Conversations Overheard

“Hello, Dickie.
Happy Birthday.
You look strong and shiny
And very pleased to see me.”

“Thank you, Pussy.
Love your little thong.
Can’t wait to kiss you, my beautiful lover.
I’ve been aching for you.

“My Master’s had me up all day.
He gave me a haircut, shaved my boys.
I had quite a work-out; he massaged me with oil
While waiting for your Mistress.”

“Dickie, that’s why you look bigger!
Fabulous, you’ll be able to slip right in.
It will be fun trying to hold you tight.
And your boys won’t tickle me when we’re playing.

“Your Master is slipping off my thong.
You’ll see my Mistress has been busy too;
She shaved me, massaged me with oil,
And used her vibrator on me till I was writhing with delight.”

“Oh Pussy,
You look beautiful, so smooth.
They are embracing, french kissing.
He’s playing with her nipples.”

“Dickie, it’s giving me tingles,
Making me so wet!
He’s pushing you against my lips;
Dickie, come in quick!

“Oh no!
She’s going down.
I think my Mistress wants
To give you a birthday gift. “

“Pussy, you know it’s you I love the best.”

“I know, Dickie, but you have to admit, like every man,
You love my Mistress kissing and sucking you
As much as I love Master eating me.”

“She’s kissing me, playing with me.
Pussy! Oh! She’s got me in her mouth,
Slipping up and down and playing with my boys.
Her lips, her tongue are so wet, so firm around me.

“Oh, it feels fantastic!
Sorry, Pussy, You’ll have to wait.
I hope I don’t cum.
Not yet.

“Pussy, my Master’s stopped her;
He’s picking her up,laying her on the bed.
I want you, Pussy!
But he’s going to eat you.”

“Dickie, he’s kissing up her legs,
Spreading them; he’s caressing me.
Oooh, yes, running his fingers around my lips.
He’s kissing me, sucking me.

“Oh, Dickie I can’t help myself…”

“Yes. Yes, Master. Don’t stop pleasing her.”

“His tongue is playing in me.
It’s soooo lovely.

“Oh, Dickie, I’m so wet!
He’s pulling her nipples as well.
I’m getting close… Thank God!
He stopped, Dickie. It’s you, my lover, I want.

“Yesss, Dickie! He’s slipping you in,
All the way. I feel you throbbing.
Let me grab you with my lips.
Dickie, its heavenly!

“Lie still and let me suck you; I don’t want to cum yet.
Dickie, he’s riding hard. Oh, its fun; I love it!
Yes. Faster, deeper!
I won’t be long; are you close?”

“Pussy, I’m almost there.
I can feel you gripping me.
Oh, yes! Suck me, Pussy. My lover,
I’m about to — oh, I’m cummming… oh…”

“Give it to me, Dickie!
I’m losing control too.
Yes…yes…oh yes! Keep riding me…
Fill me. I want all you have to give.

“It tastes nutty and warm.
I’m cumming with you…
Oh…yes, don’t stop, oh, yes, oooohhh…
You are amazing! I love you, Dickie.”

“I love you too, Pussy.
But I think I’ll have to rest awhile.”

“Oh, Dickie!
Do you really have to slip away?

“Wait, Dickie. Your Master’s eating me again.
His tongue is so soft, so strong.
Sorry, I can’t help myself; I love him kissing and sucking me.
I love it, oh yes, yes! Oh, I’m cumming again.”

“Pussy, don’t worry. Your Mistress is kissing me too.
She won’t let me sleep, has me completely in her mouth.
She’s sucking me, kissing my boys.
I’m getting hard again.

“Oh wow! Her wet soft lips slipping up and down.
So soon? I’m going to…
Oh, I’m shooting!
How lovely…

“Pussy, I’m spent, I’d love to stay,
but I’ll have to sleep!
‘Night, darling Pussy; I’ll get up early,
Wake Master, and try to come to you.”

“Goodnight, my lover.
I can’t wait for breakfast.

Happy Birthday!”

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