Sensual Sexting

It was a lazy afternoon and I thought it would be fun to make my hubby a sexy video. So, I allowed the kids to use my laptop to watch a show they like. Off I went to lock myself in my room. I used my tablet to shoot some footage of me using my little Satisfyer. It went to work sucking on my clit, and I could feel myself getting closer. But when I was just about to my climax, the recorder stopped! A message popped up saying “no more room”!

Sighing, I stopped and erased the previous 12 minutes of video and started over. You see, I am very tech-illiterate. It’s not like I could go ask the kids what to do about the situation! So I decided to continue on. In just a few more minutes I was able to work myself back up to an orgasm. Yes! I did it! I felt so excited to have done this awesome deed for my hubby.

Now to send it… There was the blue messenger button and, right beside it, a blue FB story button. I hit the wrong one! Oh, no! Did I just post a video of myself jilling off to my 800 new business FB friends!?!

Quickly, I resent the clip in a private message to him. Then I threw my toys aside and my clothes on. My heart was just about beating out of my chest. I ripped the laptop from my children to get on FB and make sure the video hadn’t posted. I was shaking and freaking out.

Phew! Nothing. Just to make sure, I pm’d a friend and asked if she had seen anything from me pop up. No, nothing. Whew, that was a close one! I guess we should find a way to make my cell phone work to send pics privately. This is all new to me, not only the technology but even doing this for him. I almost blew it!

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10 replies
  1. PacMan says:

    First, sexy wife videos are THE BEST. That’s awesome that you want to treat your husband with a sexy surprise like this.

    We just researched this a few weeks ago. We wanted something more private than iMessenger, since our kids borrow our phones a lot. We wanted it for us, yes for sexy pics and videos and sexting, but also for texts involving "cussing", Christmas presents, or spouting off on something. 🙂

    There are several options, but we landed on the free app Signal. It’s end-to-end encrypted and secure. And you can set a timer so the messages auto delete. One time I purposely sent her a series of erotic sex position images while she was at work. She knew to open discreetly when seeing a notification from Signal. And she knew they would auto delete. I hope it allows us to get wilder and wilder with our phones in the years ahead. 🙂

    • MaxLoving says:

      We use the signal app too. Great for more privacy, and the disappearing message works flawlessly.

  2. Southernheat says:

    I’ve sent him videos and audio and always afraid I will hit the wrong button. So far I have not thank goodness! Now I find it safer to send it in email less chance of sending it to the wrong person. He works from home a lot so he can watch in his office.
    I need to get a selfie stick or a tripod for the iPhone. He says the close up pussy shots are great but wants to see more of me in the picture. Funny I thought if it’s only my pussy in the picture not my face then I had a disclaimer that’s not me lol!

    • Hott4you says:

      Southern heat. Yes, get a selfie stick. You can maneuver easily then. And yes if it's just your pussy..who would know? Of course …you would know your own pussy..and so would he. The folds, shape, etc. Whew.
      But yes..a selfie stick

  3. Bjlove says:

    I enjoyed this one as besides your hiccups it’s the best way to get hubby in a sexy situation . I have done a few photos using mostly my mobile and although no video, I am quite surprised at the way I pose to expose myself. Later when we together he gives me the best compliments on the way I expose myself..

  4. 777mojo says:

    The wife and I use an app called Between.
    If we sext or talk anything sensitive we use that app. Then we don’t accidentally respond another thread in text messages or anything like that.
    Keep it separate

  5. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    Thanks for the video Hon, I loved it!!!!! Sorry you got freaked out though. Good thing it didn't post to social media, we likely would have had to move out of country or something, lol.

  6. Beachlover Guy says:

    I love taking videos or photos of my masturbation sessions and sharing them with my wife, although it's fun for me just to watch on cam as I stroke and cum. I've used some special effects such as slow motion and split-screen in an attempt to make it a little arty. My wife enjoys seeing my work and shares her photo and video work with me if we're not at home together. The riskiest thing she did was strip completely in a store dressing room and spread her pussy and suck her tits while she recorded it. I was working from home when she sent it and I returned the favor by masturbating, as I was already naked and aroused after seeing her video. It's a great way for us to stay connected and to anticipate being together later on!

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