Breakfast In Bed

In the shower, all I can think about is you. Somewhere along the way, a plan starts to form in my mind. I come out of the shower and hope that you are in just the right position in our bed. You are; it’s perfect! I desire to come to you naked and feed you my stiff cock.

I pad over to you and touch my hard shaft to your lips. You wake with a startled jolt and pull back. Your eyes flash open, and you look at my cock with shock. Your eyes then move up to me, and I tell you to suck it…please. You push through the morning mental fog and the craziness of the situation. Then in a soft whisper, you say, “Ok, bring this thing closer. Let’s do this.”

I oblige. Your first move is to lick around the head. Then you open your mouth and take me in all the way. You hold it there for a second and then start to bob up and down on it. Slow at first, you gradually pick up speed. My hands run through your hair to encourage your efforts. You moan, and the vibrations almost put me over the edge.

As you continue your oral onslaught of my cock, I reach over and play with one of your nipples. I can feel it stiffen through your pajamas. It’s time for the clothing to go. I need to touch your skin.
But I have to carefully proceed so that I won’t interrupt your rhythm on my cock.

So I pull your pajama top up to give me access to your amazing tits. I continue to tease your nipple then move over to the next one. As I do, I lean down to take the first nipple in my mouth and lick all around it. That drives you crazy because you really want it in my mouth. You stop sucking me long enough to tell me to bite it. I do as told, softly nibbling your nipple between my teeth. You moan with satisfaction and then shove my head to the other one.

You eventually cannot stand it anymore. Stopping what you are doing, you start ripping off pajamas. You scoot over in the bed and make room as I join you. Then you shock both of us by dipping down to continue sucking my cock.

I tell you I want to pound you and fuck you hard. You say, “Save that for tonight. Right now I want you to taste me.” I look at you in shock. You continue, “You heard me. I want you to go down on me while I finish what I started.”

I need no encouragement at all. I pull you over on top of me, and we engage in magnificent morning 69! You take me in your mouth while I take you in mine. We lick, suck, nibble until we are both on the edge. I fuck you with my tongue and attack your clit, and you are done. You sit up and do the hottest thing that I have ever seen you do–EVER! As your orgasm hits, you ride the wave and instinctively grind your pussy into my face.

When you come back down, you look over and see my stiff cock ready to explode. You ask where I want to blast off. Of course, I say, “Kate, I want to cum all over your tits.”

You smile and shift onto your back. Looking at me, you say, “I want your cock between my breasts. And I want you to lose it all over me. I want to make you feel as good as you just made me feel.”

I scramble to climb on top, hardly able to wait. You grab your breasts and squeeze them around me, and I slide my throbbing cock in between them. Then you do my favorite thing. As I push up, you take me in your mouth. Your saliva lubricates my cock; It feels so good as it slides between your sweet tits.

I lean down to kiss you hard then tell you I am cumming. You look up with anticipation. I pick up the pace. Then I lift my cock from your chest and grab it in my hands. I moan out loud and blast your tits with my cum. Shot after shot pulses out. But you still want more. As I finish, you take me in your mouth and milk me off.

It is the hottest morning of our lives, and as I come down you whisper, “If you thought that was hot, wait for tonight.”

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  1. Old Lover says:

    You had me at . . . ‘I do as told, softly nibbling your nipple between my teeth.’ My Anne’s passion rises – mine, too, -when I gently nibble and bite her hard, erect nipple(s).

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