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We got married right out of college, and my husband had just started his first post-college job, so a long honeymoon wasn’t in the cards.  He was able to get one day off, so our first honeymoon was a long weekend.  The very next weekend we had a friend’s wedding to attend out-of-town, so that weekend was our second honeymoon.

But it was the following week when the real honeymoon fireworks took place.

Don’t get me wrong – we made love every chance we could on those two weekends, and every night in between.  We were having a great time exploring each other’s bodies and trying out every position we could think of.  We loved taking our make-out sessions “all the way” without having to stop before we went too far.

But one night, a few days after the second honeymoon weekend, I’ll never forget.

It all started with a new peach-colored nightie I had bought before we were married but had never worn.  I put it on and modeled it for him in the living room of our tiny apartment, and he seemed a little disappointed that it was not as sheer as he had expected.  I retreated to the bedroom, found my trusty sewing shears, and I snipped out all the chiffon layers but one.  I slipped the nightie on over my head and checked out the mirror.

He certainly can’t complain about this! I thought as I could see my boobs clearly through the single layer of chiffon.  (For good measure, I left off the matching panties as well.)

I boldly walked back into the living room and said, “How’s this?”

He responded by jumping off the sofa and pulling me into the bedroom, taking his own clothes off along the way.  We fell on the bed together and were soon wrapped in each other’s arms.  He was fondling my tits and rubbing his fingers over and into my pussy.

As things heated up, I slipped down and started sucking his hard cock. He loves a good blow job, and apparently I was a fast learner.  But, rather than let him cum in my mouth, I scooted up into a cowgirl position, grabbed his cock in my hand, and slid it into my pussy.

This wasn’t a totally new position—we had done it this way on our wedding night.  But this time, confident that I was looking hot in my sheer nightie with my tits bouncing in front of his face, I felt empowered.

I took control.  I moved so that his cock hit just the right spots in my cunt, and I controlled my own enjoyment.  As waves of pleasure flowed from my pussy up through my body, I rode him for all it was worth.

When I finally let myself cum, it was so spectacular I think I almost fainted—at least that is what he said I looked like.  Obviously, he had cum, too, with the action my cunt was giving his cock and the show I was putting on.

We collapsed in each other’s arms and agreed, “Best. Ever.” Now, 45 years later, I still love getting fucked this way.

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5 replies
  1. Stevie says:

    Great story!!!! I love that position too!! I love it because of the control we have and the view they get. I also tease my man with my titties in his face and play bob a tittie.. he loves to catch my tit/nipple and suck it til I pull it out of his mouth. We both also like when I lean back and he has access to my clit to rub it. The climaxes are amazing!!
    Keep riding and enjoy!!

  2. ladygarden says:

    "Yippee Yi Oh, Oh, Oh!"

    Great story, Stevie. You nailed it. Cowgirl position provides the wonderful benefits you mentioned. Sometimes in the heat of passion with my riding my cowboy like you did–I like to smother my husband's face with my tities to the point of blocking his airways for a few seconds. And after riding him for a while, surprising him by quickly standing up to rub my moist muff and pussy all over his face.

    Your writing of 40 years ago makes it sound like it was yesterday–nice writing!


  3. Southernheat says:

    I just love your stories! So refreshing to hear sizzling hot stories frlm seasoned married couples. We’ve been married 32 years and plan to still be hot for each other on our 40th! Hope you keep writing.

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