Mr. No-Go Fails to Show

During my life, I’ve always had a long refractory period. The most orgasms I’d ever had in one day was four. My wife, likewise, usually stopped at one orgasm. She knew she could do more—she had done multiples previously—but with her low sex drive, she often would stop at one and be done.

One evening that all changed. It was a fairly typical sex session that we had, for the most part. Typically, we go to bed, and I started playing with her breasts. Then she’ll usually grab my stiffening dick and begin stroking it. It almost always feels fantastic, and I enjoy those initial moments of arousal.

Then I’ll move my focus down her tummy and into the folds of her labia, to seek out that already full clit. She’ll usually add some lube at this point — she has always had a dryness problem — so that my movement over her clit feels better. Though I enjoy eating her pussy, she feels she needs to clean up down there before I do. She’s afraid I’ll gag or something. So I usually don’t lick her pussy or anything like that. But, she does suck my cock. I will tend to bring her to orgasm first; then she’ll go down on my cock with her mouth. After that, we’ll connect up, my penis in her vagina, often in either the missionary position or—I’m not sure what the official name is—the “scissor position,” where she lies on her back and I lie on my side, and our legs interlock so that I can easily enter her.

That last position has some advantages: one, it makes it easier for me to pump her because I don’t have to hold myself up. I’ve found one of the things that will get me soft the fastest is when I overexert myself. The exhaustion can kill any passion and ‘down she goes’! Two, it gives me a good view of the action going on down there, which makes it easier for me to reach orgasm. We’ve tried other positions, but due to our body types, those don’t generally work for us.

I do love the 69 position, though, because that’s when I get to have some pussy for dessert. Yum! But as I said, we usually don’t go there.

This particular day, however, it started as usual but turned into something much more. As I tantalized her, she appeared to enjoy it more than usual. She moaned and writhed in pleasure as I sucked her nipples and flicked my tongue over them. I continued that action as I moved my hand down her belly and into her pussy, exploring the whole thing, top to bottom. My seeking fingers found her clit, and I began gently rubbing it slowly. She built up to a climax in short order. I could tell she went over the top when she arched her back and let out a satisfied groan of pleasure, as her body shook and vibrated.

Leaving the nipples to fend for themselves, I moved to her mouth and kissed her passionately. I love that part because that’s when she most passionately kisses me, letting me know how much she loved the O and me. I’ll generally keep softly massaging her clit because she likes to continue the good feelings she gets from me doing that, even if it isn’t the same as a full-on climax. Usually, I stop at some point after she comes, and that’s all she wants. She’s satisfied. This time, however, as I continued caressing her clit, it became obvious that she wasn’t going down, but building up to another climax. I became even hornier as she came, yet again. I love it when she orgasms! That is when my dick is at its hardest usually. Then after that one, she came a third time. She was amazed, and I was pleased to give that gift to her.

Then it was my turn. She took me into her mouth and began making sure I was solidly hard. Not that I needed it that time, but you won’t see me turning down one of my favorite activities! As her warm mouth went up and down my shaft, waves of pleasure rolled over me, until I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to have my wife!

So she pulled off, and I pushed in. Oh, the glory of it all! Her vagina felt wonderful as the energy built and built to new heights with each shove of my dick deep into her warm cunt. Then, in a moment of bliss, I hit the climax as I rode the orgasm roller coaster over and down. I rejoiced in the closeness and intimacy, resting in her arms as my penis pumped its last squirt of cum into her. I slowly moved it in an out, relishing the tingling sensation of orgasmic energy still flowing through me.

But then, much to my surprise, it started feeling good again. I began to pump harder, and another orgasm rose to the occasion. I wondered how I could do this. This just never happened; I had always felt a sort of dull pain when I tried to have an orgasm right after having one. I usually had to wait for at least an hour or three before I could reasonably go again.

For whatever reason, that pain failed to show up to the party, and I was thrilled about that. As I continued to plunge and pull out, the sensations again hit the point-of-no-return, and for a second time, I came hard. The climax was even more powerful than the first. Cum pumped out of my dick into her, as I made a second bond with my wife in one session.

“Did you just come again?” She asked.

“Yes. Don’t know why, or whether it will ever happen again, but there it is.”

We both had multiples in the same session. It was glorious and wonderful. Unfortunately for me, I’ve never duplicated that event. She, on the other hand, can and often does still have two or three orgasms during our lovemaking sessions.

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14 replies
  1. PacMan says:

    The only time I’ve had multiples is masturbation after our coital session has ended. And wife is usually one-and-done, but has had 2 or 3 orgasms occasionally. It would be sexy A.F. to have a session of multiples together… even once. I loved this HOT post.

  2. snagd says:

    It does happen and sometimes when you least expect it for no reason without waiting too long a penis may rise. I’ve experienced it myself , although I never had pain , but my next few ejaculations were a little less than the first one. Nevertheless it satisfies a woman tremendously and glad you could do that

    • MaxLoving says:

      I'm glad too, snagd. Wish it could happen more, but I'll take what I got, as that was more than I expected.

  3. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    I just have to say it…Praise the Lord! Congrats! It warms my heart to read this story. I think because I find some similarities to our own marriage. I would love to bless my wife with multiples, but a second orgasm for myself in the same session has only happened once IIRC. I remember a few years back a good buddy of mine mentioned something about often having more than one orgasm during sex. I was surprised that he had more than one. He was surprised when I said I only have one, to him multiples were a normal occurrence.

    • MaxLoving says:

      Very interesting, HSSS. I wonder how many guys this has happened to just once or twice in their marriage? And yep, some guys are lucky like that, and can do multiples on a regular basis. Most cannot. Interestingly enough, I wrote a novel about a multi-orgasmic guy. Wish fulfillment? Maybe. 🙂

  4. hornyGG says:

    Great story MaxLoving! Thank you so much for sharing. My husband Ben has never had " multiples" with me per say. However, after reading this story, he said that when he was much younger ( teen years) he could sometimes cum back to back while beating off. He said it took alot of effort and his balls often ached for a brief time afterward. His refactoring time is a little longer now, but I have absolutely no problems with that!🤗😁

    • MaxLoving says:

      Thanks, GG. Yep, my refractory period has grown to the point now of only being able to accomplish it at most around once a day, if that. But some of that is more Parkinson's disease than a refractory period. Before PD, I could do it multiple times a day, and we often did just that!

      But I've extremely grateful for what I do get, and treasure the memories such as this special gift God decided to unexpectedly give us this one day.

  5. Stevie says:

    Oh wow!! Love it! A second, I don’t think my husband has ever had that happen. Me yes but him no. Being a women who sometimes takes him first would love that second O for him and I to enjoy. He is one then done so that leaves me to hang out to dry or take care of myself.

    • Southernheat says:

      Get him to please you orally first so you don’t feel frustrated. Or let him finger you after he cums it feels incredible fingering my gspot with his warm cum inside me! He never used to do this But I asked him to do that about a year ago and my response was so intense that he always does that for me now he loves to see me enjoying it so much.

  6. PatientPassion says:

    The discussion of multiple orgasms fascinates me, for women because I imagine that watching my future wife come over and over will be one of the most beautiful things I'll ever see on this earth, and for men because it's so rare!

    I thought this might be a good place to mention that I've been doing some research about male multiple orgasms on and off over the last two years or so. It seems there are several methods by which men can train themselves to have multiple orgasms regularly, even if they don't happen naturally. The simplest and most practical method seems to involve a hard, steady contraction of the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle (just like holding it when you really have to pee) for the duration of the orgasm. Apparently this allows the man to experience the orgasm without ejaculation, which prevents the normal increase of prolactin, a hormone that subdues the erection and sexual interest. Without that normal physiological reaction, the man is ready to go again immediately if he wants to. However, it does seem to require a substantial amount of practice in strength and technique to get it right.

    I know from personal experience that there's something to this idea! I fell out of my routine, but when I was practicing more, I had several nights where I was able to have multiple orgasms in the shower. When I reached orgasm, I had to stop all stimulation and clench my PC muscle as hard as I could, but I did it! Many of the orgasms were shorter and less intense, but that wasn't a downside at all because I was ready and able to go again immediately, and reach another orgasm in under a minute! Looking back at my notes, I had about 5 sessions where I was able to reach several (though often small) orgasms in quick succession. The only side effect I noticed was an increased urge to pee for a few hours after some of my sessions, and I haven't heard of any other side effects in my research. Once I'm able to practice more and have a few more successful sessions, I hope to write about it and help others achieve the same thing!

    If anyone wants to know more, I have an old article here on MH titled "Deeper Learning: Male Multiple Orgasms" on this topic, but it's a little sparse on information since that was right near the beginning of my learning. You can also simply search "Nat Eliason male multiple orgasms." (There aren't any explicit images or anything, but it's not written from a Christian perspective either.) That article gives a good overview, and it really helped me understand the basics of how this all works.

    I'm not sure what causes situations like the story above, where a man is able to ejaculate twice back-to-back, but hopefully this method provides a way for some of us guys to experience multiple orgasms for ourselves!

    • MaxLoving says:

      Thanks, PP. If you count the non-ejaculatory and/or semi-ejaculatory orgasms, then I've had lots of multiples. I've rarely done those, however, when I'm having sex with my wife. Just during masturbation when I have more control over the amount of stimulation. As I stated in my edging article, I've done multiples lots of times by using my PC muscles to keep the full ejaculation from happening.

      This time, I went for a full orgasm, and for some reason, my body failed to produce any prolactin. So you can imagine my surprise when it continued to feel good and I felt another orgasm rising.Maybe that will happen again in this life, but if it doesn't, I was glad to experience it at least once in my life.

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