I Swallow (L)

I am using the same account my husband uses to write about our wonderful sex life. I wanted to write from my perspective about how I feel when the sensations pass through my body. I have a lot to share!

Today I am going to focus on oral sex. As my husband has mentioned plenty of times, I am an ardent cock sucker. I love the sensation as I feel his whole cock penetrate and hit the back of my throat.

I particularly enjoy 69 and its mutual stimulation. Hence, when I suck him and he cleans out my pussy area, I very seldom let go before his semen fills my mouth. I can work wonders around his cock.

We were sitting on the couch fully clothed and chatting about the day’s events. It was very casual and we had no intention of any sex. After a while, though, I felt his hand stroking mine gently as he moved closer. I returned the gesture. As he turned, our lips met and his tongue danced in my mouth. I responded and our tongues explored each other’s mouths vigorously.

We were a good 15 minutes doing this mouth love when suddenly he removed my top. I had a bra on, but through the bra he started fondling my tits. I helped him by removing his shirt. Slowly, he unstrapped my bra and burrowed his mouth on my nipples. He is an expert and knows how to make me shudder in delight!

His hands loosened my skirt before he ripped my panties down. I was naked as his mouth devoured my sexy mound. He sucked and licked and finally turned me around on all fours. That’s when he began the real magical suck!

His tongue moved upwards from my swollen pussy to my ass hole, then down again. Over and over, driving me close to the brink. He suddenly stopped and stood up. His pants were bulging. He loosened his belt and dropped his pants. His well-hardened cock sprang out.

Now, it was my turn. I grabbed his shaft, opened my mouth, and sucked him in. His hands held my head as I moved backward and forward. I was sucking him as hard as I could. I looked him in the face and saw that he was very ready to shoot. I released his cock and pushed him flat on his back on the couch.

Lowering myself, I aligned my pussy on his mouth as he started to suck again. I tilted slightly upwards and got his cock back in my mouth. I screamed “FUCK!” as we both rode the 69. I started first as my orgasm burst. Then I applied pressure to his cock and felt his thick cum starting to fill my mouth. I swallowed. I had orgasm after orgasm as his cum dripped through my lips. It was way too much to swallow in one gulp. We carried on until we were both exhausted, wet from our cum and sticky.

We lay naked in one another’s arms for an hour before we untangled. Then we got dressed and without washing went out for dinner. We knew that when we got back we would fuck again. This time it would be a plain–but hot–fuck!

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31 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Very hot Mrs. Snagd! I too am an ardent cocksucker and love the taste of my husband's cum. My husband in turn loves eating pussy and is wonderful at it. We really enjoy doing 69! Have you two ever tried 69 with him on top? I love having his nuts in my face as I suck him and can lick and suck on his nuts as well as his dick. He loves it!
    God bless and stay horny dear!

  2. LoveMyWife56 says:

    Wow Mrs. Snagd! That was some story! It was so exciting, especially coming from the female perspective. I hope you will share more stories from your point of view. I'm so glad you have a happy and HOT marriage.


  3. Southernheat says:

    Wow! Great story! Great description of the awesomeness of Oral sex. Certainly one of my favorite things to give and to receive mmmmm! Got me wet just thinking about it! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Southernheat says:

    GG yes I like 69 with him on top; I can really work his balls over as well as suck his dick. I like to grab his ass and have him push his cock deep in my throat.

  5. Starshine says:

    Wow, great and hot story! I too love to swallow and suck my husband's cock. And I love when he eats my pussy good as we 69! Hope to read more of your stories. 😊

  6. ClimaXX says:

    Some people use the word "Cock-Sucker" as an insult. They must come and read the stories on MH and find out that it is one of the greatest compliments that a man can give his wife. There is just so much pleasure in experiencing the love your wife gives you when she focuses on your 2nd most prized possession. (She is still #1)

  7. LilaY69 says:

    @ClimaXX @hornyGG Great point, I've always viewed the term "cock sucker" quite the compliment. By all means, go one step further and call me "dirty little cock sucker" LOL.

    I love referring to my husband as "pussy-eating champion" or "cunt-muncher."

    Of course in some aspects terms like "slut" and "hoe" or "whore" can have really bad connotations, but I love being called these things when I'm serving my husband because I AM HIS little slut.

    • hornyGG says:

      My husband Ben and I often use terms during sexual play that we would never use outside the bedroom.
      Terms such as "bitch" and "bastard " are a couple examples. He has also called me his "cock hungry whore ".
      These terms are often classified as degrading. But in the bedroom during sex, this type of language can be a turn on.
      I know that when Ben calls me his "Bitch " or his "cock hungry whore " he doesn't mean it in an angry degrading way. As a matter of fact it excites me that much more.
      Ben and I love talking "dirty " and letting loose when we are engaged in sex play.
      I realize some will disagree and using certain terms may be taboo or uncomfortable.
      Sex should be loving and fun, but also a little on the naughty side. IMO

    • Hott4you says:

      Dirty talk during sex makes things so much hotter.
      It's part of the fantasy!
      I love it when my wife sits on my face. My tongue goes deeeep. Then she lowers her face on my cock, sucking it like a huge lollipop. What's a turn on is we can't see each other! Somehow I think it builds trust as well as cum!

  8. Happy Husband says:

    My wife is a 100% certified cocksucker and I often tell her that when she is sucking my cock. She often starts off with sucking before we even kiss. I absolutely reciprocate by being an expert muff diver, butt is it muff diving if her pussy is bald? 😀

    • Tulsa says:

      Nope, it’s no longer a muff.
      It’s a taco. A bald taco, but a taco none the less.
      I, for one, love Mexican food!

  9. Dean316 says:

    Good post. Always hot hearing that wives love sucking cock to pleasure their man and swallow their cum.

    Though I am also intrigued by GG and LilaY69 saying they're okay hearing otherwise taboo or degrading terms. Not something I would think of hearing here or think of saying because I think those are words with negative connotations. But I do think two trusting loving married couples should be free during sex and that can include words. I would like to hear more on this.

    Stay sexy and god bless,

  10. hornyGG says:

    As I stated, I realize using such terms are taboo and uncomfortable for most. Ben and I love each other very much and would never say anything to hurt or degrade one another.
    However, in the bedroom and during sex play we do use such terms. Like I said Ben and I like to "let loose " in the bedroom and sometimes say things that we wouldn't dare say otherwise.
    There are many sexual terms that can be classified as degrading or mean when used in anger. The term " Fuck" can be a very degrading term when used in anger, but exciting when used during sex. Terms like "pussy ", "cocksucker " can also be used in a very negative and hurtful manner. But exciting in the bedroom.
    When we are having sex and I call Ben a " big dick bastard " it is out of passion and never meant in a mean or degrading way. Same when he calls me his " bitch ". I don't take it as degrading because I know he doesn't mean it in that way and he has or would never called me that in anger or to be cruel. It is kept solely in the bedroom.
    " Dirty talk " excites us and that includes the terms mentioned..
    Ben and I have been married long enough to know what boundaries to cross and not cross. We truly feel that in the marriage bed it is ok for a husband and wife to "let loose " and be naughty.
    A loving and trusting monogamous sexual relationship is a beautiful thing and pleasing in God's eyes. It is not my or Ben's intention to offend anyone here on MH, and we realize that what we might find to be a turn on, others may not. We love each other deeply and love marital sex. We give glory to God for being able to enjoy such love and passion throughout our marriage and love sharing our passion here on MH.
    God bless you brother and stay horny always!
    ❤ Gina

    • JAM777 says:

      Hello Mrs. G,
      I would like to ask a couple of questions if I may…!
      First off, thank you so much for sharing your stories! I hope I'm not being too forward in saying they are a major turn on!! I also love the "picture" you paint for us so we can visualize the situations!

      My first question is about the strong terminology you guys use, is it just something that started happening during sex or did you guys talk about it first?

      Also, wanted to see if you could ask your daughter to look at my questions for her on the post, "How to make her mine" please?
      It would be cool to have your opinion on the second question I put on there too if you would?

      Also, I have a fictional story submitted that will hopefully get posted. I would love to get your opinion and thoughts on it once it is posted!!

      Thank you so much for your time Mrs. G!

    • Dean316 says:

      Gina, thank you for your response. I wasn't necessarily offended or off-put by these taboo comments or you and your husbands sexual language I was just curious. It’s great you two love each other that much.


  11. snagd says:

    I am glad I got so many good responses. Needless to say I do have pride in my art and many a times I relay these episodes to friends. Some are disgusted but most are open to learn how to be and expert at cocksucking, hence the word doesn’t offend me, as I bluntlly tell them I AM a cock sucker. Especially if time and again I twirl my lips and run my forefinger over them. It fascinates me that they would call me a real cock sucker , and many though not talking about it, secretly tell me how they manipulate there parntners cocks and how it drive him crazy.
    To answer on 69 , yes if his on top I get very deep penetrated in the mouth. If I am on top , I can control his cock movements. If we do side , thats the one I enjoy the most as we can prolong ejaculation for a long time going slowly and enjoy one another’s genitals.

  12. hornyGG says:

    First of all I am so glad that you enjoy my stories. I am looking forward to reading your new fictional story.

    Now to answer your first question:
    It was my husband Ben who first initiated " dirty talk " into our marriage early on. I rarely ever used such language other than the occasional "shit" or " damn" and that was few and far between.
    My father was a regular "cusser " . The word "fuck " was a regular part of his vocabulary along with other colorful curse words. This often irritated my mother to no end.

    The first time Ben uttered the word while we made love, shocked me and yet turned me on as well. He would talk about how my pussy felt and how he loved fucking me. I got to where I would ask him to talk to me as it would help push me to orgasm.
    It took a little bit for me to get comfortable talking dirty. I often would "practice", if you will, whenever he was at work and I would masturbate. I felt silly at first, but practice makes perfect.
    He was thrilled when I finally let loose with my own dirty talk. I loved how it turned him on, plus it turned me on as well.
    We love our "dirty talk", "pillow talk" or whatever you wish to call it. And the rest is history as they say.
    To this day, I still enjoy talking dirty to myself whenever I masturbate. Funny how some things never change. 😉

    As far as your request goes, I will be sure to let Alicia know. I will also see if I can answer your question as well.
    God bless you and stay horny dear!

    ❤ Gina

    • JAM777 says:

      You are most welcome Mrs. G! And thank you as well! That you would look forward to my story, it means a lot!
      And thank you for sharing that with me!! I don't mean anything against you or anyone else who uses colorful language during sex! I was just curious about how and why.
      And that's interesting that it is a turn on!
      My weirdest ones I have found are the moans of a woman and the "teacher look," especially if they have glasses on!!
      And the moaning one can be not only for overhearing someone in the act but also just moaning for whatever reason. I have to reign in my mind when I am in an "exposed" situation and a woman moans for whatever reason!!

      But anyway thanks again for the information! I don't know if my future wife and I will ever get to that point or not but you sharing that gives me a better viewpoint.

  13. Southernheat says:

    I grew up prim and proper and never used 'bad' language. When we married, I was always trying new things and trying to keep things exciting. I still do! One night in the middle of foreplay, I said, "Do you want to fuck me, baby?" He was so shocked and very turned on. I started using more dirty talk after that; it really turned both of us on. I still ask him to talk dirty to me. He’s gotten more comfortable with it. But then I’ve always been the kinky one! He loves me telling him my pussy needs some lovin' or how wet I am.

  14. Bjlove says:

    Finally I decided to open my own account and that to make my hubby Snagd knows how I feel when he rocks me , so why not let me share experiences with others and as the story above tells about 69 , my feelings just has to be exposed. It great!

    • PacMan says:

      This is an exciting development! I’m thrilled to have you sharing more posts and comments. More sex-positive female perspectives only enhance this site!

  15. A Better Pastime says:

    Loved the writing in this story! Loved the part where you said "Lowering myself, I aligned my pussy on his mouth as he started to suck again. I tilted slightly upwards and got his cock back in my mouth." Ultra hot!

  16. A Better Pastime says:

    Agree with everything stated here by Gina. For us, the language coincides with the increase in the arousal/desire state during sexual intercourse. The language gets rowdier and rowdier when both of us start pumping against each other faster and faster, harder and harder, as the arousal/desire state increases. It's at this point where the F-Word starts to fly. My wife is the one who usually kicks it off, even though we both know it's coming. Either one of us will say something like "You wanna fuck some dick?" or &quotYou wanna fuck some pussy?" The responses are usually "I came for pussy" or "I come for dick", "I can fuck a dick" or "I fuck pussy". In the vein of "you have working hands", "you're a working man", or "you're a worker", my wife will say "you have a fuck'n dick", "you're a fuck'n man", or "you're a fuck'r". I'll say the same things back to her as well and then we're usually in a battle of F-Word responses at that point until we both cum. Nothing more intensely arousing between the two of us during sex. This has grown over the years, and exists only between the two of us. We never speak in this way, or use these words, ever, outside of this context. Interestingly enough, we both land in agreement on the notion that this is spoken of in Eph. 4:29: (Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, that it may give grace to those who hear.). "Edification according to the need of the moment" & "that it may give grace to those who hear". We view this, this "language" that we share (only with each other) during love making, as just those two things.

  17. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    This is wonderful story. I am married to a passionate “cocksucker” as well, and she loves to swallow. I am so lucky to be married to a woman who is not only my best friend and lover but also a happy cocksucker who enjoys a mouthful of semen. And I feel the same way about her juices—love them!

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