Keep the Home Fires Burning

My wife and I did a series of posts for wives who want to improve their marriages.  This is the last part of the series. Maybe it can be of value to you.

Here are some ‘naughty’ ideas that you can use (not all are our own).   Think up your own ‘games’ and write them down. More than half the fun is in the planning.

  1. Write a note to your husband entitled: “10 places your hands could be other than this book!” Make your list as naughty as you want! Then slip the note into his favorite book, paper, or magazine
  2. I took an empty bottle, and put a label on it: “Sex in a BottleTake as needed.” Then I wrote out 50 or so love notes and sexy ideas that could be taken anytime a cure was needed. I placed it inside the bottle and gave the bottle to my hubby as a gift.
  3. I arrived at his job and placed a large poster-sized note on the windshield of his car. The note read, “Detective — (my name) is on your trail, and she always gets her man.” Then I left a small gift bag with handcuffs and a note. This one said, “This is all you will be wearing when I get my hands on you.” When he returned home, I had a poster-sized note hanging in the living room that read, “Come in the bedroom with your hands up.” When he entered the room, I was sitting in the chair with a blazer on. I had on lingerie underneath (that he could not see), and a hat that looked like the one detectives used to wear. The theme song from the show “COPS” was playing (I previously recorded it). I performed my own strip search on him. The rest, as they say, was a “wrap!”
  4. My husband and I spent most of the night making love and I had to get up earlier than him to go to work. I put on my sexiest shade of lipstick and kissed his bathroom mirror a couple of times. Then I left a message telling him how much fun I had. He said it made him smile all day long.
  5. Do you know what time he is planning on coming home? Show up at the door in a robe.  When you open it say, “It’s 5:30 already? I’m not ready yet.” Seem a bit flustered and head into the bathroom to “finish getting ready.” Call him into the bathroom a couple minutes later to help you with a zipper or something. When he arrives, have a bubble bath ready with candles lit and all. Let him strip and get in to relax. Close the curtain on the bath. Remove his clothes and leave a small box containing a pair of silk boxers and a robe. While he relaxes go start on dinner. Either eat first, or second. Either way should be fine 🙂 Enjoy!
  6. My dear sweet husband was flying out of town on a business trip for a few days. I was going to miss him so much! So I wrote a love note explaining to him that I would miss him very much. It said that when he got home, I’d be waiting for him–without my panties. I included my panties along with the letter! As an option I wrote, “You can put them on me or not…” He still carries my panties with him in his briefcase! Oh, how I love that man!!!
  7. As your husband walks into the door one day, tell him you have a surprise for him. Lead him into the bedroom where you have some candles lit.  Then blindfold him. Now, begin undressing him, slowly kissing every inch of his body. The blindfold adds that extra excitement and spice into the evening.
  8. Cover your sexy parts with whipped cream and take a picture of yourself in the house. Sneak the pictures into his briefcase before he leaves for work. Tape a note that says “How about some dessert!” Or email it to him with the same note.  Watch the sparks fly!!
  9. Next time you take a bath with your husband, wear satin/silk lingerie. Just step right into the water with it on. You can imagine what he will see when it gets wet! Very erotic and sexy!
  10. You and your spouse can write down your most erotic fantasies on slips of paper and put them in a small bottle. Take turns each weekend and draw one out of the other’s bottle. Then try and fulfill the fantasy. This is a great way of keeping the flame always burning in your relationship.
  11. Send him on a old fashioned love-hunt. Have sexy and naughty cryptic notes at every station. His prize: You waiting! BE CREATIVE!!!
  12. Give him a manicure. Have everything ready: Clear polish, clippers, soapy water and lotion for his hands.  While you massage him, tell him how strong and powerful his hands are. How you love them to touch you. Be wild and sexy in your explanation.
  13. Forget your underwear. Just before you enter a meeting or restaurant or a friend’s house, lean over to him. In a low voice tell him you forgot to put on your panties. This works for me every time!
  14. Say it with sticky notes. Leave him notes in unexpected places. Like the inside of the toilet seat saying, “Take care of my favorite part of your body!”
  15. Give him a call. Call him at his place of work and tell him how much you love him. Then tell him what you intend to do to him tonight when he gets home.  Be outrageous!!! He will be busy with what you said the entire day, and will not be able to get home soon enough!
  16. Give him a massage. Buy a book or look up on the internet basic ways of massage.  Get a good oil and massage him for at least an hour. In a low voice tell him his (?) is sexy, and that he is your one and only true love.  Say what you want to do to him. Be outrageous. When he wants to get up and start the action say “no, I am not done.” Make him wait a while.  THEN…..well, you know what to do!
  17. I have also “gone out” with the girls. At least, he thought so.  Only to return later with nothing but a fur coat on. I will knock and when he opens, the coat will fall open. I will say something sexy like: “Just what the doctor ordered, sir.  I am here to serve.”

Action assignment:  On a regular basis, find creative ways to show your spouse how much you want to have a love affair with him.

Never postpone happiness


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8 replies
  1. Man With a Plan says:

    Some great ideas in here! Katie and I keep saying we need to do #10, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Maybe this month we’ll put our fantasy jar together 😎

    • ClimaXX says:

      #10 is a winner. Do it soon. It opens up so many new ideas and desires are brought into the light. Go 4 it my friend.

  2. ClimaXX says:

    We have so many fantasies that we try to play out.
    1. Sex on the beach.
    2. Sex in the pool.
    3. Me being a Dr and having to do a medical exam. (That is a great story still to be told)
    4. My model coming for a photo session.
    5. Naked hide and seek in the garden.
    6. Her having to test-drive different toys while I write a report for the Toy Company
    7. Me catching her masturbating and disciplining her for not telling me – (The discipline being that she is forced to start all over and has to tell me in detail what she is feeling.)

    I hope that will give you some ideas.

  3. Dean316 says:

    These are good ways to keep that heat going in a relationship, ClimaXX. The ideas suggested in this post and your comment above sound good. Giving me ideas as a single guy, but luckily I can draw from these as I do most times on this website.

    God bless,

  4. Mr.Lover says:

    One fantasy for my jar (#10) is having sex with my future wife on top. I would get a great thrill out of watching and feeling her in action. Just imagining it makes me so hot.

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