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He pulled up in front of the Hobby Lobby and put the car in park.  Patiently, he waited for his fare to come out of the building.  When she approached his car, he saw she was stunningly gorgeous.

“Are you Bobby?” she asked with a kind smile on her face.

“Yes, ma’am,” he replied. “Hop in.”

She asked, “Is it okay if I ride up front?  It’s always really awkward when I ride in the back on these Uber rides.”

“Sure,” he answered.

She put her bag in the backseat and sat in the passenger seat.  He pulled out into traffic, and they began their trek towards her apartment.

“So, has it been a busy night for you?” she asked.

“Fairly busy,” he replied. “You’re my last fare of the evening.  I’m looking forward to kicking back and relaxing.”

“I know what you mean,” she said. “I had such a crazy day today at work.  I could stand to blow off some steam if you know what I mean.”

“Well, there’s a bar not too far from your apartment. If you’d like, I could drop you there,” Bobby replied.

“That’s not what I had in mind,” she replied a bit nervously as she reached over and began softly to rub his crotch through his jeans.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Look, I’m going to be honest with you,” she replied, as she began to undo his pants and fish out his hardening erection. “I’m really horny and need some cock tonight.  Do you think you could help me out, Bobby?  You said I’m your last fare.  You feel up to spending the night at my place?”

“That sounds… great,” Bobby said as she began to stroke his cock.

“Awesome. My name is Catrina, by the way.”

“Well, nice to meet you, Catrina,” Bobby said, and then he started to moan as she began an intense suck of his cock as he drove.

Before long, they made it to her apartment.  Bobby tucked his cock into his jeans, and they hurried inside.  As soon as the door was locked, they were all over each other.  Clothes were quickly strewn all over the apartment, and they fumbled their way towards the bedroom.

Eventually, they found themselves in a very sensual 69.  Bobby delighted in the scent and taste of Catrina’s pussy as he began to lick and tease her.  As he played with her clit, she moaned on his cock.  He alternated between nibbling and sucking her pleasure button and then moving down and dipping into her soaking wet folds.

She responded by licking and sucking up and down his shaft.  Finally, she screamed out her orgasm.  Then she rolled off of him and begged him to fuck her.

He smiled and inserted his cock into her pussy, thrusting in and out with all he had.  Finally, unable to hold back, he pulled out and shot his load over her stomach and breasts.  Then he fell to the side and lay next to her, exhausted.  He watched as she looked over at him with a mischievous smile and then licked his semen off of her boob!

“Wow!  You’ve never done that before, Mrs. Johnson,” Bobby said to his wife.

“I know, but I thought you might like it,” Catrina replied with a laugh.

“That was unbelievably hot!” Bobby said.

“Great! But it really has been a crazy day at work, and I could use a shower,” Catrina said.

“You can have the first turn,” Bobby said, “I kinda got you a bit messy at the end there.”

“Such a gentleman,” Catrina said with a giggle.

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13 replies
    • Beezie19j says:

      I’m not sure if you have seen the story that we have posted on here before and the interview. It’s in our archive. We’ve tried a job interview where my wife had to work a little bit harder than normal to get the job. That was a blast. I definitely recommend trying something similar to that if you’re into role play. We’ve also always wanted to try one of us being a police officer (probably my wife) “arresting” the other. Does anyone else have any fun fantasies you’ve tried out?

    • LilaY69 says:

      My husband and I both have many hot and erotic fantasies. Sexual fantasy is virtually endless.

      As far as role play fantasies… one that comes to mind that we have fantasized about, as well as acted out is a "quid pro quo" scenario in which I'm a sultry secretary that bangs her boss to move up in the company.

      Another good one is getting hot in steamy in a sauna with a stranger or banging the massage therapist or even masseuse in a massage parlor.

    • Penny4URthoughts says:

      Don’t get me started on massages. My husband would gladly send me to the massage therapist every day. Although they are very legitimate masseurs or masseuses with no touching of sexual areas, I come home so horny he gets to massage the rest. Some have told me it’s the way blood is moving around in my body during the massage. Some say it’s being naked with a stranger. But yes fantasy takes over when I get home and my husband finishes the job.

    • SecondMarge says:

      You all have such vivid imaginations.

      Penny, I also had a close call while a masseuse did her job very professionally.

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