🔊 Witnessing Awesome Married Sex

My name is Dez. I am happily married to a wonderful man, Brian. We continue to grow and learn more about each other with each passing day. We continually test our boundaries sexually, and that has helped us connect all the more. Almost as important as having an amazing husband in my life, I have several close friends, none closer than Sarah, with whom I can share everything about my life and my marriage. Sarah and I have known each other since grade school, and I have to admit that she has often inspired me to try new things in our marriage. I think that telling her of our experiences has inspired her too.

Sarah, her husband Chad, my husband and I recently traveled together to a friend’s wedding. We checked into the hotel where the reception was being held and asked for rooms close together. It turned out that we got adjoining rooms on the top floor. The wedding was beautiful, and the reception was a great time. I just loved seeing all the women dressed in their most elegant dresses and the men so handsome.

Sarah, Chad, Brain and I weren’t the last to leave the reception, but there weren’t many behind us. We took our last drinks with us as we headed to the elevator. Since we each had a drink to finish, we decided to go to Sarah and Chad’s room to finish. We talked and laughed a little more as we downed our drinks. Then Brian and I went to our room through the connecting doorway.

Once we closed our side of the door, Brian helped me out of my dress. He lingered a little as he kissed my neck and let his hands slide softly over my shoulders and down my back.

I told him that I needed to freshen up before we went any further and headed to the bathroom. After making sure that I was ready for wherever Brian might explore, I slipped into a black cami and panties before turning the bathroom over to Brian.

When he saw me, he stood a minute to take in the sight of his wife. His gaze paused as he noticed the way the cami draped over my nipples. Brian took my hands and gave me a teasing kiss as if to hint at where else his mouth would soon explore. Then he headed to the bathroom to take a quick shower too.

Suddenly, I realized that I had left my purse on the dresser in Sarah’s room. I opened our side of the adjoining doors between the rooms to knock on Sarah and Chad’s only to find that it wasn’t quite closed on their side. I could see that a light was on and I could even see my purse on the edge of the dresser, but I didn’t hear either Chad or Sarah. I didn’t want to disturb them, so I opened the door just a little further intending to reach my purse.

That’s when I saw Sarah lying on the edge of the bed on her back with her arms stretched over her head. Sarah has beautiful, firm boobs and her hard nipples pointed toward the ceiling, their dark, perfectly round areola evident in the light of the nightstand lamp. I edged the door open a little more and finally got a view of Chad, kneeling on the floor at the edge of the bed, his hands holding Sarah’s legs up and apart making her beautifully waxed mound available for his oral attentions. Sarah had always told me how good Chad was at going down on her. Now I was going to witness his skills first-hand.

Chad was kissing and licking her inner thighs, ever so gradually getting closer to the valley between them and her outer lips. I found myself anxious for him to get to her pussy, and I’m sure Sarah was too, but he seemed in no hurry to move any faster. He continued at his pace until he finally used the tip of his tongue to moisten that sensitive spot along the outer edge of her lips. When his tongue lightly traced Sarah’s swollen outer lips with long, slow licks, I heard the first sounds from Sarah as she moaned her pleasure. Chad continued to lick along each of Sarah’s outer lips as her pussy slowly opened, revealing more of her delicate folds. As her inner lips began to protrude, I could see that they are as dark as her areola and surrounded a beautiful pink valley, glistening with her moisture. Chad paused for a moment and sat back on his heels to take in the sight of his beautiful wife and her precious gifts. I have to admit that I, too, was mesmerized by my view of Sarah’s wet pussy and the incredible vision of Chad pleasuring his wife. That’s when I realized that I had been playing with my nipples with my left hand while my right hand was on my pussy.

Just then, Brain came up behind me and put his arms around me without a sound. Like me, he was taken in by the beauty of the scene unfolding between Sarah and Chad. Brian slid his hand on top of mine, following the movement of my fingers on my panties, while his other hand gave attention to my other nipple. I so wanted to guide Brian to my clit, but I was afraid that if I did, my moans would disturb the scene in front of us.

Chad resumed his kisses and licks on Sarah’s lips, taking his time before he finally began to explore Sarah’s inner folds and crevices. Sarah let out a few more moans, especially as Chad sucked on her so very delicate inner lips and used just the tip of his tongue to take in the moisture in the valley between. When he dipped his tongue into her entrance, Sarah let out her loudest moan as she rolled her head from side to side. Chad, or maybe Sarah, opened her legs a little further as Chad continued to explore her delicate entrance and trace her pink valley, always stopping just before he reached her clit. Sarah’s moans got louder, then softer before rising again. She started to rock her hips, pushing her pussy towards Chad’s teasing mouth. But Chad continued in his gentle, teasing enjoyment of his wife’s beautiful gifts.

Sarah couldn’t take it any longer as she moaned, in a tone between demanding and begging, just two words, “My clit!” Chad wasn’t going to deny his wife, but he took his own sweet time. With just the tip of his tongue, his licks finally made their way to Sarah’s very swollen clit but only explored around the sides, avoiding her sensitive shimmering pearl. Sarah’s moans got louder. Again she began to rock her hips, thrusting her pussy toward Chad’s face. I noticed, too, that Sarah’s hands were now on her boobs, her fingers rolling and tugging her nipples. What a beautiful sight to see my best friend writhing in pleasure so close to exploding in orgasmic bliss.

Just then, Sarah practically screamed out, “My clit! Suck my clit!” Chad didn’t hesitate this time. His mouth covered Sarah’s pussy, and I could see by the motion of his cheeks and lips that he was rhythmically taking Sarah’s clit into his mouth. Sarah’s moans became screams. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she yelled as her stomach began contracting, and her legs shook uncontrollably. Chad continued sucking in sync with each contraction of Sarah’s body – ten, maybe fifteen times. As Sarah’s spasms began to settle, Chad slowed his sucking and covered her pussy with his mouth, protecting it with the warm moisture of her orgasm.

After a few minutes, I heard Sarah say in a demanding voice, “I need you inside me. Now!” As Chad stood, I got a view of his magnificent cock. Sarah had told me that Chad was large enough to reach her deepest spots and now I could see what she meant.

Sarah took hold of her ankles and pulled them back a little to give Chad a beautiful view of her entrance, still very wet from her orgasm. Chad guided his cock toward Sarah’s pussy but not her opening. Instead, he took some time retracing where his mouth had been, even stroking his shaft along Sarah’s clit. Sarah moved her hips, again and again, demanding, “Get inside me! Now!” Chad then placed his knob, now glistening with Sarah’s moisture, at her vestibule. He paused there a moment before he moved a little to spread her opening enough for his swollen knob to penetrate. Sarah let out a gasp as her entrance opened and then squeezed around his shaft just behind his knob. She gasped a few more times as Chad slowly went deeper, inch by inch, expanding her sacred cavern to accommodate his thick cock. When he slowly withdrew, I could see the veins along his shaft, reflecting in the light, moistened in Sarah’s wetness.

Chad penetrated again, this time only a couple inches, thrusting with short, slow strokes. I heard Sarah say or moan something as she pulled her legs back further. Chad’s motion remained steady. Sarah began moving her hips again in sync with Chad’s thrusts. Her expression was similar to earlier; she seemed to be right on the edge of cumming again. Then she screamed, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Don’t stop!” And Brian and I again witnessed the breathtaking sight of Sarah’s orgasm, this time with Chad inside.

Her legs hadn’t even stopped shaking when she wrapped them around Chad, digging her heels in his ass, pulling him deeper, forcing the full length of his cock into her. She began rocking and grinding against her husband, not allowing him much motion. She was now in control. After some more rocking and rotating, I heard Sarah say, “Right there! That’s it! That’s my spot!” Chad stood motionless as Sarah moved, using Chad’s cock to give herself the deep stimulation she craved. Chad put his hands on her hips — more to be connected with his wife, it seemed, than to guide her motion. Sarah’s rocking became more frenetic as she tugged on her nipples and threw her head back. Then she shouted, “I’m gonna cum!” just before her body went into spasms again as her screams became unrecognizable.

Brian and I were mesmerized by all we had witnessed, but we were now both so turned on that we needed to take care of each other. As we turned from the doorway, we noticed Sarah getting onto all fours at the edge of the bed. She had told me that doggie is Chad’s favorite way to finish. Sarah reached back, putting her hands on her cheeks, inviting him into her again. Our last image as we quietly closed the door was that of Chad grabbing Sarah’s hips and his still wet, rigid cock thrusting long and hard into her. As Brian got on top of me in bed, we could hear Sarah scream one more time and some guttural sounds from Chad as I’m sure he filled her with all he had built up.

Brian, not to be outdone by Chad, left a trail of kisses from my mouth to my boobs, down to my navel, and then my mound. Brian is fantastic at going down on me. He’s a student of my body and, having watched me masturbate, has learned all the right places to reach and in the right way. I lost count of how many times I came that night, but between Sarah and me and our husbands, there were lots of orgasms. I hope that the bride and groom had as many as we did!



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51 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    This story was so hot! It touched on a favorite fantasy of mine and made me so wet. Awesome job! Keep writing!
    God bless and Stay Horny!
    😘 GG

    • ILoveSex says:

      Ooh la la! What a hot story! I can totally see why that got your engine started. Question for y'all: What's your biggest fantasy? To watch? To be watched? Or both equally?

  2. TexasCpl says:

    Wow. Super hot. My husband and I have talked about how awesome that would be. We have a couple that has been really close friends with us since college that we heard only and that got our motors turning can't imagine what it would have been like if we'd seen them. I did tell the wife of that couple we heard them and what it led too.

    Did y'all tell Sarah and Chad y'all had seen them?

    • TexasCpl says:

      @pushbabypush, yea would be awesome. The weekend this happened we were staying with them at their family ranch home in the country and the bedrooms all have big picture windows out overlooking the pool. When I told her that we heard and how hot it made us, I jokingly said, "It's too bad weren't in the pool still and could've watched it all too." And she (jokingly, I think) said, "yea too bad, we'll have to remember that for next time, haha." Haven't been back out there with them as we all have young kids now. But my husband and I talk about that weekend often when we are loving. Always gets us turned on. Especially when I tell him about my conversation with the wife.

    • ILoveMarriage says:

      If Dez told Sarah about MarriageHeat, they know now 😆

      Glad that you got to witness this beautiful and holy and HOT event.

  3. New Wife says:

    TexasCpl and Rcthom55,

    So the next morning, Brian and I were at the hotel restaurant having breakfast when Sarah and Chad walked in and of course, joined us. Sarah immediately said "Hi. I saw that you got your purse from our room last night." with a smile! I said "Yes. Thanks!" with a smile that clearly acknowledged that we both knew what we both knew!

    She said in a softer voice to me that after she and Chad had gotten into bed for sleep! she had heard the sounds of sex from our room too. Several times. We both hoped the bride had as much fun as we did!

    • Pushbabypush says:

      Ah ok! I. Feel naughty asking but here goes.
      Would you or did you ever describe what you saw to her? Compliment on her "beautiful body, or…

    • Rcthom55 says:

      New wife & Brian,

      Again thanks for sharing this hot experience! How great that Dez and Sarah feel free enough to discuss sex together and what you do in awesome Christian sex with your hubbys.

      Maybe Sarah left the door a crack open after she saw your purse just to offer you an “accidental” real first-hand experience to let you know how beautiful it is actually is?

      I think it would be a wonderful thing to experience especially since Sarah had shared with you. Too bad you left before the last scene.

      Can you write up a follow-up story of what happened in your room right after that? I know it would have influenced us in our lovemaking.

      Maybe on the next trip together, you can leave your door open a crack!

      Please keep writing. We love your stories.

  4. hornyGG says:

    New Wife,
    So sorry! When I saw " My name is Dez " It didn't even register that you wrote the story. My deepest apologies darlin.
    I really loved this story. As a matter of fact have read it 3 times already ( audio version twice). Very HOT! Keep writing these wonderful stories and I promise to be more observant. 😀 Stay Horny and God Bless!

    😘 GG

    • Horny_boy says:

      ✌️hornyGG,I thought I was the only one who re-read this story 🔥🔥 I guess we just love the way Sarah is being eaten out!!😅💦😇

  5. Pushbabypush says:

    New Wife,
    Curious. Must ask. Did you ever admit to accidentally coming upon them that night? And even if you didn't, do you look at her and him the same way now? Your husband too? I mean you saw there amazing bodies , huge dick, wet pulsating pussy.

  6. Horny_boy says:

    This was so hot!! When Sara is being eaten out by her husband, that part got me really hard🍆🍆🔥🔥 It seems like Chad has read that book about oral sex , "she comes first"; he seems pretty good at licking pussy! I just love to read about oral sex on women. wow🔥

  7. Horny_boy says:

    Btw, How can the poll have 230 voters and the comment section only 9? Come on guys don't be afraid to join the discussion, I think the comments add so much fun!

    • MarriageHeat says:

      There is an advice story scheduled for 1 July 19 on just this topic. Let's save discussion of the pros and cons of such situations for that post, okay?

  8. MaxLoving says:

    This is a very hot story. I found myself rubbing a hard-on as I read it.

    One question I have for everyone, being I'm not sure where I fall on the survey. I certainly know and appreciate the joy at watching another couple have sex. But I'm wondering in what ways this is different from watching porn? Apart from it being an unintended event. Yet, a good percentage of folk opted for "it's all good" type of situation. Yet, here, in this instance, you don't have just one's spouse you are watching, but another couple, a different marriage. So I'm honestly curious to learn how some of you who said it was good to watch deal with that issue, as I'm on the fence about this, but leaning toward it's not proper, even though I would like it not to be so.

    [From MH: Good question that deserves digging into. But we are going to ask to postpone this discussion until Monday, 7/1/19, when an "advice needed" post on the subject is scheduled.]

    • MaxLoving says:

      I'll be looking forward to watching, and maybe participating in that discussion, MH. I will go to the dentist that morning. So who knows when I'll get to read and chime in if I have anything to add to the discussion. But I will be reading. And, just so there is no misunderstanding: New Wife, a very hot story, for sure! I enjoyed it.

  9. Victor0884 says:

    Erotic and hot story, especially your description of the wife and husband’s bodies. Watching was obviously very exciting and a big turn on. So glad you happened upon the experience and shared it with MH. May be one of the best stories yet. I know it really got me and my wife going after we read it. She even talked openly about having a fantasy of watching another couple and how it made her so wet and horny.

  10. hornyGG says:

    I just want to say that I understand where Maxloving is coming from. And I know MH wants to hold off on this discussion till July 1st and am looking forward to that advice needed segment.
    […] This story was hot and I applaud New Wife for sharing it.
    God Bless you all and stay horny!

  11. Horny_boy says:

    I just can't get enough of this story, I just had a good jacking off session and multiple orgasms just thinking about how much pleasure Sarah had🔥🔥🔥🍆🍆! Thank you, Dez, and please share more, girl!

  12. New Wife says:

    OMG! 25 comments! And a MarriageHeat Poll. Thank you all for your interest in our story!

    And a special “thank you” to MH for providing a forum to express some of the wonderful experiences Brian and I share in our marriage. And in this case, experiences which include our closest friends. We also really want to compliment the woman who does the audio for all the passion and emotion she infuses in her reading. She definitely adds a new dimension of realism, beyond the printed words. She must have had similar sensations to bring that level of passion to her voice.

    Several people have asked if Sarah and Chad knew that Brian and I had witnessed their beautiful expressions of love. In another reply, I explained that they did – well actually Sarah noticed us and told Chad later. Sarah and I are definitely BFFs. We’ve know each other forever and our husbands have become very close too. We’ve had lots of amazing shared experiences. Sarah is a really beautiful person, both physically and as a friend. She and Chad are wonderful examples of a loving, caring, exciting marriage, for us and for so many others I’m sure. Brain and I have learned a lot from them and are constantly inspired by them in our own marriage.

    And thanks to those who have suggested a continuation of this story. Maybe some time soon.


    • Pushbabypush says:

      New Wife
      Yes, a continuation. One question. Still unanswered. Do you guys "see" each other in a different way now? I mean if I saw my best friends having sex, seeing their pussy, tits and asses in the throes of passion … and they knew about it?
      It would be a very awkward, sometimes horny experience just to be around them.

    • SecondMarge says:

      More please. I don’t think this could have happened without the two of you being close beforehand.

      Did it add to your enjoyment that they could see you!

  13. LilaY69 says:

    @New Wife

    Wow, Dez…. Soooo extremely erotic and hot. So sexy. I felt like I was there watching all four of you. Amazing! You have left my pussy sopping wet!

    I can't help but let my mind wonder off into a "alternative ending" fantasy where they also get the pleasure of watching you and your husband. Hopefully hear about it in the near future.

    Your beautifully vivid descriptions that sent me over the edge… "Chad continued to lick along each of Sarah's outer lips as her pussy slowly opened, revealing more of her delicate folds. As her inner lips began to protrude, I could see that they are as dark as her areola and surrounded a beautiful pink valley, glistening with her moisture."

    "I noticed, too, that Sarah's hands were now on her boobs, her fingers rolling and tugging her nipples. What a beautiful sight to see my best friend writhing in pleasure so close to exploding in orgasmic bliss."

    Pure erotic artistry! Truly two of the hottest and most beautifully written erotic sentences I've ever read. You're incredible!

    • Rcthom55 says:

      @New Wife,

      Agree with LilaY69, those were two very erotically written sentences, really turned me on as many others.

      One of the hottest stories I have read here.

    • Pushbabypush says:

      I like your alternative ending. And the fact that you said it left your pussy sopping wet has me stroking BIG time

  14. New Wife says:


    Thanks for the question. We've always been inspired by the example of Sarah and Chad and imagined, from our many conversations, their passionate expression. Seeing them together was just more confirmation of their loving ways. We don't see them differently. Just even more clearly. And their example of marriage is always a turn on for Brian and me.

  15. Horny_boy says:

    BTW, Dez, you said that you saw your friend's cock and it was "magnificent". What if you find yourself during self-pleasure or sex with your husband, thinking about Chad's cock or comparing it with your husband's? As a guy that would be a nightmare …🙄

  16. New Wife says:


    Yes, Chad's cock was magnificent. But it belongs to Sarah. When I need to have an image in my mind's eye, I only fantasize about Brian. I think Brian's is the most magnificent ever!!!


    • Pushbabypush says:

      New Wife,
      True. During sex fantastic fantasy goes through my mind too. But as soon as I , we, explode those ideas fade like a cloud in the wind. Only difference btwn you and me? You got a chance to stumble upon the real thing!

  17. Stevie says:

    Hey Dez!
    Wow what a HOT story!! Made me wish I was there with you watching that incredible scene. I could only visualize you and Brian standing there. I think I would have 'went' right there! Lol sure left me wet. Thanks for sharing and can’t wait for more!

  18. SecondMarge says:

    I have not been able to read MH recently. To my great fortune this story was my first in weeks. It is in contention for the sexiest ever. I hope to go back and read comments. I’m sure they will prove interesting.

    Maybe this story made my nipples hard because we had a very similar experience while spending the night at friends of ours. We occupied the guest room. I was very fortunate to leave the room during the night.

    Watching a married couple live is much different than what many here would consider porn. It got us so turned on that we started kissing and touching and clothing came off. For me to get naked and be sexual in front of others I had to be very aroused.

    What is porn? I know it when I see it and this wasn’t porn or sin. It was hot.

    Thanks for a great story.

    • SecondMarge says:

      Thank you for writing it. I hope you write a whole series of stories about watching and being watched with Sarah and Chad. And or others. By the overwhelming survey results and positive comments you can see how much MH loved it and wants more. Everyone likes to watch and you put it into words so well.

    • Texashmom says:

      Awww that’s so sweet! What a funny thought. You sharing the story while I enjoyed your story on my couch 😂 I keep reading this and it’s still as hot as the first time!

  19. Rcthom55 says:

    @ New Wife,

    Do you have any more stories in the queue for publishing here on MH? We hope so. Love your writing style and hearing about your love for each other.

  20. Texashmom says:

    This story is soooo hot. Literally dripping. I come back to this story often. Your description of your friend is so sweet and sensual. I love cumming right along with her!

  21. J V C says:

    Sarah was 'thrusting her pussy toward his face’. This is a nice thing girls do and ‘opening her legs a little further’ is also a typically lovely female response.

    ‘As Chad stood, I got a view of his magnificent cock.’ Licking her beautiful pussy and experiencing her orgasms would likely mean his erection was pointing straight up, his balls enlarged and ready to release their millions of sperm inside her.

    Brian and Dez saw Sarah getting onto all fours at the edge of the bed and Chad mounting her bum, his glistening knob probing her honeypot and his rigid cock thrusting long and hard into her.

    They were very privileged to inadvertently witness such sweet married love in action.

  22. Annewin says:

    My DH is large enough to probe my deepest spots too, but I wouldn’t like my best friend watching us and enjoying my noisy writhing orgasms. I can understand that it would make her wet but I wouldn’t like it that I was giving her husband an erection. And I can hardly imagine the conversation at breakfast the next morning!

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