They Were Watching

It was a sweltering Thursday afternoon, so I decided to do a bit of gardening. I decided to some maintenance on the flower bed, but the heat was getting to me. Rather than head back inside, I changed position and sought to do some chores in the shadier areas. We have many trees in the back garden, and their shadows provided welcome relief from the heat.

All seemed quiet, and our garden has a barricade wall, so it was no sweat for me to go into the house, remove my top and bra, and change into skimpy shorts almost like bikini bottoms. As I hadn’t shaved my bikini line for a few weeks, the hair on my pussy was clearly visible at the top edge and along the leg openings. But I felt reasonably sure that I wasn’t under observation, so I carried on in the garden. At one point, as I peeped upwards towards the neighbours’ house, I noticed the curtain in an upper window parted. To my surprise, I saw my neighbour’s wife Ann giving her husband John a beautiful blowjob. I watched in amazement as he writhed and she looked gladly up at him with a loving smile on her face. Oh boy, was I getting a hot feeling — and not from the sun this time! And like a dream come true, I felt someone grip me from behind. It was my hubby, who had unexpectedly come home early and nearly scared me out of my wits. 

“You’re a God-send!” I blurted and pointed out to him what was happening next door. Instantly his cock rose at about the same time John shot a load full onto Ann’s face.

I couldn’t wait. I lay back on the grass, and hubby pulled my pants down to exposed my fully-haired pussy. It didn’t deter him as he expertly parted my lips and started one of his beautiful sucks. My legs melted as his tongue flicked and nudged at my clit, and within a few minutes, I was shaking and whining. I shuddered as I started releasing all my orgasmic juices. Before he realised it, I was sitting open and exposed in front of him. Pulling down his pants, I started sucking his cock. I went wild, pulling with hard suction as he gripped my head and tugged at my hair.

Suddenly, I felt him swell. I kept my mouth tight over his cock head as he let loose tons of cream into my mouth. When he finished, he withdrew to find his cock clean. But as I showed him my open mouth, he couldn’t believe how completely he had filled my mouth. I teasingly started swallowing it bit by bit, giving him a lovely show. Finally, I stuck out my tongue to show him the last bit before my final gulp took it down. 

It was then that I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. My neighbours had just pushed their curtains closed.

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10 replies
    • possibility says:

      I too love my wife's forest thick natural black pubic hair.
      For me, it signifies the path towards her lovely secret lady place for our mutual sexual marital pleasures – she has never shaved and hope she never will.

  1. TexasCpl says:

    That was a fun story. My wife and I have fantasies of this happening and it always gets us worked up. Speaking of which…

    Btw, have you talked to your neighbors since then?

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