Let Them Wonder!

Let us have some fun.  I thought about asking this question…
If you could walk into a shop and buy any three items that would make them wonder about what you were up to….

What would it be?

Here is my idea.


2. Coconut oil

3. A large cucumber

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50 replies
  1. AlwaysReady says:

    Okay.. this is hilarious.. some friends of mine and I would play a very similar game.. we'd just text and say.. I need you to go to the store to get me 3 things.. 🙂

    So here goes..
    1) a kiddie pool
    2) some cowboy boots
    3) ice cream

  2. LadyGarden says:

    Hi ClimaXX—virgin olive oil is a wonderful enhancement to our sexual adventures; be it for a lovely full body massage, extra lubrication to those special areas, or even as a skin softener, we’ve enjoyed virgin olive oil for years. Would have listed coconut oil—another favorite—yet it was already taken!

    Give the olive oil a try and let us know!


  3. LilaY69 says:

    I LOVE the cucumber idea, and I have personally used them in the past… Wink wink. 🤭

    Actually ended up using it for a dinner (only for my husband and I of course)

    Let me tell you, that glorious big green thing was surely saturated with my pussy juice. (I ended squirting massively on it).

    Never pass the opportunity to go organic!! It was an amazing ride. Cucumbers are my favorite vegetables.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Oh girl you and me both!! Can’t put something large and hard inside me these days without squirting on it. Oh I had a good couple cums laying in the sun by the pool today…the cucumber feels the biggest compared to the hubby’s erection so I’ve been reading MH and I’m instantly wet (horny & pregnant lol) and I slip the cucumber right on in and have a good few orgasms.

    • SecondMarge says:

      They do have a wide variety of salad dressing on the shelves of the grocery store.

      I will think of you next time I’m in a restaurant and they say their dressing is “home made”.

    • LilaY69 says:

      That is hot!

      I love slurping up my pussy juices off a cock or dildo. A cucumber is even hotter in its own regard especially when eating it after cumming on it from a nice and deep stretch.

      SecondMarge, I totally agree. Frothy pussy juice would make a wonderfully tasty all natural salad dressing. That's actually a very good idea for a kinky and very healthy meal!

    • ClimaXX says:

      The chocolate spread have been a great add-on one evening. The eroticism combined with licking it off my wife's nipples and clit was a winner.

  4. LadyGarden says:

    Thank you ladies and gentlemen for making our upcoming trips to the Produce Isle incredibly more interesting. And we will never think of salad dressing, cucumbers, and toothbrushes quite the same—especially “organic” salad dressing…


    • ClimaXX says:

      I have to say that combining a cucumber with a carrot is quite an experience. One for the front door and one for the back door.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Omg! Trying this! (Ear of corn, I mean. Can't wait to hear where the ice cream came in! Write, man, Write!)

    • PatientPassion says:

      An ear of corn sounds amazing, thanks for the idea! I'll have to keep that in mind for my future wife to try.

    • HappyHubby says:

      Crazy, no time to write that one up at the moment but maybe someday. 🤔
      Lol Marge 😊 it didn't start off buttered or salty but it sure ended up that way. Tried both cooked and raw. Once boiled it and allowed it to cool just enough, then dribbled ice cream on and in her pussy followed by inserting the very warm ear of corn. Did this several times until she was writhing then made a meal of it. She said the hot/cold sensation was exquisite. And the nubs of corn are amazing.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      I’m the right place being deep between the legs of a horny woman. Should’ve seen the cuc inside me today…oh boy, was I cumming!

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Can you share your experiences with cucumbers!? I had several body shaking orgasms today with one deep inside me out by the pool. Would love to hear about yours and how you used it/how it made you feel.

      [From MH: A post submission would be great!]

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