Autumn Heat

My husband and I had been married about 16 years at the time; now its been almost 30. Our daughter moved out, and we discovered each other like never before. We started going out and having a blast and opening up more sexually.

I was always up for sex before, but we never talked dirty or kinky. But one night, we just did, and it started our passion like never before. We were like teenagers!

We would go to a popular country bar then come home and rip each other’s clothes off. Sometimes I’d even give him a blow job on the way home from the bar. We were just on fire for each other, rediscovering our passionate love life.

But then he kept trying to talk me into having sex outside somewhere, like a park. It made it hotter, thinking someone could catch us. Besides, we both love the outdoors, and fall in Ohio is particularly beautiful.

One Sunday, he said, “Put your sweatpants on, baby. I know, not very romantic. But it will be easy-access and fast to pull up if someone happens to see us.”

Of course, I agreed. Excited, we headed out, not really knowing where we were going. We have so many parks in our area. We had picked a good time: Sunday during football season. I absolutely love football, but I love my hubby more.

No cars at all were in the lot at the first park. Great! We started walking down the steps that led to the river, both pretty excited by this point. Halfway down the steps, we stopped to kiss. He then started to play around with my large breasts — I hadn’t worn a bra.

All of a sudden, I looked up and saw a dog. Oh no! I straightened my shirt as we quickly sat down. Then the dog’s owner appeared. Luckily, she saw nothing, but we knew it was time to head out. You have no idea how close I had gotten to pulling out my husband’s hard cock. Whew!

We decided to head to another park up the road. It overlooked a cliff above the river and had a trail through the woods with benches scattered along it. Again no cars were there at all when we arrived. This was it! We had the gorgeous scene all to ourselves. The light fall breeze stirred the red and orange leaves that had gathered beneath the trees. We took a seat on a bench at the end of the trail.

Next thing I knew, my husband stood up and said, “Let’s get these sweats down, babe.” Sometimes it takes me a bit to have an orgasm. (Yes, ladies and gentlemen, not all women cum easily or two or more times.) But this time, I was so turned on with our situation that it didn’t take me long to have a mindblowing orgasm. And after I cum, nothing feels better than my husband’s cock sliding in. Best. Feeling. Ever.

I was still quivering when he had me get on the bench and bend over it. Oh, so hot! It was intense; anyone could have walked down that path. But at that point, neither of us cared. My hubby also orgasmed pretty fast, then we pulled up our sweats and off we went.

When we got back to where the trail began, we saw another couple entering the woods on the path. We all just looked at each other and grinned. We knew what they were up to!

I have many more outdoor stories: rain, snow, etc. Maybe I’ll write another soon.

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15 replies
  1. LilaY69 says:

    Wow, love it. So hot!!

    You had me when you mentioned liking to give your husband blowjobs on the way home from the bar. That's the kind of stuff hot wives are made off!

    Have you ever given him a blowjob on the way to the bar? Definitely sounds like something I would love to do, and I'm surprised we haven't thought of that before. I'd probably just have a hard time keeping it from being too sloppy hehe

    I think being caught would make it that much hotter, certainly other couples would understand. Hey, maybe even just stick around and enjoy the view! I certainly wouldn't be opposed to another couple watching.

    Anyway, my panties are soaked and my hubby's asleep. Gotta get jillin'!

    Thank you for sharing! Nothing like great sex in the great outdoors!

    Please write some more, babe!! 😘💋💓

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      While the *idea* of getting caught is pretty exciting, the reality of being discovered by someone who didn't appreciate it or a family with kids might lead to some serious legal and social repercussions. Don't you agree, Lila? I thought it was pretty wise of the OP and her husband to cool it for a bit or even change locations when things started getting busier at the park. Risky I like, illegal not so much. 🙃 But this was a super-hot story and one I'd like to emulate (again) while the weather is warm enough.

    • SecondMarge says:

      I think if you really want to be watched having sex maybe try an adults only clothing optional resort. Or at least check the laws in your area.

      Being caught having sex in public is not one of my turn ons so maybe I shouldn’t comment. But I do see the danger, as CHL states it, of the wrong people catching you. I would be the person that enjoyed spotting you. I’m the person that would rather be in a comfy bed then a car or path in the woods. If my husband wants to have me in the Forrest he better at least bring an air mattress. King sized with pillow

    • LilaY69 says:

      CHL Yes, legal trouble wouldn't be so fun. Of course, on property where laws like that are enforced, you'd be taking a risk.

      Hubby and I badly want to go hiking on a beautiful mountain range. More so because it would be an immense pleasure to screw and make love in the outdoors, fully exposed and with the natural world. Hopefully find a high altitude plateau where we can have mind-blowing hot sex on our picnic blanket. Now that's a fantasy we can and should pursue to fulfill! More than once!

      What about you? Outdoor sex appealing to you? Fully exposed? Do you have it in fantasy? Or want to pursue doing?

  2. Tohimbetheglory says:

    Very hot 🔥 and nice! I love it when you women write, and how you are eager for your man and willing to indulge. Nice. I love the thought of outdoor sex and the possibility of being watched. Please continue writing and submitting stories to M.H. ToHimbetheglory.

  3. Fseese636 says:

    We weren't looking to be caught as some of you think..I forgot I even posted the story. I already toned it down thinking it may be too much for marriage heat. No danger. No kids around. We were way back on a trail.

    • SecondMarge says:

      Toned it down? Oh no! Love to read the hotter version.

      Maybe like Taco Bell we need a Mild, Hot and Fire choice when we log in.

  4. Fseese636 says:

    We're a regular married couple. We watch movies, go to dinner,ride our motorcycle and love to keep our grandsons every other weekend. But we love to spice it I said..I'm not a multiple orgasm kinda girl.
    Never have been..and I love to please my husband..even after 30 years. I will write more..maybe Fri night. As a regular couple..we are in bed..he's sleeping and I'm watching the all star game. Go sex tonight..but stay tuned😊

  5. merrilkesler says:

    Hot story. Me and my husband had an experience while camping in the wilderness. We were on a spur off the main trail. Toward evening I gave my dear husband a blowjob on that trail. I looked up and over during a little lull in the action and noticed a young couple watching us. I was so excited by them looking that I repositioned hubby so they would have a wonderful side view. I finished him to completion, swallowing his cum. They couldn’t move and we smiled and waved at them while putting our clothes back on. It was smoking hot!!

  6. JuicyForMyMan says:

    There's nothing like having your own large acreage on which to have outdoor sex without (too much) worry that you'll be caught. Hmm, that might have to be a story, soon…

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