Want to Go Play, Need Advice

This is my first time posting anything. I would appreciate some advice on an overnight or weekend getaway. Hubby and I like to get away for some play occasionally. We are empty-nesters, so we have plenty of privacy at home, but it seems we get more adventurous when we go off to play.

I do not know how to go about finding a place reasonably priced in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, or South Carolina that would meet the criteria that I have. I would like to have some outdoor adventures, maybe some nude sunbathing and other nude activities. A hot tub or pool would play very nicely in my plans. Of course, it would have to be completely private. Wouldn’t want the neighbors to get a glimpse of our playtime. Any advice would be welcome. Specific recommendations would be helpful.

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  1. ClimaXX says:

    Not being in the USA, I cannot give advice, but I do want to share something about a Hot Tub.
    My wife and I had a weekend away and I made a point of making sure that they had a hot tub. We went there late at night, total privacy…. BUT….. the next day my wife had such a vaginal infection that we had to go home. She was very ill and it took days and lots of medication to get her back to normal. Be careful.

  2. ATrain says:

    The sites AirBnB or VRBO are going to be your best bets. On both sites you can filter your searches by location, price, and amenities like pool or hot tub. Many locations will specify in their descriptions that they are private, secluded, etc. And you also get lots of photos and reviews from previous guests that can give you some idea of what to expect. Sounds like a fun time – good luck!

  3. Beachlover Guy says:

    We haven't been to any nudist resorts in these states, but there are plenty across the country. Visit AANR.com to see what they list or recommend. Also, there are nudist B&Bs in many states so you might check that out too. Finally, there are nudist cruises if you're feeling particularly adventurous and you want to socialize with other nudists onboard a ship. Have fun, whichever you choose!

    • ATrain says:

      JuicyForMyMan – you asked about filtering above. On the AirBnb app, pools and hot tubs are under “Facilities.” Was going to post a screenshot but guess that capability isn’t available in comments.

  4. Wife lover says:

    I don’t know how far you want to drive or how long you want to stay, but there are a lot of cabins on VRBO.com in the Gatlinburg area. You can filter your result for a place with a Hot tub and most are private. I did a quick search and found over 300 places.

  5. ILoveMarriage says:

    We did it on the beach at night in Hunting Island State Park in SC. It was off-season, and no one was around. We were a couple hundred feet from the water, so anyone walking up and down the beach wouldn't have noticed us (there wasn't anybody), but we could still see and hear the ocean.

    There used to be a lot of cabins there. Most of them washed away, but there is still camping. Walk south from the campground to get to the secluded area. There are acres of sand and dunes as you get to the channel separating Hunting Island from Fripp.

    If you aren't into camping, Fripp Island is about a mile away and has hotels. Not sure about getting into the park at night though.

    Several cabins we have stayed in have had hot tubs on the porch that were not visible by neighbors. We have rearranged the patio furniture to provide privacy. Not exactly outdoors, but still fun.

    Nude sunbathing would be more difficult if you want privacy. The nearest public nude beach is Haulover Beach near Miami. There are several private nude resorts across the South. You could look for an Airbnb with a private fenced back yard and a hot tub or pool.

    Or, if you have a friend or relative with a farm… We have a little land and have a secret garden where we make love. It is a short walk, but absolutely private. I might post an erotic story of our adventures there :-). I suspect if, on the off chance, you were caught doing it on private property, there wouldn't be any legal consequences, especially if there were signs and the person seeing you is trespassing.

  6. Slinger says:

    Hubby and I love the Gatlinburg area for secluded getaways. Fall is a beautiful time of year there. You will have more secluded options if you’re willing to drive a little to get to town. Try Wears Valley and Townsend. Blue Ridge, GA is also a beautiful and quaint little town with some secluded options. 😊

  7. Tohimbetheglory says:

    Sounds like alot of fun. I'm so glad that the women on here are ( open minded) to try things with there husbands and get the wheels turning with ideas. I hope if you do get to experience what you are thinking of that when it's done, maybe you will be so bold as to write your second post and share with us.

  8. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    I'm not familiar with that those areas, nude or semi-nude speaking. Just been to the Savannah and Myrtle Beach area. A lot of B&B options that you could role play early American sex. See how much a corset and bloomers would run ya! LOL

  9. In_my_hands says:

    We have also had good experience with VRBO. We like the area of Branson, but also Gatlinburg is nice place to. It's not so much the place as it is who you're with and a private spot to be with them.

    Hope you all find the place of your dreams and enjoy play time to the maximum.

  10. LovingMan says:

    Not sure that I can help you much but if you ever travel West to the Rockies I can recommend a place. It is Day’s Inn in the Wyoming town of Thermopolis. There is a large mineral hot springs there including one as part of a state park. Day’s Inn has permission to pump hot springs water to their property. They have an outdoor place to soak but in the summer and on weekends all year they have a private room you can schedule. The sulfur smell has to not bother you …we don’t mind it at all. The private room has a very big tub with access to hot springs mineral water and cool fresh water so you can get to a comfortable temperature. There is a mirror on the wall right next to the tub. It is an incredibly sexy set up for “play.”

    If you can find a place with a large fill-it-yourself hot tub or jacuzzi with a big mirror that is really fun. Having the ability to fill the tub yourself is more sanitary so the infection risk is way less.

    We have had some rip-roaring sex at these types of spots as part of the celebration of our wedding anniversary.

    • Apakan5000 says:


      Try this cabin: [ From MH: Google "evolve vacation rental 324294"] It is in the Gatlinburg area and it is exquisite. There is an indoor pool (very clean) and sauna, so you can go as bare as you like, plus there is an outdoor hot-tub, which is not completely hidden, but a enough for a little daring naked time. The owners are great, the rooms and furnishings are wonderful and for downtime, there are is a multi-game video game (like the original arcade style) plus a pool table.

      We spent five days of wonderful sensuous marital bliss this spring. – Enjoy!

    • Rockhard69 says:

      Is it secluded enough to walk around naked outside?
      I've been hoping to find something by a river for our anniversary but one that I can verify as being super secluded will be perfect

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