Special Birthday Continues (L) – Ignite Story

This story follows the events of Special Birthday.

Gradually my world of bliss from Brian’s incredible oral skills began to let a bit of the real world seep in. I felt myself regaining control of my arms and legs as the quivering quieted down. With my hands in his hair, I drew him upward for a kiss, enjoying the gentle, firm pressure of his lips against mine and the taste of myself as we lingered together. I so loved feeling the weight of his body, his chest against my breasts, as we held each other.

Even though I was still in the afterglow of an amazing orgasm, I sensed a void deep inside, an urge to be filled with Brian. I needed to experience the delight of his cock penetrating and stretching my pussy. I broke off our kiss, holding his head in my hands to gaze into his eyes. In a tone that mixed demand and plea, I said, “I need you inside me. Please fuck me!”

Brian smiled and replied, “I intend to! Your Birthday isn’t over, Dez!”

After another kiss, this one involving the tongue that had already pleasured me so, he used his arms to raise up and lean back until he was kneeling between my legs. I held my breasts and tugged on my nipples while he adjusted his position. Then he used the tip of his beautiful cock to reopen my folds and to rub my clit. I looked at him and repeated “Enough teasing! I need you inside. Fuck me now!”

Thankfully, he didn’t tease me anymore. I felt his swollen knob against my entrance. He leaned in, and the momentary tightness of my opening yielded to surround him as his knob slid into me. What a fantastic sensation that is, to be penetrated by the man you love. He paused as we both savored the pleasure we were giving each other.

Then he leaned in further, unhurriedly penetrating me inch by inch. When his knob passed over my G-spot, I think I squealed just a little! He paused again, and we both smiled. He continued at his slow, unhurried pace as each inch of his magnificent rigid cock disappeared into me. Every cell of my vagina came alive as it stretched to accommodate Brian. With one final push, the base of his cock pressed against my pussy and the tip hit my deep spot. I may have squealed again, a little louder this time, as he paused for us to savor the moment of complete connection.

Then, just as slowly as he entered me, he withdrew until only his knob was still in me. He put his hands on my ass and raised me slightly. I shifted my legs so that my feet were solid on the bed next to his thighs. As we made the adjustments, I felt the tip of his cock press against my G-spot. He started rocking my hips in his grip as I moaned the words, “That’s it. Right there!”

Soon, I took control of the motion, rocking, rotating my hips as his cock rhythmically pressed against my G-spot. He released his grip on my ass and put his thumb on my clit, timing his movement with mine.

My motion sped up! My stomach muscles and my legs worked faster and faster. Brian’s gaze alternated from reading my expressions to the view of his cock working inside me and his thumb on my clit. The tension continued to build until I felt the very first tightening contraction.

“I’m gonna cum! I’m cumming! I’M CUMMING!!” I screamed! For the second time on my birthday, my body took total control as my legs shook and my abs clenched in spasms. Every nerve ending was on edge as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. My body jerked and tightened sporadically until the contractions that had consumed my whole pussy slowly subsided. The afterglow of being so satisfied warmed my body.

But as the contractions of my pussy slowed, I felt the need to have Brian deep inside me again like when he first penetrated me, reaching my deepest recesses. I guided Brian onto his back and helped him arrange some pillows behind his head. I wanted us to be able to look at each other. His veiny shaft glistened from my moisture. His knob, much darker in color than the shaft and also shiny from my wetness, looked majestic protruding from his hips and torso. He looked glorious!

I’m kind of amazed that my pussy can accommodate Brian’s size, but what a source of pleasure each of those inches give us! I straddled him and slowly lowered myself. Taking hold of his shaft, I guided it to my entrance. Just as Brian had deliberately penetrated me, I steadily lowered myself as, inch by inch, Brian’s cock disappeared into me. I saw the look of elation on his face as my warm, wet pussy sheathed him.

The sensation of his knob pressing against the front wall of my vagina as it entered me, again expanding me, was near ecstasy. The last inch was the best. The slight upward curve of Brian’s cock always places the tip against my deep spot in face-to-face positions. And this time it hit its mark perfectly! I squirmed a little to nestle my clit against Brian’s pubic bone. My slightest movement accelerated the pleasure his cock gave me.

I knew it wouldn’t take too long now. I rocked a little more, and Brian leaned forward to tug on my nipples. Then I leaned back so that my hands were on Brian’s knees as I continued my methodical movement. I felt the pressure building as another orgasm tried to reach the surface. I sped up just a bit and then yelled to Brian, “Clit!”

With that, he rubbed the shaft of my clit with his thumb, mimicking my timing as he had earlier. Soon I blurted out again, “I’m gonna cum! I’m cumming! I’M CUMMING!!”

Brian joined in, encouraging me. “That’s it, Dez. Cum hard! I can feel you cum! Cum on my cock!”

Deep spot orgasms on top of Brian are the greatest! Maybe it’s because I need my arms to continue to support myself in cowgirl or the way my legs are trapped next to Brian’s. But the intensity of cumming like that is hard to put into words — a frenzy of pleasure, complete detachment from everything of this world except Brian’s gorgeous cock inside of me and the ecstasy of the moment. Finally, I leaned forward and cleared my eyes to see the look on Brian’s face. He had an expression of satisfaction and pride that I had gotten so much pleasure from his magnificent cock and skillful hands. I bent forward to kiss him again.

My birthday celebration was perfect and almost complete. Brian had been so patient and loving and tender as he teased and pleasured me all evening. But now I wanted to feel him fill me with his cum.

As I rolled off of him, I knew he still needed release. And I knew how to make that happen.

I scooted to the edge of the bed and got on all fours facing the view of the city lights through the large windows. I told Brian to come around to the other side of the bed and enjoy the scenery with me. As he got out of bed and passed in front of the window, I took in the sight of his cock, my moisture that covered it reflecting the glow from outside.

Brian stood behind me. As I lowered my shoulders to the bed, reaching my hands back to my cheeks, I turned to look at him over my shoulder. His gaze was not on the city lights! I arched my back a little more, my red fingernails leading him to the entrance I needed him to fill. As I looked into his eyes, I said softly but firmly, “I want you to cum inside me. I need you to fill me with your cum!”

Brian guided the tip of his beautiful cock along my pussy, gathering more of my wetness from my clit to my opening. I again got to experience the pure delight of my entrance yielding to his swollen knob. He put his hands on my hips, taking complete control of our movements. He pulled me back slightly as he pushed forward, faster than earlier, his cock again disappearing completely inside me. What joy to be filled one more time.

Then he pulled back, completely withdrawing before re-entering me. He started to thrust but not long, deep ones. Rather, his thrusting was shallow, just the first few inches. After several shallow thrusts, he plunged deep. I felt his balls against my clit. I thought he might be ready to cum but then he withdrew almost entirely again.

The short, shallow movements resumed. After at least ten shallow thrusts, Brian plunged deep into me, this time with two long, hard thrusts. Again he withdrew nearly completely before still more shallow thrusting followed by three deep ones this time. He continued the pattern of shallow thrusts followed by an ever-increasing number of long, deep pushes into me.

His grip was tightening, and I could sense his urgency increasing as the pace quickened. Then, in the middle of what I guessed would have been a set of six or seven deep penetrations, he pulled me harder still against his hips. I could feel his cock stiffen even more just before I felt it jerk once, and then again and again. “Fill me! Fill me with your cum, Brian,” I yelled over my shoulder.

He continued to pump his cum into my deepest recesses as I felt spurt after spurt of warmth fill me. As the intensity of his jerking lessened just a little, I picked up his rhythm with the hardest Kegel squeezes I could do, helping him expel every last drop of his warm cum. In the midst of my Kegels, I felt some waves of orgasmic pleasure. Not a full orgasm but maybe a mini-one!

I heard him utter, “Fuck! Amazing!” in a guttural tone as his grip on my ass changed into caresses from my waist, over my hips and ass, and down my thighs. We stayed connected for a least another minute before he slowly withdrew from my overflowing hole. I collapsed on the bed and Brian joined me. We settled into each other’s arms and kissed.

Then he said his last words of the evening: “Happy Birthday, Dez. Love you!”

Sunday morning, the light of dawn filled our room, replacing the city lights from the night before. It was comfortably warm — apparently, we had pushed the sheets off the bed. I started to stir, glancing at the clock. It was only ten after seven. Why was I not still asleep? Brian was beginning to stir a little too. I snuggled next to him as we both began to awaken. We got closer, entangling our feet to comfort each other with our presence.

As we each became a little more alert, he spoke first: “Good morning, Dez! I’m famished.”

I said “Good morning!” too and told him I was starving as well. Apparently, with all of our activity last night, we had forgotten to eat dinner.

Brian said, “Room service would probably be the fastest. I’ll order breakfast. Eggs scrambled, bacon, a side of pancakes, coffee, and OJ okay with you?”

“Sounds great,” I replied. That’s my usual when we go out for a big breakfast.

Brian picked up the phone. Pressing the button for room service, he ordered breakfast for both of us. When he set down the phone, he turned to me and said, “Twenty-five to thirty minutes. Not too bad.”

As Brian turned back toward me, I put my hand on his chest and my face on his shoulder. I couldn’t help but notice his usual morning wood! I’ve read that a morning erection is a sign of good cardiovascular health. Brian looked especially healthy this morning!

I told him how much I appreciated my birthday celebration. Caressing his chest, I talked about the beautiful new dress; the jewelry he picked out; Roger, the driver; Alex, who met me at the door; and the drink at the bar. Then I moved my hand lower to feel the outline of his ribs before sliding my fingers to his lower abdomen. Without touching his “wood,” I lightly explored his hips and thigh. All the while I talked, my fingers roamed near his stiff shaft. The look on his face told me that he wasn’t hearing all the compliments I was giving him about what he had done the night before.

After a momentary pause, I softly touched his balls with just my fingernails, ever so lightly raking my nails around and under his gorgeous sack and then along the length of his erection toward the tip. Stopping short of his ridge, I continued to awaken as many nerve endings as I could. After a few minutes, I noticed his cock jerk slightly as my nails went from the base to the top of his shaft. I cupped his sack in my hand — I so love the feel of the weight of his balls in the palm of my hand.

I began to stroke his shaft, each time returning to fondle his balls with my fingertips lightly. Finally, I let my strokes reach the swollen ridge of his knob, rubbing my thumb around the outline of his ridge while my fingers caressed the sensitive furrows of the inverted V where his shaft and rim meet. He seemed to stiffen even more as I combined long strokes and teasing the tip of his morning wood with my fingers.

When I felt his cock begin to jerk again, I reached for his balls and noticed that they had tightened close to his body. I wanted to continue the buildup, so I concentrated on his balls and avoided his knob until the tightness lessened. When I resumed the long strokes of his shaft and teasing his tip, it only took another minute or two before his balls tightened again. Knowing he was back on the edge, I abandoned his knob again and directed all my attention to his balls.

When Brian’s breathing steadied, he said in a soft voice, “Dez, there’s a vibrator on the nightstand. I want to hold it on your clit.” We both know that our vibrator there makes me wet in no time.

As my fingers encircled his shaft again, I told him, “No, Brian. This morning is for you. Besides, my pussy is a little tender and could use the morning off!”

I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 7:30. Room service would be coming soon. I kissed his chest, then his abs, before putting my lips to the veiny shaft of his cock. The taste was a reminder of last evening. My lips and tongue retraced the path of my fingers until I saw a drop of pre-cum appear. After I licked it off, I stretched my lips around his very swollen knob and used the flat of my tongue against that beautiful inverted V. Slowly bobbing my head up and down several inches, I felt Brian’s balls tighten again. Keeping my motion steady, I looked up at Brian and heard him say, “I’m gonna cum, Dez! You’re making me cum!”

Still not changing my motions, I felt Brian’s cock began to jerk — only a little at first then much harder. The first spurt of his cum hit the back of my throat followed by several more before I needed to swallow. His pumping continued several more seconds. I swallowed again then stroked his shaft with my fingers and lips to extract all that I could.

While I was still kissing his cock and cupping his balls, there was a knock on the door and the announcement, “Room Service.” I got up, grabbed a robe from the bathroom, and wrapped it around myself quickly. I answered the door as Brian pulled a sheet over himself. When I opened the door, I found Alex, the nice young man who had shown me to the lounge last evening.

“Good morning, Mrs. Hills.” Glancing to Brian, he repeated, “Good morning, Mr. Hills.” As he rolled the cart into our room, smiling somewhat sheepishly as he glanced around, he said, “I trust you had a very nice evening with us last night. And it looks as if you’re having a great morning too!” His last comment seemed a little odd since I had just gotten out of bed. I reached for Brian’s wallet, took out a $20, and handed it to Alex, who again gave the same smile before he closed the door with a very cordial, “Thank you. Enjoy the rest of your day.”

As I turned back to Brian, I noticed that our clothes lay scattered around the room. Brian’s jacket, pants, and shirt had not quite made it to a chair at which we’d tossed them the night before, and my black dress still lay in a puddle on the floor. But most noticeable were my crimson red shoes and the red lace triangle of my panties next to the dress. I pulled the cart to the bed, joining Brian there for our breakfast. As we unwrapped the silverware, Brian turned toward me, smiling just like Alex had. Then he took his napkin and wiped a drop of cum from my chin!

“Happy Birthday, Dez!”

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  1. Southernheat says:

    Love this story! Dang this was hot! What a special birthday it was! Great writing; the details pulled me into the story, made me very hot and bothered🤪 Funny ending answering the door with cum on your chin! The strong bond and love you have for each other comes through in your stories. Keep having great sex and writing stories to tell us about it!

  2. MaxLoving says:

    Great story and very hot indeed. I laughed at the ending. Good job writing it and telling the story. You truly put me in there. That's a sign of good writing.

  3. New Wife says:

    Thanks for the kind words and compliments. And another special thanks to the MH audio person. She really brings a whole new level of realism to my words.


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