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What a beautiful day! It was our anniversary. I had been sick for a couple of days before, though. I still wasn’t feeling very energetic. We had already postponed our reservations to go out for a steak dinner. I was not up to that just yet. I need to add that he took good care of me while I was so sick. He changed his plans so he could be there with me. What a guy! He’s a keeper for sure!

He posted so many sweet pictures and comments on his Facebook page about our Anniversary. I had written him a long letter. In it, I told him all the reasons he was so special and all the many reasons I loved him. Maybe I will share some of that letter one day.

My man loves to swim. He loves me to be out on the patio watching him and cheering him on. He’s so cute! Me, I’d rather sit on a lounge chair, listening to music, reading, or watching the fountain in the spa. It’s very soothing and relaxing.

So he was swimming, but I wasn’t really paying attention since I was not feeling great. Apparently, as I was reading — as he told me much later — I had missed a beautiful show! Ever since he told me I can’t get the image out of mind.

He said he took off his trunks and was trying to get my attention. He was floating back and forth in front of me on his back. His cock was so hard it was full-sail, straight up. Mmmmm! I’m so sad I missed that, but the visual in my mind is pretty hot! Obviously, I was off my game to have missed such a wonderful sight!

Disappointed that he had not gotten my attention from his antics, he got out of the deep water. He sat on the Adirondack chair on the tanning ledge so he could dry off. It was at this time that I finally looked up. His back was to me but I could see he had taken off his trunks.

I walked up behind him. Looking down, I could see him stroking himself. He hadn’t realized I was behind him. In a rather loud voice, I said, “Whatcha doin’?”

This startled him. He jumped and said, “Just playing!”

I said, “Oh really? I’m guessing I need to help you out with that!”

We walked inside. I took off my clothes and we stood and kissed. I still wasn’t sure I could really get going, but he proved to be very convincing. He put his hands softly on each side of my face and gently kissed me. Then he moved his hands up and down my body. He started at my neck and went all the way down my hips and back. Then he traced my thighs and lightly brushed my pussy.

His touch was so light, almost like a feather or a tickle. He then put his palms upward under my breasts. Next, he pulled his hands ever so lightly up until they barely grazed across my nipples. My breathing started to increase and I could feel goosebumps forming all over my body. His touch was giving me chills.

He grabbed my face to look into my eyes and told me how much he loved me. Then he went in for a deeper kiss. I was now putty in his hands. He had melted my heart as only he can.

I began to brush my hands lightly all over his body as he had done to me. I would only slightly touch his cock, and it would twitch and bounce in hopes of a rougher touch. We were both getting so hot for each other.

Our love for each other can get so intense. But this lovemaking session was more intimate and sweet. We were truly expressing our deep feelings for each other. Caught up in the memories of our long and happy marriage. This was different than some of our hot and heavy sessions, though I love those too!

I told him how happy I am that God joined us together. How I would do anything for him and how I wanted to make him very happy right then. I had him sit on the edge of the bed so I could make love to his cock!

I slowly licked from the bottom of his shaft up to the tip. Then I began circling my tongue around the rim of the head of his cock and his slit. I licked up one side of his shaft and down the other a little faster.

Then I opened my mouth, engulfing him. I didn’t close my mouth, just put him down my throat. I bobbed my head up and down in short strokes, all the while lightly grazing his balls with my fingertips. He was loving it!

Then I closed my lips and began to suck hard. I grabbed his balls and pulled them hard and he let out a groan of pleasure. “God, you’re so good, baby!” he said.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned over his member. “I love your cock so much,” I paused to say before filling my mouth again. “Mmmmm!”

He was getting close by this time. He said, “My turn. I need to taste and smell you.”

He got on the floor. I got on the bed and propped up a foot on the frame. Then I put a pillow under my bottom so the angle was easier for him. I lay back and relaxed as he did his magic.

“Oh, I will never get tired of this,” I told him. “Mmmm, baby, you’re so good at this!”

He took his time licking me gently, softly, from the bottom to the top and back again. He would blow his hot breath on my clit, and every now and then thrust his tongue in deep.

“Oh my God! Mmmmm…” I groaned and moaned.

I could feel my pussy swelling and I was dripping wet by this time. He then added a finger, thrusting in and out as he licked my clit. He put my bullet vibe on my clit and continued to thrust his finger on my g-spot.

His thumb explored my back door, rubbing my rosebud. Gradually, he slid his thumb in there. It didn’t take long before I was screaming and squirting as I came.

“Fuck! Ohhhhh, fuck. I Love You!”

He pushed me back on the bed forcefully now and thrust his cock in my wanting pussy. He fucked me with such passion now!

“God, I love you, baby,” he gasped as he pounded my pussy. “Oh God, I love your pussy. I want to fill your pussy! I want to cum inside you! Ohhh, I need you. I love Yooouuuu — Oooohhhhhhhh fucckkkk!!!”

He erupted in my pussy, sending me into another orgasm. He held me tight and continued to thrust until he started to soften. Then he collapsed on my chest. We held each other, refusing to move. I wanted his cock in my pussy as long as possible.

We kissed for a while, and then we rolled over and lay in each other’s arms.

“Happy Anniversary, baby!” I said. “This was better than going out for a steak dinner anyway.” With that, we fell asleep.

Thank you, God, for blessing us with this gift of love, this marriage. May we always cherish each other this way. Thank you for 32 wonderful years, baby!

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3 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Very hot story Southernheat! I sure miss me some dick. Just haven't felt up to it up till now, but Ben had already left for work when I awakened this morning. Yesterday morning he had a massive erection. Though still a little weak, I offered him sex but he declined saying he wanted to wait till I got my strength back. Come to find out he hasn't had a release since the last time we had sex before I got sick. He said he hasn't even jacked off. Said he wanted to wait till I felt better, so he could be with me. He is so sweet and I am such a lucky gal.
    Maybe tonight I can entice him into a little fun! Keep writing darlin and stay horny!
    😘 GG

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