flopped on his belly and spoke to my clit. “Is that what you want?”

“Hmmm. It’ll do for starters.” I smirked at my own facetiousness, then gasped as he rewarded it by diving onto my pussy and sucking hard on my lovebud. But that indrawn breath was released as a sigh when he gentled moments later.

He licked and sucked me until I was moaning. It didn’t take very long. I wondered if he would finger me, rubbing my G-spot to get a squirt or two out of me, but he answered that questioning thought by coming up for a kiss. It seemed he had other goals.

My arms encircled his shoulders and my legs hooked over his hips as I felt the very thing I had been craving all night.  I shuddered with the intensity of my response to his entry.  It was neither rough nor tender, only extreme in my anticipation of it. Within moments, as predicted, I was spasming and washing him with liquid love. It ran down my thighs and ass, drenching the blanket beneath us.

He stilled for a minute and let me revel in the relaxed feeling that followed.

They are an odd sort of orgasm, these internal ones. I never had one until I turned 49. (It was the night we celebrated our anniversary last year.) The level of intensity is lower, and I always want more immediately, unlike with the ones I reach through clitoral stimulation. A clit orgasm is a lot of work for me; they take a long time and concentrated effort. And sometimes they just won’t come at all, no matter how hard I try. These ‘squirts’ are effortless. In fact, I can’t prevent them. I’ve tried when my blanket wasn’t handy. I know people say it’s the same organ, just stimulated from different sides, but there is a real difference for me.

Soon I was moving my hips and grinding against him, trying to get him going again.

Rez chuckled and kissed me roughly, then flipped me over on my tummy. He nudged my legs further apart with his knee, but I stopped him.

“No, like this,” I said. I pulled my legs back together and lifted my bottom into the air a bit.

He took the bait, straddling my upper thighs and sliding his cock through the extended tunnel of my now slick buttocks and into my slit again.  The pleasure began anew. His member now angled down just the right degree for the head to rake across my ‘female prostate’. Ooh, the ache began to build again. I had to squirt. And here it came!

“Yes! I love that stuff!” Suddenly I was on my back again. Rez yanked my legs apart and dropped between them, licking and sucking at my pussy. His eyes were closed and his eyebrows raised as he savored the smell, the taste, the feel of me.

When he was satisfied for the moment, he stood and moved toward the door. “I’ll only be a few minutes,” he said as he shoved an arm into the sleeve of his robe. “I want to check on the kids and then pee.”

I reached for my clit and started moving the tip of it in a slow circle. “Don’t be long?” I pleaded.

Rez groaned, then raised an eyebrow at me. “You just keep that up until I get back,” he instructed me.

I decided to do him one better. As soon as he was out the door, I hopped up and rummaged in the toybox for our posable 8-inch dildo and my favorite pink bulb wand vibrator. I wasn’t sure what he had in mind, but I wanted a few tools at his disposal.

When Rez returned, I was back on the bed, masturbating. I’d shifted more toward the edge to get out of the wet spot, which had chilled considerably while I was busy. This position worked out to my advantage since it put me well within his reach.

As my head lolled back on the pillow I’d propped up on, Rez drew close and planted a kiss on my mouth. He teased my tongue into his mouth and sucked up and down on it. At the same time, he tickled my nipple with his fingertip. Then he pinched it hard.

Ughn! I crunched with a sexual spasm. That man knows how to work me up.

“Have you been using these?” He nodded at the accouterments at my feet.

“No. I saved them for you.”

“I see.” He rose up and looked down at me with half-lidded eyes. Then he reached for the dildo and opened the coconut oil, slathering it on. His palm pressed against my inner thigh to warn me of his approach.

I lifted my hips to welcome the dragon into my cavern. (Hee, hee. That’s so corny!) It slid in with only the slightest resistance. My carnal groan as it entered excited me as much as it did him.

“Rub it, baby,” he had to remind me. He wanted me to cum the hard way. Well, with his help, then…

“Talk dirty to me,” I requested. “I get off on your words.”

“Okay. How does that feel? Do you like this dick? I’m gonna fuck you with this big, hard cock until you squirt for me again. Rub your clit, baby. Make it cum for me.”

I worked it hard while he pounded me with the play penis. When a squirt came, my cunt clenched so hard that it pushed the dildo out. But my clit was hanging back, not willing to climb the mountain with me and jump off.

Rez took the hand I was using to hold my labia apart and moved it down to the base of our plaything. “Here, hold this,” he said, using his hand to make mine reinsert it. Then he let go and took the vibrator from the bed, prepping it with the oil as he had with the first toy. He turned it on and revved it from its lowest to its highest setting.

“Are you ready for this?”

I nodded vigorously, though I kept rubbing my clitoris furiously as I held the silicone dick buried deep inside me.

He laughed as he poked around it at my entrance. “It won’t let me in,” he said.

I reluctantly let him take the fake fucker away from me. I didn’t regret the decision, though. When I felt the bulb end of the machine push into my canal, I arched in bliss.

“Oh, I love that feeling,” I cried, squeezing my knees together to intensify the effect. “Push it in deeper, then pull it all the way out so I can feel it going in again.”

He did, then asked, “Again?”

“Yes. Please. Fuck me with it like that.”

I let my legs part a little so that I could massage my clit some more. This time, I kept pace with Rez as he slowly worked the vibe in and out.

He tilted it up and down as he worked me, sometimes giving it a half spin to massage the back wall of my vagina. Back there he went deeper still, finding that hard to reach spot back behind my cervix, the place that’s like a cul-de-sac. Then he flipped it again and gave more attention to the front wall. He searched until he heard and felt the response he wanted then stayed there for a few minutes. The sides he explored as well.

There are so many ‘good spots’ in there! Whenever he spent time stimulating any one of them, deep, decadent pleasure filled me. And slowly, surely the sensuous spiral to the peak advanced.

“Uh. Uh. I’m gonna… I’m gonna…”

Cum, little girl. Cum for me, now.”

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh! It ripped through me, and a guttural cry tore from my lips.  I convulsed as his motions came to a gradual stop. He turned off the vibrator, leaving it lying inside me.

He knelt beside the bed and stroked my hair back from my damp forehead. His full lips met mine in a most tender caress.

My dazed eyes lifted to his face, and Rez smiled.

“One,” he said.

There is more of this day’s story to tell, but I think it needs a new title. So read “How Many More?” for the rest of the story.

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