Lights, Camera, Oral! (L)

At the beginning of our marriage, my wife was not a fan of oral sex.  But about a year ago, she definitely started to enjoy it as much as I do.  We communicate effectively to make sure we know what we want. At times she loves it when I cum in her mouth, on her tits, etc.  At other times she states she doesn’t want me to cum on her. That’s okay, because, as I said, she’s starting to love it anyway.

Last night was awesome.  Our son decided to spend the night at my wife’s sister’s house which was very convenient for us.  We ordered take out and watched a movie. Ten minutes into it, I was not interested anymore.  Instead, I wanted my wife! I started groping on her tits.

“You read my mind,” she stated.  

In return she grabbed one of my hands and started sucking on one of my fingers.  I immediately climbed on top of her and started making out with her. I massaged her wet hole with slow and deep thrusts with my fingers.  As I began to kiss her inner thighs, I spread her legs wide open and placed them on top of my shoulders. Boy, do I love that view!

I finger fucked her slowly.  Then I moved in closer and started sucking and rubbing her clit with my mouth.   Her breathing was heavy now and she was moaning. Before I knew it, my whole face was in her twat.  Her back was on the couch while her pussy was on my face. She started to grind my face in back and forth rhythms. I was enjoying every single moment of it!

While she was grinding on my face, her asshole was rubbing on my chin.  I have a long face😉.

She started to grind faster while I kept shoving my face harder.   Her body began to arc and tense up.

“Oh my god!!!!!!!” she cried. And exploded.  She slowly came to a stop and relaxed her body.  Her face was flushed and her body trembling. I gave her a couple of seconds to gather herself and then told her, “My turn.”

I knew I wouldn’t be long in cumming. My dick was soaked in precum already.  I grabbed my phone and said, “I want to make a movie. Is that ok?”  My wife the jokester replied, “After that performance, you deserve it.”  

I began recording her while she started to blow my fat cock.  She swallowed it whole. My head scraping her throat felt amazing.  She sucked and licked slowly while jerking me. I was catching everything on ‘tape’ and this egged her on even more.  Then she took my cock out of her mouth and started licking the rim of my head. There is a part underneath called the frenulum; she found that and began licking the daylights out of it.  This was the point of no return.

“I’m going to cum!!!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.  

She kept licking the head like she was licking a lollipop. Before she knew it, I blew my load right across her face and tits.

“Aaahhh fuck!” I groaned.

She slowly came to a stop and so did I.  And everything was caught on video. 😎


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  1. Bjlove says:

    Well, the opposite applied to me. My husband was very reluctant to indulge in anything oral. But when he finally gave in to my demand to suck his cock, he freaked. I haven’t seen him grow so hard and then he asked to return the favour. I had to teach him the areas of my pussy needing stimulation and was surprised that he caught on quickly. For the next few nights, sucking and then fucking became the order of the day, until one day I asked if I could swallow his sperm. The words came out “yes” and that’s when he went wild. For a week, twice or thrice a day, I would swallow his semen. He enjoyed it as it meant there was very little cleaning up to do. Our communication became more open because he could guess from the way I used to suck I had a good bit of experience. Finally he asked did I ever suck someone else, as I’m too good at giving head. I feared if I said no he would find out so I took the plunge and admitted, “Yes, but not one ever penetrated me. When you married me, you found me a virgin.” He burst out laughing and said he had heard that his wife had been a cocksucker but never a fucker. We now indulge regularly in oral sex, some of which I’ll describe in my stories.

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