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My wife and I have been married for over 34 years. We have always enjoyed sex with each other. Staying faithful to each other is very important to us. Thirty years ago, not too long after our first child, my wonderful wife allowed me to take videos on occassion. They were of our sex life and for our private use only. I enjoyed watching us when I was alone. Has anyone else done this?

Well, it was 1988, and I had videoed her by herself a couple of times. Now, this was to be our first time together making love being filmed. As we progressed, I could tell the filming actually turned her on. We had both undressed, and I was behind the camera as she stood by our bed. I walked from behind the camera to stand with her, and we began to embrace and kiss each other. Her breasts were still enlarged with milk as she was still nursing our firstborn.

I kneeled before her, taking her lovely nipples in my mouth. She ran her hands through my hair as I continued to suck her creamy breasts. After a while, I stood up and we continued to kiss. Soon, my petite blonde went to her knees and began to suck on my hard erection. Licking, kissing, and sucking me...what a pleasure! And I was going to be able to watch her do it over and over. She stood up and we hugged each other tight. We broke the embrace and I walked toward the camera and tripod to reposition the camera. My hard cock was swinging back and forth as I walked.

After moving the video camera closer to the bed, I turned it on again. My wife lay on her back as I joined her there. Again we embraced and kissed, our hands fondling. Her pussy was so wet with excitement. Soon she lay with her head on her pillow. I spent some time kissing, nibbling, and licking all around her trimmed pussy. When I watched the video later, I could see her head moving side to side while I was licking. Quiet moans proceeded from her lips. It's funny how, as we have matured and been together for this long, that our moans and cries get louder and louder. Of course, now there are no children in the house.

I then straddled her upper chest, as she took my cock in her mouth. Gently hunching my beautiful wife's face, I slowly moved in and out. After a while, I reversed to a 69 position, and we rolled over putting her on top. My fingers also found their way inside her vagina as I licked her clit. At the same time, she continued her marvelous mouth work on my erection. As she neared orgasm, she slid forward, my fingers still in her pussy. She hunched over my pelvic area.

Before long she climbed off of me to kneel beside me, facing the camera. Her handed moved back and forth on my shaft. My cock head parted her lips over and over as she sucked me. Knowing I was getting close to orgasm, she stopped sucking and stroked me. She loves to watch me cum! While stroking, she looked in our headboard mirror to watch. Her other hand was rubbing my chest.

"I'm going to cum!" I said. She turned back and watched as semen shot up my chest and into my eye. We laughed together. Soon, I moved to turn off the camera, wiping cum from my face and eye.

I have watched this session many times in the last 30 years, so I remember it well. But, fearing someone finding the video, I destroyed it a few years ago. But I guess I am glad I made it. I still would like to watch us again when we were young!

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  1. PacMan says:

    Great story! Wow I feel like this sex session was fairly adventurous— esp doing 69 on film in the VHS era. I don’t blame you for destroying it, but I’m sure that would be fun to have on hand now. My wife doesn’t love being filmed, but she lets me do it 2-3 times per year. And thanks to modern technology these are all stored in a password protected app. [How many times did you cum in your eye? Or did you catch the only occurrence on film?]

    • LoveMyWife56 says:

      It's hard to remember how many times when I was younger that happened, since my wife liked to have me on my back and watch it happen. But, after our son was born in 1990, I had a vasectomy, which cut down on the amount I ejaculate, so cumming in my eye does not happen anymore. And that's fine with me. LOL Do you like to review your past sex sessions on your computer often?

  2. hornyGG says:

    Very hot story. Ben and I enjoyed taping our sex sessions on the two videos we made and are planning on doing another one soon. I wrote about our first video experience, but Ben preferred me not to write about the second one. Anyway, God Bless and Stay Horny Always!

    • LoveMyWife56 says:

      Sandy allowed me to film her this past Valentines Day in her sexy red outfit, and then video our lovemaking. The first time in a while she has allowed that. Thanks for your comments.

    • LoveMyWife56 says:

      Thanks for your comments, Southerheat. I have a few stored, too. But have deleted most. Do you password protect the ones on your phone? Do you and your husband like to video yourselves very often?

  3. Southernheat says:

    Lovemywife56 I’m trying to learn the best way to password protect pic and video on my phone?
    We have not used a video camera in many years just short videos on phones to each other. Might need to explore that .

    • LoveMyWife56 says:

      Please tell me the results of your exploration. There are password protected apps available for pics and videos for your cell phone.

    • Max says:

      While this won't password-protect a picture/video vault, (and I'm not sure if this will work on Apple phones or not), on an Android phone to hide them so that they don't show up in the Gallery, all you have to do is create a directory that starts with a period, like ".mystuff" and then anything you put in it won't show up anywhere, because any directory that starts with a period is considered hidden.

    • LoveMyWife56 says:


      Well actually, our next story is 'Hilltop Sex' scheduled to post on March 1. The Valentines Day escapade was fun, but we were both so tired that it was pretty simple. I bought her a red outfit with straps that came all the way down, covering her breasts seductively, and attaching to thigh high stockings. No g-string, which made our lovemaking in front of the camera fun. I have been editing the video. Mmm! I plan to write a story from February 12th which was much more exciting! Keep up your red-hot stories!

  4. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    We would borrow my parents video camera years ago to video the kids, but we also used it once to tape ourselves. My wife also used it twice to video a solo masturbation session as a gift to me. Wow, those were hot! But for fear of someone finding and watching, we too erased all 3 videos after awhile. I now have a GoPro camera and plan on making some videos again, but instead of VHS, these will be 1080P HD, lol. The great thing about a GoPro is all the different mounts available. One in particular that could provide some interesting shots is a headband mount that should provide POV of PIV, not to mention other positions.

  5. ArtRutherford says:

    Nice Story. I would love to do some private video, but our son DID find some pics of us naked several years ago. Now, my wife won't even consider doing anything on camera.

    • LoveMyWife56 says:

      That will be a difficult hurdle to overcome. Thanks for the compliment. Maybe after some time she may allow you again.

  6. snagd says:

    We tried video sex and it was not what we expected. Although some of it showed up well most got only to show how we have sex. Yes it did show my wife doing a blowjob on me, but my side of licking did not show too well. I had the video connected to the TV while recording, but because we were focussed on one spot all the time it only showed up when we faced the camera. We discussed getting a sex video operator, but are still only toying with the idea. If it transpires we would like him or her to set up various cameras in different positions connected to a TV in another room where he can remotely control the scenes. This we will deside on if we want to make one that whenever we want to have a go, we’d like to see ourself in action. This is a difficult decision and if we go that route , I’ll discuss the implications thereoff.

    • LoveMyWife56 says:

      I look forward to hearing all about your decision and actions. I wish somehow there was a way to communicate with one another in addition to these replies, but I understand MarriageHeat's restrictions. I would enjoy setting it up for you.

  7. PacMan says:

    Just to help my fellow husbands, my favorite private storage app is called “Secret Vault Lock Photos” by Mo Wellin. There is a free version with limited storage and a paid version (only $3?) for unlimited storage. You can save photos, full length videos, audio, and doc files. It asks for a password every time you open (and is camouflaged like an ordinary office app). Been using for over 4 years, and all my files/videos have survived 2 phone upgrades and all iOS updates through the years.

  8. SecondMarge says:

    My husband wants to record me. I am not comfortable being recorded. It’s both of our second marriages. This is one of the things he did with his first wife and really wishes I would enjoy doing for him. He loves watching me touch myself and the recordings of her are tastefully done but I just can’t seem to say yes.

    • LoveMyWife56 says:

      It is certainly a major turn-on for many men to watch their wife having sex (no surprise). But, if you are not comfortable, I understand. My wife has allowed me to film her or us a number of times, but has also refused just as often. I guess I am a voyeur. Would you enjoy watching you and your husband have sex?

  9. 1blessedman says:

    Smoking hot! I always love the real life happenings. Even when it is the not-so-pleasant cumshot in the Not sure if we still have one of our younger-days videos of some awesome bj and cunnilingus action topped off with an extended period of doggy style. Complete with close ups from a tripod mounted cam with hand remote. General scenes she liked and close ups that I thought were awesome.

    • LoveMyWife56 says:

      It has been exciting and interesting to watch our sex life over 30 years of change. Body changes in shape and muscle tone, my wife's pubic hair changes, less...less...less, lol.

  10. Tulsa says:

    We have made several vids over the years, and have taken huge amounts of pics too! Started back when Polaroid's cameras were the thing then graduated to a VHS video recorder. Lots of fun to look at our vids and pics, especially the old ones! Now we have a digital camera that does both.
    We took all the best pics and scanned them, so we can watch on a slide show.
    FYI, the best way to look at either is to get naked first, and then watch them together.

  11. Bertie says:

    We have made several videos over the years. None that go back that far. I wish.

    This reminds me of one shot in a hotel room on a romantic weekend. After stripping for me we made our way to the bed and after lots of making out and several position switches she was on her knees and I slid my head between her legs and began a very intensive session of cunnilingus with my hands spreading her ass cheeks apart as I feasted on her womanhood.

    All of it caught on camera with her ass strait at the lens!

    Mmmm, what an enjoyment to watch again and again. I will never grow tired of seeing her cum, live or on video...

  12. Wishingshewould says:

    I am very grateful that my wife lets me take pictures and videos during our lovemaking sessions. It is a total turn on for me! I often watch them and masturbate to them. She is so sexy as she sucks me, plays with her breasts and more. I love watching her have great orgasms playing with herself while watching me play with myself. I catch it on video and pictures with my phone and then uploaded to a Dropbox folder and then delete from my phone. It's such a huge turn on for me! She doesn't watch them but knows I jack off to them often. We don't play as often as I'd like so this really helps a lot. Thanks for the posts!

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