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I awoke in the pre-dawn hours. The house was dark. I heard the back door open and close. My husband was going out for an early walk as he often does. I wandered into the bathroom and found a note. It read, “Wear this and nothing else. Go into the bedroom and close the door. You will have a visitor. After he leaves, put on the clothes left for you and come tell me what happened.” With the note was a blindfold.

I crept back to the bedroom and closed the door. After removing my PJs, I put on the blindfold and lay in the dark, wondering what was going to happen. Finally, I heard the bedroom door open. Between the darkness and the blindfold, I couldn’t see a thing. But then I felt someone climb on the bed.

Suddenly, there was a tongue on my pussy! The tongue flicked and licked and sucked my clit as I became aroused. It moved at just the right ace, slowly at first, then picking up the pace. Before long, I was shaking and twitching and cumming. Cumming hard.

Before I could catch my breath, the tongue was back on my clit. Then I felt a finger in my cunt. In and out the finger fucked me, finding my g-spot and making me feel ecstatic. Faster and faster, the tongue licked, and the finger fucked. It was so good! Again my body shuddered all over as I came a second time.

As I started to recover, my visitor moved up. I felt his arms wrap behind my legs, pushing them up on his shoulders. I gasped as a hard, swollen cock pushed into my pussy. My legs were straight up in the air, resting on his shoulders. I love getting fucked this way!

Faster and faster, harder and harder he fucked me. His cock swelled and filled my pussy, making me feel better as I began to cum. He was cumming, too. He momentarily slowed as if to prolong the feeling, but I couldn’t take it!

“Fuck me hard! Fuck me harder!” I shouted. He pounded his cock into my cunt, then exploded into me. My world shattered into a million pieces of pleasure as I came for the third time.

Suddenly, he was gone. The room was quiet again. I heard the back door open and close. Once I could move again, I took off the blindfold. There was a simple black gown lying on the bed. I put it on and went into the living room, where my husband was reading.

“I just returned from my walk,” he said. “What have you been doing?”

I told him that I had just had my pussy licked and finger-fucked at the same time. Then how I-don’t-know-who had fucked me—and how good it was and how much I enjoyed it!

But somehow I think he knew.

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10 replies
  1. possibility says:

    Great way to start the day.
    I felt every moment of the excruciating excitement you both must have felt after that lovely finger / clit lick fuck and of course the wonderful fuck itself with his cock inside of your cunt!

  2. LilaY69 says:

    Ooh, this is hot… I love your writing purplehubcap.

    Definitely a hot fantasy of mine of getting licked, fingered, and fucked by a stranger.

    Please write more like this, babe!

    Lila xoxo 😘

  3. A Better Pastime says:

    Fantasy confession: I fantasize about my wife and I in a threesome. I fantasize about a picture of my wife on all fours on our bed, sucking me in front of her, while being fucked doggy-style from behind by a faceless stranger who would have emerged from our master bedroom closet to come up behind her to fuck her from behind. In my fantasy, the stranger is faceless, and my wife never turns around to look at him. In my fantasy, my wife is on all fours the entire time she sucks me and takes the stranger from behind. In my fantasy, I am completely silent so that my wife can hear the moans, groans and guttural grunts from the strange man. My wife loves deep male sex sounds. I picture this scene in my mind as if watching a video of it taken from a full-side view. Lyla69 and HornyGG confess to faceless or stranger fantasies, which gave me the courage to do the same. I'm thinking that if they are open and honest, then I can be as well and if I have this level of taboo fantasy, most likely others do to.

    • SecondMarge says:

      We do a slight twist on your fantasy. I will wear something sexy, but not slutty out to dinner. My husband will catch someone getting a good look at me, maybe my nipples poking at my dress. My husband will tap me and say, that guy will join us in our bedroom tonight. He may comment that he looks well equipped to please me. It’s hotter for me when I can think of a face and body to our fantasy stranger. We vary which cock is doing what to me. But often my husband goes down on me after my pussy is full of cum.

      The fantasy made the sex far hotter for both of us. Sometimes I would pick a female I think is hot for him to enjoy riding his cock while I sit on his face. Maybe we kiss and touch each other’s breasts.

      Fantasyland is a fun and safe place to do things you won’t in real life.

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