Rainy Sunday

When it comes to spending an elegant rainy day, for me, it is always going to be Amsterdam. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived here my whole life or because it’s where I fell in love. After all, Amsterdam is such a charismatic place.

“Rain rain, go away.

Come again another day,

Poor Stella wants to play!

Rain rain, go away.”

Inside my mind, I screamed these lines emphatically. I only started hating rainstorms after my marriage to Paul.

Today’s hard downpour sent my mind back to two years prior. That month of September was very precious to me, to spend as well as to remember. On a lovely Sunday evening, we met for the first time s the sky drizzled. I still remember that hot muscular man with tanned skin wearing spectacles that added more hotness. We almost got stuck inside a restaurant due to the heavy rain, and that’s how it all began. We chatted and dated for nearly a year and wed five months ago.

Paul loves playing basketball in the rain with his friends. But during storms, I rather want him close — very close. Sometimes I feel he’s heartless. How can someone choose to miss out on the hotness under the blanket during a rain shower? That’s like having all four aces and folding.

So I stood doleful on the balcony watching the drops fall. I jumped as I heard, “Hey!” from behind me. It was Paul; I had thought he left. He looked incredibly cute in a sleeveless grey T-shirt and shorts; I could see his sinewy arms and legs.

He came closer and closed my mouth, touching my lips with his thumb. Then Paul asked, “Would you consider playing a round of basketball with me?” His friends were out of town, so who else would he ask?

I felt shocked and cheerful as if I’d made a windfall! He’d never asked me to join him before. I changed into a pair of striped shorts and a comfy T-shirt. Now I have to admit that I am a blockhead when it comes to basketball; I don’t know anything. I accepted this invitation from Paul with the expectation that it would become a teaching session. So we went to the small court near our condominium and started to play in the drizzle. The only thing I knew was to try and snatch the ball from him, but I was losing persistently. Instead, I spent most of my time laughing at him in the rain.

Instantaneously, it started to rain hard. Paul ran towards me, leaned in close to my ear, and said, “Wanna learn?”

I replied, “So badly,” pulling his ear to my mouth just to be heard.

I had such a fun session with him. The rain felt so forceful and energizing. When I finally put the ball in the hoop for the first time, I was on cloud nine. “Yeeeeeeeeeeaaahhhhhhhhhh,” I yelled with my arms slung wide, enjoying the pelting of my skin.

Paul hugged me very tight from the back and bit me on my cheek. In no time, we started kissing wildly under the rain in the open court. Catching my breath, I said, “It’s not the right place, honey.”

Promptly, he took me in his arms and went straight away to our apartment. As soon as we closed the door, he removed our T-shirts. He started kissing my neck then placed me on the dining table. Once he removed my bra, we both were topless.

His hands erotically rubbed my bosom, and I moaned, my hands gripping the edge of the table. He started to kiss my right breast while his hand rested on my left. I fiddled with his hair, pulling it when he bit my nipple.

Next, he had me lay on the table and played with my belly with his hand while his tongue laved my waistline. He placed hot kisses all along my thighs. But he hadn’t had enough of my breasts, so he came up again. Pinching my nipples, watched them grow hard and pinkish. Then he lifted me down, and he lay down on the table saying, “Quench my thirst, baby.”

I draped myself over Paul, kissing his whole face and downward until I reached his abdomen. As I removed his shorts, I saw his phallus — all wet from our court time. I started playing around the tip of his penis with my tongue, which he welcomed wholeheartedly. I licked his entire penis for about twenty minutes, and after that, I rose up and watched him panting. He came close and asked me, “We’re not done yet, right?”

I smiled like anything.

Paul lifted me and went to our bedroom. Placing me down on our bed, he detached my shorts. We had such tremendous and energetic intercourse. We pulled each other close, and he kissed my tears too; It felt so special. Our lips and hands flew all over each other, kissing and hugging with much tenderness. Finally, Paul went to sleep while I lay beside him, massaging his scalp. And I watched another cloud preparing itself for the next storm through the window.

That was my funny, yet most erotic, lovely Sunday. From then on, I started to fall for rainy days again. And of course, I loved my aftermath basketball sessions with my hubby.

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  1. Southernheat says:

    I Love This Story! So super sweet, sexy, and romantic! Thanks for sharing with us. Hope to hear more stories from you.
    MH love this very hot picture good job!

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