🔊 After the Football Game

We had attended a high school football game in a town about 20 miles from home. We were now driving back, cruising comfortably on the freeway in the warm autumn night. It had been a nice evening so far, and the night was still young.

As I do whenever I am anticipating a little “action”, I was not wearing a bra that night. I know he likes it this way. I was wearing a sweater that concealed my condition well, but he knew… As we exited the freeway, he reached over and gently stroked my breast through the sweater. I tingled with anticipation.

The last few miles into our home town are on a dark stretch of highway, with little traffic. As we were passing the last street light he shyly asked, “How about one of your great blowjobs?” I was happy to oblige. (Remember bench seats? This would be mostly impossible in the cars we drive today…)

He slid the seat back as I unzipped his pants. He shimmied out of his pants and his fully erect cock sprang free. “Is this what you want?” I asked as I started to lick and kiss the tip.

“Yes, yes, oh yes. Suck my cock,” he gasped.

I took his cock fully into my mouth as far as I could, loving the velvety smooth feel. As he slowly and carefully drove, I lovingly sucked, twirling my tongue. His moans were turning me on, too. I used one hand to gently stroke his balls, evoking even more appreciative moans.

I started to pick up the pace as I could tell he was getting close. I can always tell when he is about to cum. When he’s close, I like to ease up a bit, then go faster again. He was gasping and moaning and I was enjoying giving him this pleasure.

He gasped, “I’m going to cum if you keep this up!” That was my cue!

I sucked hard, stroking him with my hand while I used my tongue to increase his pleasure. He soon was cumming in my mouth and I was swallowing it all. I kept my mouth firmly around his cock until the spasms stopped and he relaxed. I sat up and enjoyed the look of pleasure on his face.

We continued on to our home. We had been married for three years when this happened, and I was the English teacher at the local high school. Today, we have been married for 45 years, and we still enjoy what happens after football games.

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4 replies
  1. Tohimbetheglory says:

    Very nice! I absolutely love road blowjobs from the Mrs. It has been over 2 years since the last one. That sounds like a plan since its football season again. Congratulations on the 45 years of marriage as well. I know with age its harder to twist and turn to get into positions for such entertaining things. I am curious about other readers on here; with age do you continue the road stuff alone, or do a lot of you still like to participate in road sex. Is it because of age we are supposedly wiser and are more in control of the car and our sex lives , or a prudish thought . I am still up for road sex at anytime . ( I know that we need to be in control of the car at all times) my beloved is more on the prudish side and it takes alot to allow herself to let go. Anyway just curious. ToHimbetheglory.

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