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It was time for the company Christmas party. The venue was an oceanfront high-rise hotel about 30 miles from home. To avoid having to drive back home late at night, we left the kids with the in-laws and booked a room for the night.

We had a leisurely drive down the coast and checked in at mid-day. After a lovely late lunch on the oceanfront terrace,  we went up to our room.

As the winter sun was starting to set, we sat on the balcony. I had changed into a short denim skirt and a thin white camisole – that’s all. I sat on my husband’s lap, and we started to kiss. Soon his hands crept up under my top and found my braless tits. As he fondled and teased my nipples, I could feel his hard-on forming. It didn’t take long for his hand to slip under my skirt and discover my bare pussy. His finger found my clit, and soon I was cumming with intense waves of pleasure.

He suggested we move inside to the bed, but I was feeling a little naughty.  I got off his lap and stood at the guardrail. The beach far below was only lightly populated, and we could not be seen from any of the neighboring rooms. We just had the wide-open ocean and the warm sun before us. I boldly removed my top, and stood there for a few minutes, enjoying the view and feeling the warm sun on my front. My husband was enjoying his view as well!

Then we moved inside to the bed, leaving the drapes and sliding doors open. We quickly got naked and jumped into a 69 position. As my man licked my pussy, I sucked his cock. The low angle of the sun made an interesting shadow on the wall that we could both see – the mythical beast with two backs, bucking and writhing in pleasure.  Watching the silhouette of his cock sliding in and out of the profile of my head excited us.

My cunt felt better and better as his tongue licked my clit, and soon I came with shuddering vibrations. Then we flipped over, and I mounted him, impaling myself with his stiff cock. I rode him hard, in control of all my pleasure. He likes seeing my tits bounce when we do this, and I made sure they bounced a lot! Before long, we were cumming together as my world exploded around me.

We relaxed a while, then showered and dressed for the party. We looked forward to doing it all again in the morning…

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