Just a Glimpse

I turn and see what God gave her, just a glimpse and I begin to rise.

Just a glimpse, my pants strain to hold back, her breasts full against the light

I move towards her, she’s surprised by my approach

Hands move her shirt off her shoulder, in the kitchen window neighbors may get just a glimpse

The perfect sound of her breath in sigh, God’s music from heaven, my hands slide shorts off

She looks back, erection seen, just a glimpse, before entering hard into wet, sliding further

To the floor, out of sight, from behind, she turns her head to get just a glimpse of my head thrown back

Weight on her arms, knees, pushing back against the tide

In a glimpse, I fill her.

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8 replies
    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      Thank you…I thought I'd do something shorter and about how I was feeling that day in the moment.

  1. DomIsiul says:

    Just told my wife of thirty-eight years, "I Love every part of your body, your scar from your kidney removal, your stretch marks from carrying our two sons, the wrinkles that have begun to appear, your premature graying hair that you inherited from your mother, how we have grown together as Lovers, I just Love everything about you." Just a Glimpse makes Me Hot for Her!

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      Wonderful words to tell a partner, truly a gift of affirmation and love. Excellent.

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