The ‘School Girl’ (L/F)

NOTE: This story is about imaginative play between husband and wife. It contains language (L) and fantasy (F) elements that some may find offensive. If it would cause you to stumble or judge others, we invite you to choose a story from the archives that better suits your tastes. 


Date #1

I’m an innocent and inexperienced college girl. But I’ve just been to a fancy party on a first date with my new boyfriend.  It was very romantic – we were all dressed up, among friends, and everything was perfect.

Now we’re back at my place, and I’m upstairs in my room freshening up. I’m getting a little nervous and excited.  I check myself in the mirror – shoulder-length blond hair, nice complexion, blue eyes, good figure.  My black dress has spaghetti straps and a low “V” in front and back, so I’m not wearing a bra.

This morning I had written in my diary:

I’ve invited him over to the house tonight after the party.  My roommates are gone for the weekend, so we will be alone.  I hope he tries to get to second base… maybe more.  I want this!  I’m tired of being so inexperienced.  I want to know what it feels like for a boy to feel me up.

So now I’m ready to descend the stairs.  What will happen, I wonder?

It’s quiet as I walk into the living room.  There sits Ryan on the couch, looking so handsome – and so hot!  He smiles as I sit next to him.  “I’m just watching a little TV.  If you like, we could even turn it on,” he jokes.

As he puts his arm around me, I settle against his side and turn my face towards him. We start to kiss – softly at first, then I feel his tongue slip between my lips. I return the favor, and our tongues have a little “sword fight” as our make-out session continues. He holds me tightly. I’m really enjoying this!

Then he makes his move.  I hold my breath as his hand slips slowly and gently from my back around to my front until my boob nestles nicely in his palm.  He gently fondles it, his thumb finding my hard nipple through the thin fabric.  My knees go weak as I enjoy the experience.  I think he’s enjoying it, too.  My nipple seems as hard as I can ever remember it, and I’m beginning to feel a little damp between my legs.  I could go on doing this forever.

He slowly moves his fingers towards the deep “V” of my dress, touching my skin.  What’s he doing?  They slip beneath the thin fabric of my dress, and I give a little start. His hand now cups my bare boob under my dress.  He strokes it and softly whispers, “Is this OK?”

I can’t even talk, I’m so excited.  I nod my head, and we continue French kissing like there is no tomorrow.  His fingers lightly pinch my nipple, and it feels fantastic.

Suddenly, his watch starts buzzing.  We jump apart with a start and giggle a little.  He turns off the alarm.

“Where did the time go? I need to get home before curfew.”  He stands up, so I do, too.  We head towards the front door and kiss a little again.  I can feel the erection in his pants as we hug.

“Can you come back tomorrow?” I tentatively ask.  “Maybe we could go for a swim.  It’s supposed to be really warm.”

“Sure,” he says. “How about noon?”

“Great,” I say.  After a few more kisses, he opens the door and slips away.

I sigh and relive the make-out session as I head upstairs to get ready for bed.  After I snuggle in, I write in my diary:

What an incredible night!  Just what I wanted!  He was charming and gentle and a little shy.  But I could tell that he was getting really horny when he did those things to me.

He’s coming over again tomorrow for an afternoon swim – It will give me a chance to wear one of my new bikinis and let him see a lot of me. Maybe this will give him the courage to try getting beyond what we did tonight. I hope so.

Maybe I’ll get to see his member! I’m dying to see one in real life.  Will I want to touch it? Kiss it? Suck it?  I hear other girls talking about giving blow jobs. I can’t imagine, but it sounds like fun.


Date #2

I putter around all morning, just waiting for Ryan to arrive.  About 11:00, I head upstairs to get dressed.  While I have many bikinis, I find the three tiniest ones with string tie bottoms and small triangle halter tops. One is all blue, one’s grey and white striped, and one has paisley bottoms and a crocheted top.  I try them all on. I looked pretty sexy if I do say so myself.  They leave most of my boobs exposed, the triangles barely covering my nipples. And the little string-tie bottoms show off my ass to perfection.  I finally choose the blue one because of its soft, thin fabric. I think my nipples will show through when it gets wet – Ryan will like that, I’d bet.

At noon on the dot, Ryan shows up.  He looked sharp in trim swim trunks and a bold graphic T-shirt.  I offer him a soft drink, then we jumped into the pool.  We swim around a bit and splash each other, but it’s not warm enough to stay in the water for long. Soon we climb out of the swimming pool and towel off before walking back to the house.  I was right – in the wet fabric and cool air, my nipples are like high-beam headlights.  Ryan said nothing, but he could hardly keep his eyes off my boobs as we were drying off.

Once inside the house, we get cozy on the sofa and start making out again.  I’m happy Ryan doesn’t wait so long this time to feel up my boobs.  In fact, it doesn’t take him any time at all to slip his hand under my top and slide the triangle right off.  My boob is totally exposed!  Ryan bends down and kisses it, licking and pinching it until I’m totally wet between my legs.  It feels scary and wonderful and exciting all at once.  Now we’re madly French kissing, both my boobs out in the open, and I’m ecstatic!

Then Ryan gets bold.  He runs his hand down my leg, over my butt, then onto the front of my bikini bottoms.  He strokes me and feels about until he’s found just the right spot.  I whimper, “Yes – right there,” and he focused in on that spot.

But I decide that, if he can that to me, I can return the favor.  I reach over and lay my hand on the bulge in his swim trunks.  He jumps and seems quite shocked, but I don’t pull back.  Here we are — my hand on his crotch, and his on mine.  We fumble around a bit, enjoying the newfound pleasures.  Then he makes another move.

Ryan tugs at one of the side ties on my bikini bottom. He doesn’t have to loosen it much – just enough to slip a finger under the thin fabric.  Immediately, his fingertip finds my clit; from my sighs and moans, he knows he’s hit pay dirt.  He strokes slowly – about once per second – and within a short time, I can tell I’m about to have a massive orgasm.  I squirm a bit as the feelings get more intense and finally shudder and gasp as I cum in a wave of pleasure.

He seems quite proud of himself, but he quietly whispers, “Was that OK?”  Again I nod, and we continue to kiss and fondle each other.  Then I get brave.

I slip my finger under the loose swim shorts and find his cock.  As I expected, it’s rock hard.  Ryan tenses up as if he isn’t sure where this is going. But I whisper, “Is this OK?”, and he shakes his head in the affirmative.  I continue to work my way further and further under his trunks until I hold his cock firmly in my hand. Now I slip my fingers down and stroke his balls.  He’s really enjoying this; I think he’s never had a girl do this to him before!

He’s still stroking my pussy and soon has my bottoms untied.  Slowly, he pushes a finger inside me and strokes my g-spot.  I cum once more in giants waves of pleasure.  Then he takes my bikini bottoms completely off, leaving me fully exposed.

I say, “You, too,” and started to pull off his swimsuit.  He lifts his hips for me, and I tug the trunks all the way off.

Wow! While I don’t exactly stare, I take a good long look at what seems to me a huge, hard cock.  Without hesitation, I slip off the couch, get on my knees between his legs, and start kissing it and licking it.  I don’t know what’s come over me.  I’m just doing what seems natural. As he moans with pleasure, I finally take his cock into my mouth, sucking and pumping it in and out.  My tongue and my lips work him, doing whatever seems to feel good judging by the moans and gasps from Ryan.  I use one hand to cup and gently stroke his balls, and he looks euphoric.  But now I wonder – will he cum in my mouth without warning?  What should I do?

So I slowly let his cock slip from my mouth, and I get back up to the couch next to him.  We start kissing again, with my hand on his cock and his on my pussy.  Soon he has his finger back inside my cunt, rubbing my g-spot.  I stroke his cock, and as I start to orgasm for the third time, his cock explodes with a white rope of cum.  It shoots everywhere!

Then we relax and laugh and lay there breathing hard!  He’s totally naked, and I almost am – my bikini bottoms are on the floor, and my top is totally awry, exposing both my boobs.  We kiss and enjoy the afterglow.

Slowly, we recover and get dressed again.  Ryan has to leave to run some errands, but he says he’ll be back later on.  We kiss and hug, then he slips out the door.


Date #3

Later that afternoon, I wrote in my diary:

That was incredible!  I am still a little shocked that I did that to him, but the things he did to me were so amazing!  I think I want to do that again. His cock is so big and hard, but it felt so good in my mouth.  I know he wanted to come in my mouth, but I wasn’t ready for that.  I hope he understands.  My pussy was so wet when he touched me there.  I was so horny that I came in quivering waves. I’m still a little weak just thinking about it.

He had some errands to run, but he’s coming back this evening.  Maybe I will wear something to let him know that I’m looking for another round of this kind of fun.

I’ve showered and done my hair. Now I’m in my room looking at outfits I can wear tonight.  I’m sure Ryan likes the no-bra concept, so I look for tops that show off my boobs well.  The thin white top lets my nipples show through, and so do light knit tops.  But a crop top will give him easier access to my boobs – maybe that’s a good idea.

I select a really short denim skirt that rides low on my hips and shows off my legs and a pink, flirty crop top that reaches to my midriff.  My boobs look great in the light, flowy material, even though my nipples don’t quite show through.  Then I have a naughty thought – what if I don’t wear panties?  Once he finds out, it will surely give him the message that I am ready for more fun!

I put on my clothes and await his arrival.  Soon I hear his knock at the door.  When I open it, his eyes tell me he likes what he sees!

We don’t waste any time.  We know what we are here for.  Soon we are on the couch in a tight embrace, kissing like crazy.  Our tongues are playing with each other, and things are getting hot.

As I hoped, his hand soon slips under my top to caress my bare boobs and tease my nipples.  My palm is rubbing the bulge in his pants. Before long, his hand makes its way under my skirt and finds my wet pussy.  He looks at me with surprise, but then a grin comes over his face.

“I know what you want,” he says.  He slips off the couch onto the floor and spreads my legs.  Then he lowers his head and starts licking my pussy!  What is this?  It’s incredible!  He licks my clit with the slow rhythm he used with his finger, and within seconds, I’m cumming so hard I feel the room spin!  And then!  He starts licking my clit again and slips his finger into my cunt.  With both pleasure spots being touched just right, I quickly orgasm again!

We both rest a minute, then the kissing and caressing start again.  I get Ryan’s pants off, and once again, I’m stroking his cock.  It seems even bigger than this afternoon!  He lays back against the cushions, moaning, and I start wondering what I should do next when he pulls me onto his lap.  I can feel his cock against my bottom.

He asks me, “Are you sure you want to do this?”  I want to do this so bad right now that my legs are shaking!  I start to nod, but he says, “I want to hear you say it.”

So I swallow hard and say, “Yes, I want you to fuck me. With that hard cock in my wet pussy!”  I’ve never said these words out loud before, but it just seems right now — with Ryan.

He nods and pulls my hips forward.  He starts trying to put his cock inside me, but he’s fumbling around, and I can’t wait. I reach down, grab his cock, and hold it firmly while I lower myself onto him.  My pussy is so wet that his cock slips right in without much effort.  I think to myself, “Wow! I’ve got a cock in my cunt, and we’re really fucking!” I reach up to pull my little crop top over my head and then start to rock my hips.  His cock slides in and out of my pussy, and I can move so that it feels good in all the right places.  In control, I work my cunt for my own pleasure.  Not that he isn’t enjoying this, too!  Up and down, I ride him with my boobs bouncing right in Ryan’s face.  Our pace quickens, and I explode from the inside, shattering into a million pieces.  Ryan yelps and moans, and then relaxes.  Wow! We did it!

After slowly recovering, we put our clothes back on.  What a great day!  Cunt licking, cock sucking, finger fucking, and girl-on-top sex on the couch.  This is what my husband and I like to do when we are in the mood for role-playing!

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21 replies
    • possibility says:

      Lovely romantic story.
      We can relate to this.
      I also powerfully released several white ropes after reading this!

  1. SecondMarge says:

    Incredibly hot. I’m so wet. I feel like masturbating for my husband. […] Great example of the new (F) category. I will have to read it again[…].

    Thanks for writing this, I hope you use the (F) category again.

  2. PacMan says:

    This was a 🔥🔥 SEXY role play story. That’s the fun part about Fantasy. You can go places that you know are taboo (like “fake” pre-marital sex). • My DW And I we’re virgins when we married, but when dating/engaged, we LOVED making out and went to about 2nd & a half base. 😄 It was a fun time, and those pre-marital makeout sessions are a frequent subject for masturbation sessions (it was all just so risky and risqué). << We had pretty strong will power, and can easily empathize with folks who started the flames of physical passion and just couldn’t find the brakes. The hormones take on a life of their own, IYKWIM! 😍🔥

    • PoolPerson says:

      Enjoyed it but, of course, I was a little let down that it was "…not warm enough to stay in the water very long." LOL.

  3. TPC says:

    Loved your sexy story. My wife and I enjoy a variation of this fantasy that takes us back to our college years when when our weekend study breaks were long makeout sessions. By God's grace and a desire to be "good kids" we made it to our wedding night. Fast forward 25 years, when every now and then we enjoy a weekend nap that turns into a "college study break". Now however, my serious girlfriend likes it when her shirtless athletic boyfriend slides her panties to one side underneath some loose fitting shorts and fucks her really good as he pulls up her t-shirt and feasts or her amazing tits. Good times to say the least.

    • PacMan says:

      Hey TPC, curious… did you guys reach orgasms during your makeout sessions? My future wife… really both of us were quite orgasmic. We both wanted to wait for sex, but we became dry humping champions. It’s always fun to hear other’s stories.

  4. hornyGG says:

    Hot little fantasy! I enjoyed it very much. I am going to submit a ( F) story here soon. Look forward to reading more ( F ) stories from you and others. Thanks for sharing and God bless.
    Stay Horny!
    😘 GG

    • purplehubcap says:

      I’m a little baffled by the “F” fantasy category. By definition, role playing is fantasy, but this story is not fiction. We did everything as stated in the story. The only fantasy was that we were 19 year old virgins… I write the roles and the story outline, then we play the roles and see what happens naturally… I write the story in detail afterwords…

    • MarriageHeat says:

      purplehubcap, maybe we can clarify a bit. Some MHer's, including ourselves, see a place in Christian marriages for role-play or sharing our fantasies verbally during foreplay and sex. Others feel that some fantasies, ones where the participants are pretending or describing something they consider wrong if done in real life, should be avoided. For their sake, we have instituted a new "warning label". The (F) in the title can help them avoid material they feel might cause them to stumble or judge. We also added the introductory paragraph, in case newer visitors are unaware of the meaning of the letter in parentheses, though we have attempted to explain it in the new guidelines. It's a new policy and bound to be confusing at first. We aren't terribly clear on how it will end up ourselves. We aren't trying to babysit, just give people the option to make informed decisions about what they read, since we all have different struggles and stumbling blocks.

      We agree that there could be some confusion: does fantasy refer to whether the role-play actually took place or is only wished for? We think that you made that clear at the end of your story, though. 😊

    • LilaY69 says:

      @hornyGG Would love for you and your hubby to share your fantasies! Really looking forward to them! Very exciting! Fantasies make my pussy the wettest, other than my hubby…


      The way I understand it, MH is still in the process of modifying the guidelines for fantasies (F), and they may decide to label naughtier fantasies as (X).

  5. christmakesithot says:

    That was one of the best stores we've read on MH! I was humping at the air many times before I finished the story! My husband and I struggled a lot to be pure. God has done a lot of healing in that area. Now, 16 years later, all those moments of desire and temptation are part of our role-play together. They make some of the hottest moments for us. Your story brought me back to the moments and I loved it! I didn't journal my feelings but that part of the story reminded me of how I felt. I really loved your story. I sent the link to my husband and he texted this back "you're mean! I had to step out of work to use the restroom and relieve the pressure! By the time I get home the pressure will be back again and that's your fault! don't blame me for what happens!😜😁"

    I'm really glad MH has include this F title and I think it's very important to keep the explanation because at one point in my life I would have been very offended and even hurt by the F stories. It's been a process.

  6. TPC says:

    Pacman, sorry for the delayed response – busy summer. To answer your question, no that would have been too far across the line for us, but we sure got close to the line.

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