Pancakes and Sex

“Mommy, I want some pancakes, too!”

I smiled at my 7-year-old son. He was sitting at our humble kitchen table, fork and knife in hand. “Sure.” I placed a cake on a plate and handed it to him. He poured syrup over it and began devouring it.

“Hey, Babe, do you know where the keys to the car are?” My husband, Ed, stood in the doorway of the kitchen. He was tall and lanky. But he also worked out at a gym regularly, so he was well-built despite appearances.

“I think I saw them on the fireplace mantel.”

He disappeared into the living room for a moment before yelling out, “Found them. Thank you, Babe.”

“You’re welcome. Where are you going? Work called you in on your day off again?”

“No, just going out with the guys for a while.”

“Okay, have fun.”

He left through the front door and it slammed shut behind him. I sighed and returned my focus to the kids. Soon, they were off to school. I waved as the bus pulled away. I stepped back into my house. There was no one there but me.

I thought it strange that Ed would turn down an opportunity to have some alone time. His day off usually resulted in such an escapade. I wondered what he was up to. Did he really go out with his friends, or did he go to see a special “friend”? I quickly dismissed that idea. But he didn’t even appear at all interested. Unusual for him. Something was up.

I had definitely been looking forward to time alone with him. But it appeared, now that I had built up that expectation, I would have to find my own release. I situated myself on the couch and pulled my skirt up to reveal my pussy. No panties here! I cupped my left hand around my breast and squeezed, while stroking my pussy with my right hand. Arousal blossomed forth and pleasure echoed through my body. Wetness permeated my vagina.

“Ding, dong,” sounded the doorbell.

I sighed as I flung my head back. Who dares interrupt my alone time?

I arose from the couch and straightened my skirt out as I walked to the door. On opening the door, my jaw dropped. There stood four guys dressed up in barber shop quartet clothes, holding a bouquet of roses. Then they began to sing. Their harmony was impeccable and the song was Harvest Moon. As they sang, they handed me the roses. I inhaled deeply of their sweet scent. The note on it said, “From a long-time admirer.”

As the quartet rang out its last refrain, along with the classic ending for a barbershop quartet, they parted with two on each side. All four back arms swung outward as if presenting someone. Indeed they were.

For the person standing there was Ed, grinning from ear to ear. Once the quartet finished, Ed said, “Told you I was going out with the guys.”

Ed thanked them and shook hands with each of them before they hopped in their vehicles and left.

I simply stood there in awe of the man that I’d been married to for thirty years. He certainly knew how to treat a woman. “You devil you,” I said.

He continued to grin at me. “Got you, didn’t I?”

I smiled coyly. “Yes, you did. Now, I’ve got you.”

I shut the door, and we locked our mouths into a ravishing kiss. I reached down to his crotch to find an already growing cock. I started massaging it through his pants until it had stiffened up to the long dick I knew. He responded with a hum of delight.

As our kiss broke, I said, “You know, don’t you, that I love you so much. And that I want to have you, all of you, right now?”

“I had a strange sense that was what you wanted.” He glanced down at my hand. “And I smelled your womanhood dripping down your legs as well.” He dropped to his knees and raised my skirt up. He inhaled deeply. “Ah, just as I suspected. I recommend some good licking under here to help you out.”

I didn’t waste any time getting to the couch. I pointed at its cushions. “You lay here.”

“Alright.” He obediently lay on his back, his adoring face pointed up at me.

I pulled my skirt off and straddled his head, facing toward his feet. My pussy was now directly above his mouth. He latched on and groaned with delight as he tasted my wetness. I moaned as his tongue explored the depths of my vagina. Pleasure radiated through my groin and out to my extremities. Then his tongue found my clit. I groaned loudly as my nerves danced with the energy flowing from it. I rocked my hips back and forth over his mouth. His tongue continued to send his love throughout my body.

After a while, my climax began to build. I dropped down and unbuckled and unzipped his pants. I pulled them down to reveal his throbbing dick begging for attention. And I gave it to him. I first brought him to rock-hardness by stroking it with a hand-job as I kissed it. He thrust his pelvis up in response to my loving. His dick’s head was a deep purple, indicating it was at maximum sensitivity.

Then I reached down with an open mouth. I teased his head, lightly running my tongue over it and gently sucking it. He shuddered in response. Meanwhile, down at the other end, he continued to lick my clit. He was licking harder now that he was being pleasured. The energy of our love now went full circle, me to him and him to me. Our bodies vibrated as we raced toward climax.

His renewed harder and faster licking started to have an effect on my pussy. My own cum oozed out and onto his loving face while he continued to flick around and onto my engorged clit. A tidal wave of pleasure rolled toward me, building and growing by the second. His wonderful tongue planted itself firmly over my clit and pushed upward in one stroke.

My climax came. I arched my back, popped my mouth off of his dick, and shook with joy as the intense energy radiated throughout my body. I groaned loudly as the crest hit and I started riding the wave back down.

As he continued to lick my clit and labia to suck up the rest of my juices, I returned to his dick. Now, I plunged it deep down my throat. He shoved it upward as I swallowed as much as I could. I then sucked it gently as I pulled up his shaft. His dick throbbed as if ready to fire. I continued the action, going up and down his beautiful shaft. I sensed he would cum soon. So I stopped and pulled out.

He moaned loudly. “Why did you stop? I was about to cum.”

“I know you were, but I want some pancakes with this syrup on them.”

Ed appeared to be processing this information. “You want pancakes? Now?”


“You promise to come back to help me cum?”

“Sure do. Let’s go.”

We both rose from the couch. I removed my remaining clothes, and so did he. We both went to the kitchen stark naked. I love his beautiful body! Once in the kitchen, I pulled a pancake from the stack onto a plate. Then I set it on the edge of the table.

“Now for the syrup,” I said.

I knelt down and took his member into my mouth and started sucking his dick again. He placed his hand on the back of my head and helped me push into him.

Ed moaned loudly. “I’m going to cum!” His muscles contracted and I knew he was on the edge.

I pulled his dick out with one last run of my tongue over his sensitive cock. Then I grabbed his hard member and pumped. I pointed the head toward the pancakes as milky-white cream spurt out onto them. Ed groaned with a surprising intensity. I continued to pump him gently to milk out the remaining cream. Once I had extracted all the cum that I could, I stopped pumping his dick. Then I grabbed a knife and spread his “syrup” over the pancake like it was butter.

I pulled up a chair and retrieved two forks from the silverware drawer. “Breakfast is served.”

We both ate a pancake coated in our love for one another, as we enjoyed each other’s naked company. We were most certainly one flesh.

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6 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Great story Maxloving! First off, loved the quartet and flowers. So sweet and romantic. Second, pancakes with " cum syrup " sounds really tasty. Might have to give it a try! Keep writing and stay horny!

    😘 GG

  2. Pushbabypush says:

    Maxloving, real story? Made me tear up. Yes, I jerked myself hard as you shared about your wife's pussy over your face…sooooo hot!! Boing!!! But ..the love between you two is beautiful.
    So giving.
    The pancake! So kinky!! Haha.

    • MaxLoving says:

      Thanks, everyone, for the comments. @Pushbabypush, as it is tagged, it is a fictional story. I write fiction so naturally, I tend to write it here. I have some true to life stories, one that will show up later in July. But the bulk of what I write is fictional stories. Despite it being fiction, I pray they will speak to people and have real-life applications. As it seems to have had that effect for you. 🙂 Thanks for your comments and I pray you'll be able to keep it real and hot in your marriage, current or future as the case may be.

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