Our Secret Rendezvous

My husband works overseas. I am a stay-at-home mother raising our two little girls, ages six and three. I homeschool while I handle household and day to day activities. So I’m pretty much burned out when he comes home. My husband can be gone for three-and-a-half to seven months at a time. When he’s home on leave, we always plan a three- or four-day getaway somewhere for us to relax, catch up, unwind, and have lots of hot sex!

We usually choose destinations together but once he surprised me with a lavish trip to a gorgeous and expensive mountain resort. The place was INCREDIBLE.

When we got to our destination, we found we had a personal, private butler who was available 24/7 throughout our stay – omg! Our butler showed us to our room and let us know whatever we needed he would get. He even unpacked our things, ironed our clothes, and shined our shoes for our dinner date!

In the room, we found a California King bed with the most luxurious sheets and covers, a huge bathroom with a walk-in shower and a tub that could easily fit two people. We also had a gorgeous day room complete with a fireplace.

We had a wonderful dinner date and came back for “dessert.” I told my husband to sit on the couch and wait for me while I slipped into the new lingerie I had recently purchased in anticipation of our time together. It was a little orange number that had lace and strappy straps to entice and tease. At the request of my husband, I donned a pair of lacy black thigh-highs.

I padded over to him on the couch and sank into his lap, wrapping my arms around his neck. Unbuttoning his collar, I smelled his wonderful cologne. I trailed small kisses up his neck and tugged his earlobe into my mouth, giving it a gentle suck.

My poor turned-on husband shivered and gasped for breath. He caressed my arm and guided my hand to his crotch. As I gently rubbed my hand over it, I could feel his cock stiffening.

I began to unbutton the rest of his shirt. Then, I hungrily kissed down his chest to the top of his belt, knowing what was waiting for me! I unbuckled his belt – and promptly got my hair stuck in it! In my mind’s eye undressing him was going to be sexy and alluring. In reality, it was a total rookie move. But he got my hair unstuck and took his own pants and drawers off to expose his huge throbbing cock.

Laughing at my clumsiness, I knelt before him and took his cock in my mouth. I grasped his cock with both hands and gently twisted in opposite directions from the base up to the head while my tongue explored his yummy balls. Running my tongue from his balls to the top of his cock head, I sucked it into my mouth all the way down his shaft to the base.

Blowing my husband is amazing! I love the taste of his skin in my mouth and feeling the ridge where the head meets the shaft. It makes my mouth water thinking about it!

My husband was rock-hard and raring to go. We ended up on the floor in front of the toasty-warm fire. He leaned me back against a stack of pillows and rubbed his cock against my stockinged legs and thighs. He loves the feel of stockings against his hard member.

By this point, I was super turned on and wet. I expected my husband just to take me on the floor but, instead, he took his time. As I opened my legs for him, he bent down and began to lick and suck my swollen clit. His tongue was cool and silky against my wet, hot pussy. He explored further until he found my tight hole and thrust his tongue into my pulsing pussy.

“Oh, my God, babe!” I gasped between breaths. “Ahhhh, that’s amazing! Don’t stop! Suck my clit again, please!”

He obliged my request. His lips wrapped around my engorged clit, sucking and teasing it until I was about to burst.

“Babe, give me your cock! Please! I need you to fill me up!” I spread my legs even wider for him. I grasped at his shoulders and dragged his face up to mine as he knelt between my thighs.

He positioned his cock against my aching pussy. Then he kissed me, thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I tasted myself, and it was amazingly sweet and hot.

He slowly pushed his cock inch by inch inside, filling me and stretching my hole. He stayed there and told me not to move.

I lay still, savoring the feeling of his body and skin touching me. Tears sprang from my eyes as I wound my arms around his neck, listening to him breathe. He was holding back the urge to fuck my brains out!

“You ready, babe?” he asked me.

“Yes! Go for it!” I said.

I felt him begin to thrust in long, deep strokes that rocked my body to the core. The pleasure kept mounting and building. As his cock thrust in and out of my pussy, my hand slipped between us. I started stroking my clit.

My husband pulled out. He flipped me over on my belly with my ass in the air and pushed his cock back into my wet pussy.

I stroked my clit in time to his thrusts, feeling his balls slap my pussy lips. “Is it good for you, babe?” I asked.

The man could barely speak. He was lost in wild pleasure. “Yes!” he growled. “Cum on my cock for me, I wanna feel your pulsing pussy!”

I stroked my clit harder and squeezed his cock with my pussy, feeling my orgasm build. “Ahhh, I’m cumming for you, babe! Don’t stop, whatever you’re doing, DON’T STOP!” A wave of ecstasy began to build up from my toes. It traveled up my thighs and crashed over me in one giant orgasm.

He pulled out again, flipped me onto my backside and reentered my still orgasming pussy. “Moan for me,” he said, “I need to hear your cries of pleasure!”

I dragged his head down to my lips and moaned, lightly tracing my tongue along his ear as he began to thrust harder and faster, nearing orgasm. I bucked against him and felt him pull out once more.

He grabbed his soaked cock and shot his hot cum all over my thighs and belly!!! Oh man, what a hot sight, my sexy husband with his eyes closed unleashing himself on me. I love it!

He bent down and kissed me, then handed me a towel to clean up. We lay by the fire and snuggled, all breathless and full of life. That trip goes down in the books as the best one yet!

We are always amazed at how God brought us together. Eight years strong and counting. I can’t wait for him to come home now. He is the sexiest man alive!

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14 replies
    • onehotmamma says:

      Thank you! We adore one another and look forward to our wonderful life together. Can’t wait to see him at the end of Aug!!!

  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Hot! Sexy! Sweet! Love how you were able to keep your sense of humor. Also, I'd love to know the name of that resort. It's going on my dream vacation list!

    • onehotmamma says:

      I reread my story and laughed again! The name of the resort is Nemacolin Woodslands in Farmington, PA. USA we stayed in Falling Rock which was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. It truly was sublime in every way.

  2. ClimaXX says:

    You are a stunning writer. I enjoyed this story so much. This line "and feeling the ridge where the head meets the shaft. It makes my mouth water thinking about it!" said so much.
    That is a part of my cock that craves attention. My wife can drive me totaly wild when she gives that ridge full attention.

  3. Turninguptheheat says:

    Great story!!! Very hot!!! My question is this, "Where was the butler during all of this?" My bet is that he was peeking out his door! LOL

  4. bighead says:

    Wow. lol Same happened with us in Hot Hotel Encounter, the story I posted few days back….. lol Our butler also unpacked our luggage and got my babe's lingerie lol which we both were embarrassed to see ….

    Hot and nice.

    • onehotmamma says:

      Whoops! We told our butler not to touch one specific bag. They were happy to oblige 😀

  5. Dean316 says:

    Its good couples can find time for intimacy amongst difficulties like you two can. Pleasure reading about you two making passionate deserved love!

    Stay sexy and god bless,

  6. AlwaysHorny says:

    Incredible woman you are & a blessed man your husband is.

    Love the eagerness you portray in your writing. It’s like you know what you want & going to get. Powerful story.

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