Sushi Delight

“Honey…Honey,” my wife says while running her hand across my crotch underneath the bar top. I look over at her and she whispers in my ear, “That bartender looks like Don Draper.”

I grin with delight knowing that’s “her guy.” I think you all probably know what I mean when I say that. (Kate Beckinsale is definitely mine.)

Everytime he walks over and asks us if we need anything, she blushes and smiles. As he walks away, she can’t hardly remove her eyes from his body. Simultaneously, her hand finds my dick under the bar top as she whispers in my ear how wet she’s getting thinking about him.

“I’m gonna run to the bathroom real quick. Let me know if you see him staring at my ass.”

“Funny, what are you gonna do in there?”

She reaches in her purse and shows me her little Vesper Crave vibrator/necklace that she keeps with her all the time. It’s virtually silent. “I’m gonna pull down my panties, think about him and, you know, play. Does that turn you on?”

I nod approval, glancing over at the bartender.

“Are you going to lick my pussy after I finish fantasizing about fucking him?”

“I’d love to be sucking on your clit while he fucks you.”

“Both of you at the same time…sexy. I definitely want to look down and see your tongue caressing my clit while his dick slides in and out of my soaking wet pussy.”

“I’m getting way too hard..” I snicker. She ups the ante.

“I want him to pull his dick out of my wet pussy, lay down next to me and have you lick the cum off of both of us while he and I make out.”

“Whatever little flirty drink you had, we need another one:)”

“I’m definitely going to be naming one of my dildos after him.” She whispers as she bites her bottom lip while staring at his face. “Just look at him…I want to fuck him every night.”

We’re both so turned on at this little verbal escapade, we can hardly keep our hands off each other. If there were fewer people in the bar, they would have seen my wife all but giving me a handjob. I can feel the precum moving out of my dick and know it’s only a matter of seconds before it shows through my shorts. She moves her hand from me, grabs her purse and heads to the bathroom.

I look down and just what I thought, small bit of moisture from precum showing on the outside of my shorts. After a minute, my phone starts to vibrate. I read the text.

“My pussy is so wet for him right now. Ask what his name is for me.”

To the bartender, “What’s your name?”

“Trey,” he says as he walks quickly past.

“Trey,” I text to her.

“I want Trey’s dick.”

(Smile face) texted back to her. “What else do you want?”

“I want you to hold Trey’s dick in your hand while I suck on it. Then after I finish sucking his dick, I want to kiss you so you can taste his cum on my lips. ”

“I’m gonna cum here at the bar.”

“I think you should get down on your knees and suck his dick with me. (LOL…Never thought I would say that.)”


“I want to feel him shoot cum all over both of us. I wanna kiss you deeply while another man cums all over our faces.”

Silence…don’t even have to touch myself. Just the mental image alone feeds my dick just the material it needs to cause an orgasm in my shorts. I pull the napkin over myself and wait for the wife to come out. I figured she would look a little more frazzled at her sexual escapade, but she’s so damn hot, I can’t even focus on details. She grins as she looks down to see the napkin raised up on my crotch just a hare. As she sits, she reaches her hand over to my shorts to find a semi aroused dick pressing into the shorts and some awfully slick substance on the outside.

“Seriously?” she says to me with a smile.

“SERIOUSLY” I quip back. “Do you have any idea how hard it is to ejaculate without anyone noticing?” I say as under my breath as possible.

She laughed, “I wasn’t too bad for me. Bathroom door had a lock.”

“Did you…finish?”

“No, but felt really good. Bathrooms are dirty. I want to finish at home. You ready to go…oops, spill something on yourself?”

I pretend to spill something on myself and jump up from the bar. The rest of the people in the restaurant glance over, but no one is the wiser. We make it out of the bar and into the car….

I’ve stated this before in another post and in comments that sexual feelings are more or less uncontrollable. Whether we admit it to another or only to ourselves, they still happen. I can’t tell you how many times through the course of a day, week or month that I see something or someone which makes me aroused. Sexual feelings are just like any other feeling…happy, sad, anger, joy etc. Each one of those has an outlet and sexual feelings have their own outlet.

I enjoy knowing that my wife still allows herself the freedom to have sexual feelings. We don’t live in an overly sexualized world, the world has always been sexualized. Repressing natural emotions and shying away from honesty about sexual feelings causes so much strife. I’d much rather have brutal honesty than a shred of jealousy.

As one previous writer on this blog said, “We’re married, not dead.”

We don’t have a particular way we handle things like this. If we’re together, sometimes the fantasy scenario or thoughts will be expressed in our sexual encounter. If we’re apart, we frequently masturbate to move those sexual feelings through the cycle. By cycle I mean “see the sexual stimlus, let it fill you up, find a safe way to release.”

The cycle doesn’t always work like this, but last night my wife saw a visually stimulating man, she let the feelings fill her up and when we got home, she went straight to the bedroom, pulled out her favorite dildo and vibrator and set them on the nightstand. I stood there for a brief second and watched as she slid down her shorts and got under the covers. She smiled at me and asked, “Can you take the dogs on a walk? Me and Trey need some time…”

I started laughing as I left the room and the house. Fantasizing is the greatest relief valve in a marriage. It gives you and your spouse the ability to live out and do things that neither of you ever would do in real life and have some really great orgasms.

Did she fuck the bartender in her head last night? No. She had a fantasy about visual stimulus which she controlled in a way to bring her the greatest possible sexual pleasure.

When I got back home from walking the dogs, the door to the bedroom was open. I walked in to find her still under the covers, grinning at me, her dildo sitting on the nightstand glistening from use. I shut the door behind me and sat down on the bed next to her, leaning against the headboard. She laid her head in my lap, looking up at me.

“Well, how was it?” I ask.

She throws the cover back, spreads her legs and grabs the glistening dildo off the nightstand. “We need to be cleaned up.” I grab the dildo and am about to start sucking on it when she says, “Get on your knees and suction it to the bed post.”

I do as I’m told and get on my knees and start sucking on it, lapping up all of my wife’s cum.

“I love watching you suck my cum off of Trey’s dick.” She then gets down on her knees next to me and we share the dildo between us. She sucks and licks on it, then passes it to me. “I want you to lick his cum out of my pussy. Lay down.”

I lay down beneath her and she places her pussy right over my mouth and starts to grind herself into me.

“I want to let his cum fall all over your face while I suck his dick, tasting my own pussy on his cock.”

“You like that don’t you?”

“Fuck yes. I love the taste of my pussy.”

“You want to lick another woman’s pussy, don’t you.”

“Oh yes, yes I do.”

She really starts going to town on my face, her pussy juices covering me from my forehead down. I feel her legs start to quiver as an uncontested moan escapes her lips. “I want Trey’s dick…I want Trey’s cock inside me so bad.”

A rocket of cum launches from cock and hits my wife in the back with enough force to push her forward.

“Oh that’s so fucking hott,” my wife says as she looks back. “Pretend it’s Trey’s and lick it off my back.”

She lays down on the bed as I lick her back completely clean.

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18 replies
  1. Old Lover says:

    As an older couple, relieving the pressure to perform is another reason for giving my Anne time and space to solo masturbate. As she approaches her 7th decade she needs and thrives on achieving her orgasm. Nothing thrills me more than when she whispers in my ear, “I got really horny today, and came good!”

  2. Marie Lister says:

    Each person needs to know and understand how their own body functions in order to create and develop a more satisfying sex life as a couple. I was so naive as a young married woman and not comfortable or knowledgeable to let my husband know what I needed and desired.

    After more than three decades as a couple and many life experiences, our sex life is the most satisfying and passionate now. We have our physical challenges since we have aged, but we work together to overcome them.

    We are truly more deeply in love and devoted to each other than earlier in our relationship. Our connection is the best it has ever been and I am so thankful for that. We have witnessed and continue to witness divorces among people we know, I know that makes us even more committed to our relationship. Physical intimacy helps to cement that commitment and helps us both feel the love for each other on a constant basis.

  3. OldManJam says:

    Churches tend to ruin most things in the name of "holiness". My wife battles with a similar upbringing and it has proved to be an obstacle to a full or complete relationship over the years.

    • TexasCouple says:

      In the church’s eyes, women have two values, virgin, mother. And sexual pleasure is defined in the context of the husband’s orgasm.

      If you read the Bible, you know that’s not true. If all you do is listen to the nonsense espoused from the ghost writing team, then you believe every word.

    • OldManJam says:

      I couldn't agree more. Most humans try exerting control over one another with fear and insecurity most of them using scripture to "back up" their claims.

  4. HV450 says:

    My wife grew up in a church that put much emphasis on female and male virginity and she believed that masturbation was a sin. But she couldn't stop doing it and felt enormous guilt, so much so that she doesn't enjoy it now that we are married.
    But I am not sure that it matters. If she feels like she wants it, I do it for her. I enjoy licking her and it gives her a better orgasm than when she stimulates herself.

  5. BradMona13 says:

    My husband travels often for his job. We have been married over 40 years and have always enjoyed everything about masturbation. When apart, we both usually take care of ourselves on a daily basis. I love calling him in his hotel room and telling him how I got myself off that day.

    I'm so glad that neither of us see anything wrong with masturbation. As we have gotten older, it has become one of our favorite sexual activities.

    • Old Lover says:

      We, too, celebrate and encourage each other to masturbate for ourselves and each other when apart. Just returned from a week away from my dear Anne and asked her if she enjoyed her pussy while I was gone. She said, “Yes, but I couldn’t bring myself to an O.” We then talked about how our aging bodies don’t always respond to our willing spirt. We laughed, embraced and whispered, “I love you!” It is so freeing to know that masturbation is a part of our intimacy and so easy to embrace and enjoy. Marriage heat at an older age happens in fun, interesting ways!

  6. A Better Pastime says:

    Hello TexasCouple.

    We are Scott & Michelle, and we are both very intrigued by what you and your wife do with "fantasy" in your married sexual relationship. You have mentioned this (fantasy) on a number of occasions here on MH. We applaud your "freedom in Christ" outlook on sex in marriage; we do share your same opinion as to the harmful impact the church has on a married sex relationship. This is why we are reaching out to you here on the comment thread of this story.

    We would really like to explore more in terms of fantasy in our own married relationship. We love your insight in terms of sexual responses are natural and need an outlet (that is safe). You mentioned your wife had a visual stimulus which resulted in her masturbating as a result to that visual stimulus in the context of this story. You mentioned that your wife has "her guy" and you have "your gal", and we very much the same in that regard ourselves. Our question to you is what would your wife have been "thinking" about in her mind while masturbating in the context of this story? What would you have been thinking in your mind if the roles were reversed in this scenario? You said the following in your story:

    (Did she "F" the bartender in her head last night? No. She had a fantasy about visual stimulus which she controlled in a way to bring her the greatest possible sexual pleasure.)"

    We're wondering what would have been the "fantasy" about the visual stimulus? She didn't "F" the bartender in her mind, but what fantasy about the visual stimulus would you or she have employed?

    We, ourselves, would like to employ "fantasy" in our love making and conversations about sex and what we like, what entices us for sexual stimulus during masturbation that may not be that of our "spouse", but are somewhat reticent. We would desperately love to feel more "freedom" in our sexual relationship and are feeling that the fantasy conversation and opening up to each other is wildly enticing as it is something that we've never explored together and would be "new": We could very well use something "new" in our married sex relationship.

    Please forgive any incorrect paraphrasing of your story or previous comments on the fantasy topic. We are very much looking forward to your response.

    Thank you again for your Christian insights on marriage sex, TexasCouple.

    God Bless!

    Scott & Michelle

    • TexasCouple says:

      ABP…As I've stated in other posts, why waste a fantasy on something/someone you get to do every day. Your mind is fantasy's permanent playground. Wanna have a same sex encounter in your head, have it. Wanna have an affair with a coworker, have it. DON"T DO IT IN REAL LIFE! YOU MADE A COMMITMENT!

      REMEMBER – Once again, you are 100% of the characters in your fantasy and you control 100% of the outcome. These other people or images are nothing more than stimulus for creating a fantasy character.

      I don't know what, specifically, my wife fantasizes about. It's a fantasy she uses to have a nice orgasm. Beyond that, I truly could care less. I'm not going to get into deep specifics.

    • TexasCouple says:

      @A Better Pastime.

      Sorry if my response seemed a little terse, I'm really just not sure exactly what my wife fantasizes about specifically. She's not the most creative person when it comes to sexual fantasy. There are men she finds attractive…Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gossling, shirtless cowboys, the bartneder from the sushi joint, but I don't have a clue what she thinks about doing with them specifically.

      When I masturbate/fantasize, I often picture myself on the side of the room watching her receive sexual pleasure from one or all of her fantasy men. Watching my wife's body while she's enjoying sex is overwhelmingly hot. My wife does like it when I write those fantasies down and email them to her. Now she will read those and use them as prompts for a masturbation session.

      When it comes to verbally expressing these kinds of fantasies or thoughts during sex…it happens with some frequency. More so her than me. If we had male toys, like fleshlights or masturbators, I might talk more about being with some sexy female. But my hand doesn't give the same visual/verbal stimulus as a realistic dildo.

      To me, fantasies, toys, visual/written stimulus….these are physical/mental/emotionl tools for sex. They make orgasms/sex more fun and efficient. Why not use everything you have at your disposal to make it as enjoyable as possible for each other? Once again, restraint is something for real life. I recommend giving your fantasies complete freedom…

    • A Better Pastime says:


      Thank you so much for both of your responses….WOW! Thank you for your very transparent response…I'm always amazed at just how much emotional energy even the most simple response requires, let alone such an "open" response as yours. Can't thank you enough for that and our gleaning from your response is exactly what we needed and the insights that we were hoping for.

      I know exactly what you mean when you say that "watching your wife's body while she's enjoying sex is overwhelmingly hot": there is nothing like a woman who is at her high point of sexual arousal and desire.

      We will never venture outside with our fantasies for sure (i.e. don't do it real life) and especially as you say that "restraint is something for real life": just love that phrase and insight!

      We also really appreciate your last and final comment where you state "I recommend giving your fantasies complete freedom…" Freedom for us is a huge word these days in our Christian outlook.

      Again, can't thank you enough TexasCouple!

      All the best and God bless you both!

      Scott & Michelle

  7. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Rez and I talk out some pretty wild fantasies during sex sometimes. The only thing we feel differently than you two about is that we almost always include each other in the fantasies, at least as observers. Well, IF either of us is in them, then both are. Sometimes, for me, it's a story like in a book or movie that I am not even part of.

    On this site, posts aren't supposed to include anyone other than one married couple, so we keep some of the stories between us. But that's all they are – stories. We are both committed to NEVER AGAIN carry the fantasy out in real life. If that were not true, I wouldn't be able to share those thoughts with him for fear of influencing him to sin.

    Rez and I are former swingers. When our marriage began to crumble, we turned (back, in my case) to Christ and He saved us and it. But the things that turn us on didn't change. He never promised that they would! Just last night we admitted to each other that we still miss it sometimes. If it were okay, there are so many experiences we would give each other! But the Holy Spirit gives us the strength not to act on those inclinations or to seek those relationships. We obey just because the One who loves us most and best says so.

    For some, that takes the form of avoiding thoughts and situations that tempt. And they MUST follow their conscience! But I praise God for a husband who shares (almost) all my kinks and is not turned off by any of them! He will never judge me for my "weirdness" nor let me walk down a destructive path. And, with him as my partner, why would I ever want to?

  8. TexasCouple says:

    @CHL Our fantasies range and I can't say they always include each other. Having completed as much research as I have on the subject, men's fantasies are more likely to include varying activities with different/mulitple people. Women's fantasies are more likely to include different settings and varying activities with the same person.

    I realize the site has guidelines regarding their posts, but it would be nice if they had a different tag as to allow the posting of fantasies. If for the sole purpose of letting everyone know that their fantasies are quite normal. Not everyone has a sexually creative spouse or one with the same inclinations, but this site could be a great outlet.

    Restraint is for real life, fantasy is for fun.

  9. LilaY69 says:

    Hot. Definitely made my pussy wet. Love that you're embracing your wife's sexuality entirely, while still remaining monogamous. I think as long as you don't act on them, thoughts about being with another person (or persons), can't hurt. In fact, quite the opposite. Thoughts can REALLY improve your sex life as a married couple! Please write more like this very soon!! Hopefully MarriageHeat will start allowing fantasies soon. Maybe a (F) for Fantasy? I love reading sex fantasies, especially of other couples. My husband isn't that much into reading stories, though. He does get pretty turned on if we read it together. Of course, men are more visual so it doesn't turn him on as much as it does me I guess. Pointing out the obvious, but almost everyone goes to porn. Us being younger I think than most here, we're definitely out of the ordinary for staying away from it. We used to occasionally watch porn together as a couple, and we both did enjoy watching it, but we try to stay away from it now. Turning more to reading sex instead of watching it, I eventually found just what I was looking for…. MarriageHeat. And this community is amazing! Feels like a family. But anyway, hopefully they'll add the (F) for Fantasies. I'm super excited for anal too. I just realized they added that one. I suggest you don't limit what you do with your spouse in bed, and don't limit your sexual thoughts as a couple either. You'd be really missing out on an amazing (monogamous) sex life. I would really love to find out other couple's fantasies here and share ours (even if it is stuff that you or me wouldn't do in real life). But of course that's all they are, fantasies. Can't even tell you how many times I've played with my pussy while thinking about being with someone else, having cocks in all three of my holes, being with another girl (or girls), or having a threesome! Doesn't mean I would ever choose to be unfaithful to my husband! 😉

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