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Memories (L)

This story contains mild “street” language (L). You can read more about annotations here. As I think back on the 46 years of our marriage—and before that, to the six years of courtship—I remember these acts of intimacy that have enriched our lives together.  I remember, in no particular order, these times when we could […]

Sofa Sex

My husband and I dated for almost seven years before we got married, including our college years when we lived three hundred miles apart.  Whenever we could get together during this time, we had many fabulous make-out sessions sitting on the sofa – any sofa.  Oh, how we always wished we didn’t have to stop! […]

🔊 The Balcony

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist It was time for the company Christmas party. The venue was an oceanfront high-rise hotel about 30 miles from home. To avoid having to drive back home late at night, we left the kids with the in-laws and booked a room for the night. We had a leisurely drive down the […]

🔊 A New Twist

🔊  Ignite Audio Content My husband and I have been enjoying the 69 position for over 45 years. A few months ago, he added a new twist; now I think it’s about my favorite thing to do in bed! We were in the midst of a pretty regular lovemaking session. He had already made me […]

🔊 The Visitor (L)

This post contains strong language (L) You can read more about our annotations here. 🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist I awoke in the pre-dawn hours. The house was dark. I heard the back door open and close. My husband was going out for an early walk as he often does. I wandered into the bathroom and […]

The Amusement Park

I know that some of you may not approve of some of our actions before we were married, but here is the story about one of the most thrilling times of our courtship. Now, after 45 years of marriage, we look back on these times with fondness. We were in our last year of college […]

The ‘School Girl’ (L/F)

NOTE: This story is about imaginative play between husband and wife. It contains language (L) and fantasy (F) elements that some may find offensive. If it would cause you to stumble or judge others, we invite you to choose a story from the archives that better suits your tastes.    Date #1 I’m an innocent […]