Getting Ready for Oral

Here’s another tale about some of these oral sex episodes we love so much.

My wife and I are both now well experienced in performing oral sex. We give it to the other sometimes. And sometimes we pleasure each other at the same time. When I’m going to be on the receiving end, my wife will normally call or text. She will give me teasing details as to how she plans to go about it.

Wife: Will you be home early tonight?
Me: Yes. Why?
Wife: I desperately need to taste your juices.
Me: Seriously, you want to give me a blowjob?
Wife: Yes. My mouth and throat are aching for your cock.
Me: You’re making me horny. What’s got you so worked up?
Wife: I saw the neighbour’s wife sucking him dry. Their curtain was open. He fucked her mouth and let his sperm go all over her pretty face. I want you to do that to me.
Me: Okay! I’ll be home as soon as I can.
Wife: Waiting with an open mouth.

When I got home, my wife was still fully dressed except that she flashed her bare pussy with a tampon stuck in. It was that time of the month.

“Today it’s my turn to suck you off,” she said as she kissed my cheek. “But be saving up your energy! When my period is over and I’m all cleaned up, I’ll be expecting you to return the favor.” Then she asked me to please go and get ready.

This meant she wanted me to wash my cock and balls. She loves how slick and smooth it makes them feel. Of course, I was happy to do so.

As soon as I got back, my wife pulled my pants down and got to work on my semi-erect cock. First, she kissed it a few times, then made me widen my legs a bit. She sucked my cock head, twirling her tongue around it.

Next, she slowly took half of my shaft into her wide-open mouth. The way her lips gaped, I did not feel a thing except her warm breath encircling it. She then pulled back and gave me a hot suck on just the head. I could feel my cock start to swell more. Using the same technique, she once again opened her mouth and glided it over me. This time she touched my balls with her lips. Unexpectedly, she tightened her mouth and pulled her lips back down my shaft. When she released me, a huge glob of pre-cum oozed out. She licked every bit off.

I was all set to shoot my load. But then she used the pre-cum in her mouth mixed with her saliva to fully devour my shaft. Even part of my balls made it into her mouth! She had to release slightly as her gag reflex kicked in. But then she took me back down her throat and held me there until she ran out of breath. She came off quickly, gasping for air.

Then the inevitable happened. She went wild on my cock, sucking the whole thing down voraciously without gagging. With mighty force, I spurted blast after blast of sperm into her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could get down, but my semen wouldn’t stop cumming. So she painted her lips and cheeks with it until I finally came to a halt. Then she gulped me back into her mouth for a final tug. Before she swallowed, she opened her mouth and rolled her tongue. I watched as the last of my ejaculate disappeared down her open throat. She laughed and said, “Next time you’re going to mouth-fuck my puss. Right?” I gave her my word.

Only a few days passed before my wife texted me at work again.

Wife: You remember a few days ago when I gave you a blowjob?
Husband: Yes, you drove me mad! Whenever I think about it more cum dribbles out of my cock.
Wife: I hope you can manage to keep your promise to me tonight ‘cause I am horny as ever. I don’t want to fuck though. I want you to suck my puss ‘til I have an intense orgasm.
Husband: I can do that. But what if I ejaculate in the process?
Wife: I am not swallowing this time. I’ll let you ejaculate on my ass cleft but not inside.
Husband: That’s a deal!

I arrived home from work only to find my wife cleaning her genitals, getting ready for me as I had for her. Every indication was that I had to fulfill my promise.

At first, she sat down on the couch and lifted her dress to expose her naked pussy to me. She opened her legs wide, showing me her dripping vulva. Then she called me closer and pointed to her hole. “Come on, it’s sucking time.”

And without further ado, I let my lips fall onto her freshly washed pussy. It was so tasty that I drove my tongue deep inside, parting her lips as I began an ardent licking. The up and down movement made her arch and thrash her torso. Before long, her legs were wrapped around my head. She wouldn’t let go, pressing my head deeper in until I found her swollen clit. I moved up a bit and started to lick it, too. First a gentle lick and then, as things intensified, I began to suck. I sucked it until I felt her getting all wet down there. Soon she started leaking juices that tasted somewhat different. She had washed her pussy very clean.

All the while my cock was playing havoc with me. But I managed to control myself. I dipped my mouth below her pussy towards her ass and licked with vigor. Time and again, I darted the tip of my tongue down to her asshole. But that was not part of the original agreement. She shook her head no and I went back to her open pussy as she shimmied. I ran my tongue up her slit again.

And that’s when she started an intense orgasm. She begged for more. I increased the pace as I felt her pushing her puss right onto my mouth. I savoured her. By the time she began to relax, my cock was about to burst. I turned her around, slid off my pants, and shot my load right between her ass cheeks as she wished.

She felt the warmth of it. Using one hand, she rubbed the juices between her ass and her cunt. Then she flipped onto her back and licked off what remained on her hand.

Then she said, “When I sucked you last time, I was prepared for a wholesome drink. And when you suck me, I expect your semen to flow. So I made sure to get a taste. At the same time, thanks for wetting my ass and pussy. I love you! You’re a great husband who knows how to satisfy your wife. Next time, let’s do a full 69 with no wastage, okay?”

“For sure,” I replied, “but let’s both be clean because I love the pure taste we get!”

“It’s a deal! When I get ready, I’ll text.”

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  1. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    Well blow me down (or sideways, or backwards, or....), that's one heck of a story and something I aspire to achieve with my spouse. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Southernheat says:

    Another hot story from you snagd! I love to pleasure my man in that way! I enjoy it almost as much as he does! The more he enjoys the more I get turned on! I may need to take care of him this afternoon!

  3. SecondMarge says:

    Did you two return the favor and leave your curtain open for your neighbor to watch you cum in her mouth? Men seem to enjoy writing about how much their wife likes to give them oral pleasure. Likely a fantasy, much like exaggeration of how much they ejaculate. I really was pleased to read the instructions for stories on MH to avoid exaggerating, which is a thing that turns me off when reading erotica.

    I found the most interesting part of this fantasy was the wife watching the neighbors having sex and being extremely turned on. Maybe if we all left out curtains open. lol never mind.

    • A Better Pastime says:

      You're on fire on this comment Marge! lol! I do agree with you on the "exaggeration" turn off factor: sometimes just over the top and detracting from the reality or "matter of fact" of an encounter which is the most enticing.

  4. PacMan says:

    This was a HOT 🔥 story. Great job snagd! We don’t have oral enough (for me)... or maybe I’ll never be satisfied. For years, blowjobs were nice for the intimacy but never could get close to cumming. Then about 15 yrs into marriage, my wife started swallowing my cum. It was like a lightswitch.... now I reach orgasm every time! (It’s still only 2-3 times per year). My wife isn’t a huge fan of receiving oral, which is a bummer... I love licking her pussy. The story was fantastic... the dialogue, the caring of other’s needs, & even the voyeurism!

  5. ConstantLover says:

    I can’t remember what post and comment suggested adding certain lip balm to the mix. Was it Burt’s bees? What flavor? I remember it was mint something. Was it Cucumber mint? Or something else? Has anyone tried adding a spicier lip balm to add to the sensation?

  6. A Better Pastime says:

    The one thing we always hope to encounter when overnight in a hotel are sex sounds from the rooms connected to ours. A rare occurrence, but an instant turn on. Sounds of sex between a couple are such an arousal for us that we incorporate them as part of "getting ready" or foreplay. We love real sounds between a couple enthralled in a sexual encounter.

    • Flying Hubby says:

      It was Burt’s Bees peppermint. I had to go shopping, it was a mild increase. Still have some and things change; smell, sensitivity taste so we will see.

    • SecondMarge says:

      The sounds of people having sex are an automatic turn on for people. It’s built into our DNA. I have seen audio tapes you could buy. Lol

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