You, Reminds Me of You

The sweet scent of your hair
Reminds me of your sweet love for me.

The power of your grace
Reminds me of your forgiving spirit.

The strength of your character
Reminds me of the garden we share.

The skilled hands of your desire
Reminds me of your aroused eyes focused on mine.

The sweet aroma of your womanhood
Reminds me of the water breaking upon my face.

The touch of your fingers
Reminds me of the fireworks internally blossoming.

The mountains you heave
Reminds me of the craving in my groin.

The feel of your tongue
Reminds me of my addiction to you.

The longing stare of your gaze
Reminds me of the taste of you in me.

The thrusts of your hips
Reminds me of your uninhibited fantasies.

The warmth of your sweet spot
Reminds me of our beautiful ecstasy together.

The abandonment in your lips as urges flood
Reminds me of the new heights we attain hand-in-hand.

The oneness in the shared peak of love
Reminds me of my wonderful marriage to you—

The joy we had on that day,
Deep into the night,

Throughout our lives
Even to this very day.

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