Outdoor Fun – Almost

It was a sunny afternoon, so the hubby and I decided to jump in the pool. I didn’t want to put on my suit but thought the neighbors might see if I didn’t have anything on. So I put on a thin tight tank top and jogging shorts. I knew it would have the wet T-shirt look that he would enjoy. I got on the inflatable chair;  it has a cup holder, so I put the silicone lube bottle there just in case. Like I always say, you gotta be prepared!

Hubs was really enjoying that wet tank top with my hard nipples standing out. He pulled my chair close to him then carefully peeled my shirt up and leaned in close to kiss and play with my stiff twin peaks.

By now, I was ready to get out of those wet shorts. Throwing caution to the wind, I managed to shimmy out of them and toss them to the deck. I then asked him to push the inflatable chair close to the waterfall. I spread my legs wide apart so that the falling water poured down right over my pussy. It felt amazing and was quite a turn on for him to watch as well. The cool water gushing down over my clit was really getting me horny.

My husband stood behind the waterfall, watching up close as the water pounded my pussy. When I finally motioned for him to come close, he moved between my legs and pushed me away from the waterfall. As he began kissing me, I grabbed the lube and put some on his finger, which he began to thrust into my pussy. He took off his suit and continued to finger me as I moaned.

We moved to the steps in the shallow end of the pool so we could continue. I was so ready for his hard cock to plunge inside me. I got out of the floating chair and sat on the second step so he could stand on the floor of the pool and position himself to enter me. We continued to kiss and suck each other’s tongue, our breathing getting hot and heavy. I was now stroking his cock and pulling his balls.

Just when he was about to enter me, we heard a lawnmower. It sounded close! Was it next door? Surely it was next door. NO! It was our lawn guy! We had forgotten it was his day to service our house! The mower got closer and closer. He was now at the side of our house about to open the gate to come into the backyard. Oh, no!

We jumped out of the pool and ran to grab towels, pick up our suits, and get inside the backdoor just as he entered the gate. We barely made it. We don’t run as fast as we could in our earlier years. Lol! We laughed, but we still wanted to continue our lovefest. I said, “Why don’t we lie on the bed and masturbate some until he finishes the yard? Then we can go back out and pick up where we left off in the pool.” (We haven’t had sex in our pool yet, so it’s definitely on our bucket list. We did have sex in a friends pool once, years ago.

I got out my vibrator, and he said, “Hey, I haven’t tried the new gadget you bought me. Why don’t I try it out now?” He was talking about the Aneros prostate massager I recently ordered for him – the Helix SynTM Trident.

He bent his knee and put one foot on the frame of the bed. Then he covered the massager with coconut oil and slowly inserted it all the way. I enjoyed watching him standing there with his hard cock. This was his first experience with an anal toy other than a beginner-level vibrating buttplug. He lay on the bed and started stroking his cock as I played with my vibrator. I asked if he was enjoying his toy. He said it felt great but very different.

Just watching him was so hot! I continued to thrust the vibrator in and out but kept a portion on my clit. I was getting close to orgasm, and I saw the extra-thick precum glistening from the tip of his cock.

He climbed up on his knees and put his cock on my lips, saying, “Thought you might want a little taste.”

I smiled at that. “Yes, I do!” I licked the tip of his cock before he thrust it into my mouth. This was all the incentive I needed; I started to orgasm, moaning and bucking my hips.

Then he went down to lick my wetness. I was moaning in pleasure as I watched the landscaper walk past our window while edging the yard. The blinds were partially open; if he really tried, he might have been able to see inside. But with the bright sunshine, I don’t think he could. I didn’t care anyway at this point. I was about to cum again! My man has some excellent skills.

“Mmmmm-mmmm. Yeah, baby,” I whimpered as I came.

Then he shoved his hard rod inside me. He slowly pushed deeper and deeper, then held it there. Moaning, he told me it felt so different with the prostate massager inside him.

He would pull all the way out and make me beg for his cock before he’d enter again. I love and hate that so much! I pleaded, “Please, give it back. Give me that cock. I have to have it!” And then he would thrust deep. Oh. My. God. The intensity of that! Then he would pull almost out and just push the tip in and out of my pussy entrance, not even to the rim.

“Oh, please! A little deeper. Just let me feel the ridge and the rim of your cock. Oh, baby. Oh, please? Oh! I need to cum. Please!”

Then he began long steady strokes. He raised his hips when he was in deep so that his balls were pressing against me! When he raised up like that, he hit my G-spot, and I would get his balls wet each time. It feels so incredible when he makes me squirt.

Then I could tell he was close, and with a few hard strokes, we both exploded together. When he came, it was hard! I could feel it blast into me more than usual, and it seemed like a much larger amount because of the prostate massage.

He rolled over and began to rub the cum all around my pussy, fingering me to one more orgasm and continuing the massage as I wound down. Then we cleaned off and took an afternoon nap in each other’s arms.

Needless to say, he enjoyed the toy I got him, and I reaped some benefits too! I guess sex in the pool will wait. That will have to be a story for another time.



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20 replies
  1. LilaY69 says:

    Oh my God, girl!! So so so hot!!!

    My man really enjoys prostate stimulation and penetration. He loves it when I give attention to his sexy ass. Mmmm! Mm!!

    We've become very experienced with anal/penetration. It's a very gratifying pleasure and we both love enjoying it both together and alone. Needless to say, between the two of us, we have a lot of toys, lol.

    The most mind-blowing orgasm a male can possibly have is while receiving prostate stimulation/penetration. My husband's loads are almost always the biggest, and I just love seeing him in the throes of pleasure when he's receiving penetration and stimulation to his prostate.

    Sometimes I'll finger him and stimulate his prostate myself, using the tip of my finger to massage him. It's so hot doing this.

    Anyway, I am definitely wet from all of this!!

    Always love your writing style and your stories, Southernheat!

    Hopefully more cumming, babe! 😘😘❤️


    • Southernheat says:

      Glad you enjoy my stories! Hubby is really starting to enjoy prostate stimulation he just had to ease into it. He was hesitant about trying it but I kept reading him stories and he decided it must be pretty pleasurable thing!

  2. Marriedandlovingit says:

    Gorgeous story, really interested in playing around with prostate stimulation and seeing how it’s different. Got super hard reading this. Thanks as always

    • Southernheat says:

      He’s just learning more about prostate stimulation and really starting to enjoy it! Keeps your prostate healthy so you can have sex into your older years and that makes this wife happy!

  3. hornyGG says:

    Whew, close call there! Like LilaY69 this story definitely made my pussy wet.
    Ben and I have always enjoyed " fun " outdoors. Since becoming nudist we enjoy it even more. Of course we have a rather tall privacy fence so it makes it easier.
    You two definitely should definitely try " pool sex ". Maybe take a late night skinny dip when less chance of getting caught and go from there.
    Ben and I have made love both in the pool and out of the pool. Sex outdoors is simply awesome. Maybe enjoy some " me time" one afternoon or night and jill off while laying out by the pool or even in the pool. I love doing it. Get hubby to join you for a little jack and jill pool party under the stars and have him finish off inside your pussy. Time it right and you can have simultaneous orgasms. I will jill off then when I am getting close I will tell Ben. He would continue to beat his meat until he was ready to cum, then slip me his dick. Then " Bam!" we would cum together. It takes some practice, but even the practicing is fun 😁 The thought of possibly getting caught is really a turn on as well. Either way enjoy getting close to nature!
    God bless and Stay Horny darlin! Love your stories!
    😘 GG

    • ILoveSex says:

      YES!!! Being naked outside IS THE BEST!! LOVE IT!! And sex outdoors positively rocks!!! Hubby and I LOVE skinny dipping and the fun that follows. I'll sit on the edge of the pool and my hubby will swim up and eat my pussy. Love it so much!! Hey GG, do you guys have sex while in the water? I always thought that was a no no. But if not, hooray! Will be giving that a try.

    • Southernheat says:

      Thanks for you kind words and tips for future encounters! Yes we will continue until we have sex in the pool!

  4. Flying Hubby says:

    Outside, sunshine and water are the greatest environment. Absolutely love sex in the water, can’t wait for the story that includes christening your new pool. Awesome story, thank you.

  5. Bigfoot says:

    Great story. I love swimming pool sex. My wife and I have only had a few opportunities but we remember and recount each as some of our hottest sexual encounters. Take every appropriate opportunity to loose your suit for a fulfilling swim.

  6. PoolPerson says:

    Attention ILoveSex:

    If you are going to have penetration in the water I strongly suggest:

    1) Know your pool and that the water is properly chemically balanced.

    2) A non-water-soluble lube, likely silicone-based, is a must. KY is useless as it dissipates in the water.

    I recommend WET PLATINUM. Usually on the shelf right next to the KY and others. It gets slick and STAYS slick.

    Caveat: A bit of an effort required for removal for the gals.

    Without lube, I'd say stick to oral activities.

    • Southernheat says:

      Definitely need the silicone based lube we tried once without any just was not happening.

  7. Horny_boy says:

    What a hot story!! It got me stroking my cock🔥🍆💦!
    And I'm glad that your husband gave you that stimulation that your pussy craved with his cock and mouth!

    [From MH: HB the rest of this comment would make a great advice-needed post! Would you like to submit it? That way more people would see it, both those who would respond and those with the same questions.]

    • SecondMarge says:

      Hamburger menu? Do you serve fries and milk shakes too?

      Can I get tomato, pickles and onions on that with sharp cheddar cheese please.

      [From MH: Lol! It's the name for the three lines in the top right corner of a mobile screen that drop down all the menu choices. Sorry for the confusion.]

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