🔊 Kitty on All Fours (L/A)

My husband Chris and I have been married for almost three years. From the beginning, our sex life has been fantastic. But for the past few months, we’ve both been overwhelmed with work and been so busy that we haven’t had time for anything sexy. I knew that something had to be done.

One night, we were reading our books on the couch. Feeling curious, I snuggled up to my husband Chris where he lay and asked, “What are your sexual desires? What have we not done that you’d like to try?”

He immediately got interested but tried to play it cool and not show me how excited my question made him. He told me, “I want whatever you want.” He’s always been like that, putting my needs before his own.

I was in a wild mood. “I want to try anal,” I said. His eyes lit up, and his erection started to poke my abdomen. “But,” I continued, “before we do, I’m going to want some of the rough stuff to warm me up.” I told him that I wanted him to take control of me and use me for his own pleasure.

Chris was overcome with excitement, but I told him we should hold off having sex until tomorrow night so we could really go all-out. He giggled and kissed me. He’s such a sweet and caring husband; this is why I love him so much! And now I knew things were going to get better.

The next night, I was the first one to get home from work. I made sure that I had showered and, of course, waxed myself so that we could really have some fun. I put on some white lacy panties with a short skirt over them. I then put on white socks that went past up my knee — Chris loves it when I wear these — and a button-up short-sleeve shirt with no bra. My large breasts were clearly visible under the blouse. I donned a pair of black-rimmed glasses and put my hair into pigtails so it would make it easy for him to grab onto me when he was fucking me on all-fours.

Soon Chris came home from work carrying a paper bag and found me in our bedroom. He put the bag down and immediately loosened his tie. Licking his lips, he walked over, looking like he was ready to devour me. He pushed my skirt up and ripped off my panties — literally. They were ruined after that night. Then he bent me over his knee and spanked me so hard it brought tears to my eyes. He continued to slap my ass again and again until it was bright red. My feet kicked up in the air because of the intensity of the sensation. The way he embodied this role impressed me so much that I started to get even wetter for him.

Then he took me off his lap and had me remove his pants, exposing his stiff cock. He sat on the edge of the bed, and I got on my knees. He is above average in size, and it was extra big and extra hard just for me.

Chris saw me gasping at his cock and looked me in the eye. “Does Kitty want to get her mouth fucked?” he asked, and I nodded in submission. He then grabbed both of my pigtails and pulled me towards his cock, saying, “Open wide.”

I did as he told me and Chris shoved his cock into my mouth, making me gag. He was holding only my pigtails and pulling them forward in a steady rhythm. His cock was so huge and stiff as he used my mouth as his own personal fuck-toy. He did this to me for a while, speeding up little by little. Then he pulled my pigtails so hard and held it, forcing his length down my throat and making me gag up spit when he was done face-fucking me.

Looking me in the eye, Chris said, “I’m not done with you yet. Give me your ass so I can play with it.” He had me lay on our bed on my stomach while he spread my legs open with his thumbs and forced his face into my wet pussy. He sucked on my pussy, pushed his tongue in and out, and then flicked my clit with his tongue. I quivered so much that he had to extend his arms over my back and hold me down so I wouldn’t disturb his eating me out. He kept licking as he slowly inserted his finger into my tight little virgin asshole, making me scream.

“Please, please fuck my tight asshole,” I cried out. “I’ll be good.”

Chris took his mouth out of my dripping pussy and said, “Does Kitty want me to fuck her in the ass?”

“Uh-huh,” I replied. I thought to myself, ‘We’re finally reconnecting after such a long time, and this is bliss.’

He slowly took his finger out of my asshole, gave my pussy one last lick, and said, “Get on the floor.”

I listened to his commands and got on my hands and knees on the floor right in front of the big wall mirror — that way, we could watch each other. Chris removed my skirt then put his fingers between the buttons on my shirt and tore it open, exposing my big breasts and hard, bright pink nipples. His fingers circled around my areolas for a little bit, making me moan. My glasses and knee-high socks he left on, but he exposed my wet pussy and my small asshole.

Then Chris took out the lube. He put some on his throbbing cock and dripped some on my asshole, moving his fingers to spread it all up and down my womanhood. In the mirror, he made eye contact with me and grabbed onto my pigtails. Slowly, slowly, Chris inserted his cock into my ass. I let out a huge moan, and so did he. Carefully, he pushed it in until I felt his balls brushing the edges of my ass cheeks and pussy lips. Then he slowly removed it. This slow warm-up continued for a while, my ass getting bigger and looser for his huge cock as I began to relax around it. “Fuck, Kitty, you’re so tight,” he yelled, making me feel like a prize.

I tried not to show him how much I was loving this because it would spoil the scene, but I was in ecstasy. I had long fantasized about adding anal to the kinks we enjoy.

Chris fucked my ass for a while. Then all of a sudden, he pulled out and walked to the other side of our bedroom. I wanted to know what was going on.

He grabbed the paper bag that he’d brought home with him and took an item out of it. It was a hot pink vibrator! I was so happy because I used to have one, but it accidentally went through the wash a couple of months ago and stopped working. He remembered! All this time, I thought he was glad that it broke because I always thought he hated my vibrator.

Chris walked towards me where I remained on my hands and knees. He bent down and handed it to me, saying, “I want you to use this while I’m fucking your ass.”

I turned it on the highest setting and held it against my clit while he regained his grip on my pigtails and worked himself back inside of my tight little hole. The pleasure was unbelievable; my clit was happy, my ass was in heaven, and my eyes rolled back in my head because of it! I was screaming in pleasure so loudly that I even began to cover my mouth.

Chris was pulling my hair and thrusting every inch of his cock into my ass, and it looked like he was enjoying himself. All of a sudden, he started fucking me faster and faster until I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt this wave of extreme pleasure come over me. I squirted. Hard. It got all over us, but it lubed up my ass more.

He yelled, “You’re my fucking goddess of a wife!” and immediately came into my tight ass. His load was so huge that I could feel it shooting into me. When he withdrew, out came this thick load of cum overflowing from my asshole, covering my wet pussy and running down my thighs, as well. Chris rubbed his cum and brought it to my mouth for me to taste.

I was still on my hands and knees, so I turned my head to lick his dripping fingers. With his cum in my mouth, he looked me in the eyes, smiled, and gave me the most passionate french kiss we’ve ever had. Then he spanked me one last time and drew me to my feet. “I love you,” he told me over and over again until we were done showering together and were cuddled up in bed, naked. We fell asleep, and the next morning, we woke up to a renewed sex life.

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17 replies
  1. Hott4you says:

    H o r n y!!!! Fuck. The mirror? This made me ..mmmm…. Wow,!!!
    And yet .it was so sweet how the both of you worked together. Trust.
    I love it. More to…cum?
    I hope so.

  2. Horny_boy says:

    What a beautiful story and Really hot !and what a blessing to sleep both naked after a good fuck!
    You portrayed in this story just what God intended for marriage! Two sexual beings really satisfied with one another!

  3. Man With a Plan says:

    Well now…this was a delight. A real delight. This is some HOT AF fantasy sex. Bet the school girl look took it to a whole new level for him to, Kitten. Nicely done.

  4. sensualcouple says:

    What an amazing story. We loved it and it inspired us for some anal play tonight, especially the end where she licked his fingers. So 🔥!

  5. hornyGG says:

    What a hot story kitten263! My husband Ben and I enjoy a little rough housing every now and again. We also enjoy anal as well. Although it has been a bit since Ben has gotten some ass. This story certainly has me desiring some booty play! Thanks so much for sharing and stay horny always!

    😘 Gina

  6. Bjlove says:

    The first few times we tried anal sex we flopped. I so much wanted it. Finally after some consulting and anal stretching it’s a fuck I can’t describe. It drives me wild

  7. mrandmrshumperdink says:

    I can still remember the first time he slowly slid into my ass. It was feeling unlike any other. I also really enjoyed the part where you licked his fingers. From time to time, he will clean me up back there with his tongue and it is mindblowingly good.

    • sensualcouple says:

      Isn’t that the best part? When he slides just the head in and it fills you up, and you feel the shaft sink deeper into your ass? I can feel each slippery inch until his balls hit my clit, he holds it there for a second, and then slides it out. Just a slippery mess of cum, lube, saliva. Makes for a savory concoction!

    • mrandmrshumperdink says:

      my mr. has many inches to give so by the time he's all in, I feel like he's impaling me. I am completely his at this point and he can have me however he wants. He's always careful and waits until I give him the signal to give me what I am craving.

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