🔊 In My Mouth & Favor Returned (L)


It was one of those sweltering days, where temperatures reached 38ºC plus. Both my husband and I were at home. It was just after 1.00pm, and we were lounging around. With an hour to go before the kids arrived home from school, it gave us some time to ourselves.

Sitting in the lounge, I was dressed very scantily in a light dress that a see-through top and a skirt that, when I sat in the wrong position, immediately showed I was bare bottomed.

We were talking a little about this and that when I suddenly felt the urge to have his penis in my mouth. I love it! It has a calming effect on me. His hardness gives me a tingling sensation when it goes a little deep and touches the back of my throat.

Suddenly I thought, why am I wasting time thinking about it when I have the best cock in the world sitting right next to me.

I pulled up my dress a little and my husband, who is quite used to seeing my pussy, instantly started fingering me. It felt sensational, and I moaned loudly, enjoying every minute of it. I looked him in the face and gave him one of those deep kisses. Then we stayed embraced for a while before I whispered to him, “I want to suck you off. Of course, I am all for us having sex now, but all I really want is a sweet blowjob.”

I moved down from the couch as he removed his pants completely. With him standing over me and his cock pointed straight at my mouth, I grabbed his buttocks and pushed my lips over his tool. He was hot! I kept a tight hold on his firm buttocks while he pulled my long hair tight. I licked his balls before I placed my lips just above them, which I know is one of his sensitive spots. He threw his head back. Holding my head, he guided it so that he could penetrate my mouth deeper.

I bobbed up and down. Every few strokes I took him right to the back of my throat before pulling off, sliding my tongue up the underside of his cock and licking the head. As I swallowed him one more time, I just barely heard him say, “I’m cumming.” Before I could say “Yes,” I felt a warm load of thick semen exploding in my mouth. He filled me up with one of his big loads of cum. I used breathing control to swallow and, within a few minutes, he was sucked clean. With some of the taste of him still in my mouth, I kissed him and said, “That was wonderful! Thank you. You made my day!”


So my wife felt like giving me one of those classic standalone blowjobs. No fuss; she just went on her knees and sucked me off. She enjoyed a heavy load billowing into her mouth and down her throat. Then she cleaned out my cock and gave me a sweet kiss of thanks!

A bit later I asked her as she was still pantiless, but this time around we were in a locked bedroom. She turned to me with a smile and asked, “Want another blow?”

“What?! Didn’t you get enough semen with the load I shot in your mouth?”

“Well it’s never enough, but have you got another suggestion?”

“Aah, yes! I want to suck your puss and make you wild!”

She instantly lifted her tiny dress and brought her wet pussy to my mouth. I first toyed around, flicking and licking at it before I asked her to lay flat on her back and lift her legs high and spread them wide open. Suddenly, I was nudging away at her exposed vagina. Then as she parted her pussy lips, I earnestly began to suck. Her moans were starting to turn into groans, and she lifted her pussy onto my tongue, taking it deep. Then I found her clit and began to suck it like a small cock.

She was oozing. I started to lick up everything from the bottom upwards. All this time, my cock was hard as a rock, but I was enjoying the pussy licking! I dared not stop to fuck her. Suddenly her dripping cunt juices increased, and with one great spasm, she went into a frenzy. She was cumming and she wouldn’t stop. I knew what she wanted. She wanted my cock again to suck.

“Please,” she begged. “I’ve cum. I don’t have a load to shoot like you, but I did cum. Please stuff your cock in my mouth.”

I obliged, downed my pants, and with three pulling sucks from her, I let her have another mouthful. Afterward, she just kissed me and thanked me again. She was well satisfied both ways.

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  1. New Wife says:

    Thanks for sharing. My husband and I think that there isn't anything more loving than the trust and vulnerability of oral sex. I appears you feel that way too!

  2. She'sagiver says:

    My wife has always been a connoisseur of oral. She made a joke of it when we first met. She said that since she didn't have a penis she wanted to play with mine, and so she did, and still does. She always lets me cum in her mouth, but sometimes will spit or swallow depending on the situation. And she doesn't care where we are at the time. She's not one for public sex, but she can be pretty discreet about it, and the excitement of her spontaneity always heightens the pleasure. I also told her that as long as I didn't have what she had, I wanted her's then too, even-steven. So she pulled up her dress, told me to take her panties off and lick it good. She also likes receiving. But the best part of giving her oral is I have her scent on my face that i have the rest of the day. She is multiorgasmic and always has bunches of orgasms. When God told Eve that she would have pain in child birth, he never told her that she would have more nerve endings in her clitoris than we have in our penis, nor did he tell her she could orgasm multiple times without needing a resting period like we do. He never told her that she can be stimulated in multiple places at the same time giving her mind blowing orgasms, and he didn't tell her that she has sensitive nipples on her breasts that can add to her orgasm, more than we can. God has blessed the women with greater potential for orgasm than we have, and I'm jealous of her. All in all, our sex life is great. All we have to do is ask each other for anything anytime and know that we can get it right then. I always thank her and encourage her and tell her I love her deeply.

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