Long Overdue – Conclusion (L)

My wife wrote the first part of the story and now it’s my turn, as we’re new here to MH and we’ll be writing as a team. Please read Part 1 for a refresher if you’d like.

She reminded me all day that her firefighter (that’s me) needed to extinguish the fire burning between her legs… tonight! She has a special message to me when she’s craving my cock, “code 5 code 5”. That means more hose, STAT! So, when I hear that I’m always quick to the call to happily serve. It is my job after all.

That evening our daughter had out-of-town overnight concert plans with some friends.  We knew we would have the house to ourselves.

We have always had an intense attraction to each other, which has only increased over our 25 years together. The older we get, the more our sexual creativity increases as our sexual inhibitions decrease. This usually makes for some pretty wonderful freaky sex with each other. We’re both blessed to be so sexually driven to each other. My baby can never seem to get enough and I’m not complaining!

We began our evening poolside with dinner and a bottle of wine. First, we turned on the blue night lights in the pool and lounged in our cabana bed that is beautifully strung with clear lights. It’s such a romantic setting and very private, especially since we can’t see the neighbors on either side of us due to rolling hills.

We mentioned in part one of our story that we prefer a clothes-free lifestyle at times. Tonight was one of those moments we’d been missing since our daughter had returned for the summer from college. We stripped as soon as she left for the night, grilled some salmon with asparagus, and curled up with a glass of wine together in the cabana.

After dinner, I gathered our plates to take inside and planned on grabbing another bottle of wine. On my way in, my love said to grab the strawberries and whipped cream and that she’d provide the rest of the dessert. My cock twitched as soon as I heard that. We’ve had such fun in the past with creative “desserts”.

By the time I got back outside, I was hard as steel. When I came around to the entrance of the cabana, my baby was laying back on pillows with her beautiful long tan legs spread apart.  She had one arm back behind her head and the other slowly fingering her gorgeous, hot, wet, smooth pussy. I almost dropped the dessert at the sight!

Her evenly tanned body glistened in the sparkle of lights.  It was almost more than I could take. My lady takes such good care of herself with exercise and great eating habits. That’s very important to both of us. She prefers to tan poolside in the nude so she doesn’t have any tan lines. The result is that what I was seeing was stunningly hot!

Every time I see her wet pussy and her engorged clit, I have to get a taste. I’m somewhat of a pussy worshiper – only hers, of course. Before I could proceed, she grabbed a strawberry and dipped it in the whipped cream.  She immediately rubbed it up and down her slit and then slid it into her fuck hole. That was all the encouragement I needed!

I grabbed her knees and literally split her in two by holding her legs back by her shoulders. God, my girl is flexible! As you can imagine, I dove my tongue right in to her sweet pussy. It’s so soft, pink, smooth and wet. She held her legs apart for me and I pulled her pussy lips open as far as I could.

I licked and sucked all traces of whipped cream off of her and then sent my tongue in after that strawberry. I tongue-fucked her cunt and worked that berry to the edge.  Then I inserted a couple fingers in behind it to pop it into my mouth. She was squirming and moaning, unbelievably hot and horny. I knew I could make her squirt very soon.

She said that she didn’t want to cum until my rod was rubbing her g-spot. She loves to feel filled up with something big to make her squirt–and I had just the thing for her! I knelt up after that delicious dessert and was more than ready to give her the fuck we both needed. I looked down and noticed my dog was slobbering for that beautiful pussy.

One look at my very long, thick cock had her begging for a taste first. She loves the taste of my precum and I always have a lot of it for her to indulge in. My wife is also a master at sucking cock. My meat is a respectable size, but she can easily take it down her throat. I always have to concentrate to not cum as soon as her warm, wet lips touch it and it slides over her soft, hot tongue. I told her I wouldn’t last long if she let me fuck her mouth for much longer.

She pulled off of me and told me she needed my big, hard cock right now. I slid it’s slippery length into her hole and went balls deep on the first thrust. She gasped and moaned, saying that it felt so fucking good to finally be filled up.

Our favorite position is missionary. She loves the feeling that her man is in control and that I’m giving it to her hard.  I’m giving it to her all right, but she’s totally in control of me, there’s no doubt.

I was pumping in and out of her with long, slow strokes. As her pussy started to squeeze my cock, I recognized that she was about to orgasm. I know her body so well. Right at that moment I pulled out. She threw her gorgeous head back, screamed in ecstasy, and started to squirt pussy juice all over the front of me!

After two big blasts of juice, I slid back in hard and fast, fucking her with everything I had. She immediately had another orgasm. My balls were as full as they could get and I was ready to explode. As her walls squeezed me, I unloaded a huge amount of cum into her hot little pussy. The squeezing milked every drop from my cock. She wanted it all and she got it.

After I slowly slid out of her we curled up together, touching, kissing and expressing our love and devotion for each other. We ALWAYS thank God after making love because sex is a gift. Period!

After about an hour of cuddling, we got up and took a quick outdoor shower before we jumped into the pool. We played around for quite a while in the water and again, couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. I ended up laying her at the edge of the pool while I stayed in the water and spread her open for some more oral pleasure. There’s something about my lady opening up and spreading her wings for me….what a beautiful gift. We brought each other to one more beautiful climax before our poolside dream-come-true was over for the night.

What a blessed and glorious night that was long overdue!


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  1. A Better Pastime says:

    Hot (hot) story Sultryheat! What a blessing to have a Godly wife who loves to bless her husband. My balls are SO tight with cum after reading this story first thing this morning! I'm going to stroke-out for a while on this one and get my day started right!

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    What a hot time you to had – and so well described by you. I am writing this at 3:33pm on Saturday. This story makes me wish it was bedtime right now! God is so good in all His gifts. LH

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