How I Told Him (L)

I had just gotten married and, for the first time, I went to my parents’ home a thousand kilometers away. I expected my husband to join me in about three weeks. During the time apart, we phoned one another daily and discussed what we had been up to and what we felt like doing. Most of the conversations eventually circled around to sex, but not as detailed as later in our relationship when we were more comfortable. We had already begun making oral love to one another, so we did mention that. Anal wasn’t even on the table yet; that came much later as we started experimenting more and more.

It was during these talks that we first opened up to each other about personal things from our pasts, including premarital experiences. Since we were temporarily apart, the timing seemed right to discuss these matters. I must be honest that this early in the marriage I felt a lack of excitement. Now, for the first time, I could divulge this to my husband while not face-to-face. I had to hope that it would not hurt our very young relationship.

He started us down this road of honesty when he expressed his curiosity. He could tell that I was very experienced in oral lovemaking. I had also taught him various sexual techniques. He did not expect that from me, as I maintained that I was a virgin when we got married. In truth, I wasn’t. I had always stuck with the story that I had only ever sucked cock before we met. But in fact, I did have premarital intercourse before I met him. Eventually, I reluctantly admitted it to my husband.

Surprisingly, it didn’t worry him too much. He knew he had me, and we were happy in our relationship. Besides, he had also been with a few women. During these conversations, I went into some detail regarding various boyfriends I’d had. He didn’t seem too perturbed by the knowledge. He had sensed that it was so, as I was always the active partner teaching him various positions. I also knew many ways of performing fellatio. Up until that time, I kept it on the down-low that I had such experience. But over the phone, I was able to be brave and tell him everything.

It was a wonder to me that he wasn’t upset to know about this. I could even hear him sigh on the other side and, much to my surprise, he seemed to enjoy the talk. The more details I shared, the more excited he got. Even knowing how promiscuous I had been was turning him on.

Back when I told him all this, we kept it to ourselves. Even in my writings here, I never mentioned the extent of my experience. I stuck with the story that before marriage I’d only engaged in oral sex. I guess I feared judgment.

But a few days ago, I said, “I am going to open up and post on MH.” I thought maybe there were others out there like me who would gain encouragement from knowing that our pasts don’t have to sully our futures. My husband agreed.

So there you have it. That’s my story. I’m still a very sexual being who’s willing and eager to experiment further–but now only with my husband.

Here are a few of the things I told him when we spoke on the phone:

I want to suck your cock, and teach you how to eat my pussy.
I want to swallow and taste your semen. I am addicted to it.
I enjoy face-fucking and I’m not afraid to be sprayed with semen.
Bottom line: I am a fucker and sucker, so don’t be surprised that I am soon going to drive you mad.
As I have the know-how, I will make you a stud and teach you about masturbation.
I can teach you about toys and sex objects.
I will also go pantiless and some times minus a bra.

Our first few times together were not completely satisfying for me. I felt like I had to take the chance and be honest with him. I wanted us to move forward toward a fulfilling sex life together. The worst case scenario was that he would leave me. But to my surprise, maybe because of his limited experience and his love for me, everything I said turned him on. I could tell by the sounds he made. He could have screamed at me or been hurt that I wasn’t honest with him from the get-go. Instead, he said, “Thank you. At least my sex life will improve with the woman I love.”

Now we’ve been married some 20 years. Hardly a day passes without us trying something sexual. He’s learned how to use that cock of his (and fingers and tongue) to please me in myriad ways. And I take great pleasure in using my expertise to bring him pleasure too.

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7 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    You go girl! I loved this post Bjlove, so honest and yes hot. Ben and I were both virgins when we married, but it didn't take long for that little spark turned into a raging wild fire. Honesty and complete openness in a marriage or any relationship pretty much guarantees a strong and lasting bond. Well I believe my cunt is needing a little caressing about now, so thanks for posting darlin and definitely Stay Horny!

  2. New Wife says:

    Thanks for being so open — both to us readers and to your husband. Sounds like you have a wonderful marriage based on trust and love. So nice that you continue to grow together, learning and exploring at every opportunity. Honest communication is so vital. Congratulations!

  3. Victor0884 says:

    Very courageous of you to post this; not everyone is a virgin when married. My wife and I have a similar situation and instead of getting upset I was turned on as well. No judgement here.

  4. PacMan says:

    Sounds like the time apart broke through some barriers for both of you. Did your steamy conversations ever turn into full-on phone sex?

    BTW, remember how quickly and intentionally your hubby forgave your past and used it all for good? This is a reminder that our Heavenly Father forgives us and loves us even more deeply than your husband! [I think of so many that carry shame unnecessarily due to bad choices. We can melt into our Father’s forgiveness and feel his acceptance.]

  5. Hisdesign says:

    You are every man’s dream. You’re husband is a lucky man, and it sounds like you found the perfect man for you as a marital sex partner.
    I have yearnings at times for my wife to lead. God bless you for sharing.

  6. YumYum says:

    Good Girl. Seems like you"re right on track. He is a lucky man to have such a loving, wonderful teacher & all the better for it. Experience has its rewards. I'm sure he is a happy camper.

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