Heading North

We hadn’t had a holiday in ages. I wanted to head north where it’s warmer. And where it’s also far from people we know. This was partly so my darling could wear skimpy clothes, and even go nude if the opportunity arose.

We found the ideal location. God gave us a wonderful apartment which was designed in such a way that we could stay nude in privacy. We didn’t have to fear prying eyes, even with all the curtains open.

The apartment was right on the beach. We quickly formed a routine of walking along the beach at twilight each night. On these walks my babe started wearing next to nothing. She would wear one of my shirts that doesn’t quite cover her bottom. No underwear underneath, and even some buttons undone! Hot and beautiful to see!

This particular outfit is great ‘cuz it’s super easy to remove–which she did when no one was around. She actually took off the shirt and walked completely naked on a public beach! It was deserted and close to dark, but still, WOW! Incredible to watch!

Another time she wore a tiny sarong that didn’t cover her breasts or bottom properly. And, again, nothing underneath. On that occasion, we sat on the edge of the beach and made out. I was able to loosen her sarong and expose even more of her. We kissed and I gently touched her lady place. The people sitting at a distance had no idea as it was quite dark. Man, I love when she deliberately dresses for my pleasure–and hers!

Also on this trip, she stopped wearing underwear. Occasionally, she would have a tiny g-string under her dresses. This is something she has never done before. She did it even without me asking. I loved “working my kino,” and giving her bottom a lot of attention as we walked around sightseeing. It was so great to stop and kiss and cuddle with my hands on her bare bottom. I could even lift up her dress a little without her stopping me. She was enjoying it too (when no one was looking)!

We also had lots of sex and talked a lot about our relationship. We talked about some of the insights about men and women from Hunter Drew’s blog. It has a lot of advice on how to have the exact sex life you want with your wife. Now, it’s not for everyone. But his stuff does work for us.

Anyhow, after all these decades of a wonderful marriage, I am beginning to have the sex life I’ve always wanted. A couple of weeks later she is still really turned on and wanting to be sexual with me more than ever!

[MarriageHeat is not opposed to personal recommendations of websites you have found helpful to your marriage. However, we deem it wise to warn our audience that the above-referenced blogger, while he does offer advice that some may find supportive of hot monogamy, does not offer it from a Christian perspective. And his tone and language are unapologetically controversial, if not deliberately offensive.]


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