The Weekend (L)

This story contains strong language (L).
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It had been a long week and an eventful day.  Finally, we were free of obligations and we headed to the airport.  Upon arrival we saw that our flight was slightly delayed, but I didn’t really mind.  I was happy!  I was excited! And if things went well, I was getting laid tonight!

Soon our flight was ready, and happily it was a short flight.  We soon found our way to our hotel and we checked into our room.  It was dinner time, so we changed for the short walk to the restaurant.  I was wearing a daringly revealing halter top sun dress – no back, v-neck open to my naval… As we walked, I could feel the ocean breezes on my skin, and I could feel men’s eyes on me as my boobs swayed gently under the smooth jersey fabric…

Dinner was wonderful and romantic, and quite a splurge for him, I’m sure.  But we were young and in love and we had the whole world ahead of us.

Dinner over, we walked back to our room with great anticipation.  He didn’t waste any time, and it wasn’t long before we were both naked on the bed.  He fondled and kissed my boobs, then he traced his tongue down lower.  His tongue found my pussy – hot, wet, and waiting.  As he licked my clit he slipped a finger inside, and soon I was moaning and shaking with an explosive orgasm.  Still keeping his finger inside me, he moved his body up so that his lips met mine.  He slipped his hard cock into my waiting hot, wet, pussy and just like that:  we were fucking!  After all the waiting and anticipation, we were really doing it!  And it was everything I had hoped!  Soon we were both coming together.  We cuddled a bit and we both fell asleep.

Several hours later we were both again awake, and we were both ready to go again.  This time, after much fooling around, I sat atop him, and lowered my pussy onto his stiff cock.  I was in control now!  I rode him and fucked him for all I was worth, moving exactly where it felt best.  Once again we both had explosive orgasms together, and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

And so the weekend went.  We did some sight-seeing, then returned to the room and fucked.  We ate lunch, and returned to the room and fucked…

We tried it in the shower (not so successful…).  We tried it with my legs up on his shoulders (VERY successful!)  One time he ate out my pussy for such a long time that I finally yelled out, “So come on and fuck me already!” (Which he did.)

We returned home on Sunday night, back to our first apartment.  It was quite a honeymoon!

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9 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    That sounds like a VERY successful honeymoon! You have a clever and subtle writing style. I wasn’t sure what the eventful day was until the end (wedding). Your descriptions of your hotel room fun were certainly very hot, sexy, and NOT subtle. Nice job! Keep on lovin’!

  2. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    "We tried it in the shower (not so successful…). We tried it with my legs up on his shoulders (VERY successful!) One time he ate out my pussy for such a long time that I finally yelled out, “So come on and fuck me already!” (Which he did.)"

    Wow. That is hot as fuck.

  3. LuvBug says:

    Congrats! Don't give up on shower sex. My wife and I experimented with that (and a few other positions) with little success during our honeymoon, but now they are some of our favorites (and MUCH more successful).

  4. Flying Hubby says:

    Yummy, congrats, I love all you had to offer, it’s so wonderful being each other’s. Don’t give up on the shower sex, it can be a success and it is soooo worth it.

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