The Amusement Park

I know that some of you may not approve of some of our actions before we were married, but here is the story about one of the most thrilling times of our courtship. Now, after 45 years of marriage, we look back on these times with fondness.

We were in our last year of college and recently engaged.  We were very committed to each other and to remaining virgins until our wedding night, but we did do a bit of fooling around at this point.

This particular day was a holiday.  He picked me up at my house and we left for a day at one of the big amusement parks in the area.  I was wearing one of those “poor boy” sweaters – a tight fitting, ribbed knit.  As we settled into our seats and started to drive off, I reached under my top and, with a few swift motions, removed my bra.  He was very impressed, but he kept his eyes on the road.

It wasn’t until we arrived at the amusement park and got out of the car that he saw how my form-fitting top showed off my breasts quite nicely. My nipples were very apparent through the thin fabric.  I could tell he was very turned on by what he saw, and I felt quite a thrill imagining what he was thinking.

We spent the day having fun at the park and enjoying being together after our long seperation during the school year.  And he took every opportunity to watch my breasts happily bouncing along as I walked, my nipples poking through my top.  I was sure he was making plans for a hot make-out session that evening. (That might be another MH story.)

The only glitch came when we unexpectedly ran into a few of our high school friends in the park.  I strategically crossed my arms, and I don’t think they saw much.

Now, over 45 years later, we remember this day fondly.  If I ever want to initiate sex, I know all I have to do is put on a thin, revealing top with no bra, and he comes running, ready, willing, and able to make sweet love together.

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7 replies
  1. Tohimbetheglory says:

    My wife and I are highschool sweethearts 34 years running. One of my fondest memories in the highschool hallways was a tight pink esweater that had a low cut front. I shared this when we we're taking a 5 love language class at our church. Everyone got a good chuckle out of it . Man did I love the 80s with the tight jeans or spandex for the girls, and the big hair. I must say; there are outfits my wife can wear that will give me wood, when ever I can see the outline of her bra underneath ,or her tits with out the bra. And her ass is a whole other subject for my affection.mmmm!! Anyway thanks for jogging my memories for me once again. Please continue to write stories on here. ToHimbetheglory.

  2. Tohimbetheglory says:

    Oh and as far as the pre marital petting or what ever that occurred, I believe God has forgiven all of it . Sounds like you have built 45 years of marriage upon those beginning years. My wife and I wish we had been more innocent before marriage , but if we had been innocent before marriage – we wouldn't have our first beautiful daughter that we have now. So that being said , I believe God has forgiven us as well. We've built 33 years of marriage as well after being not so innocent. And again ToHimbetheglory.!!

    • MajorMajor says:

      Tohimbetheglory – My wife and I wish we had been more innocent before marriage , but if we had been innocent before marriage – we wouldn't have our first beautiful daughter that we have now.

      Haha – same here. Except it was a boy…

  3. Forever625 says:

    When my wife and I were first married (25yrs ago) and lived in NJ where we would have some cold spells, it just happened that every time she wore a form fitting turtleneck sweater we would end up having sex. Now that we live in the south, I don’t get the benefit of it but we find other things.

  4. PatientPassion says:

    Compared to the MH community, I think I'm relatively conservative in regards to what I think is acceptable to do sexually before marriage. However, I think that dressing more revealingly as described in this story is a fun, acceptable and even beneficial way for an engaged couple to begin turning up the heat as the wedding approaches.

    As long as both partners are strong in their convictions and this doesn't cause them to be tempted to do anything that's actually sinful, it's a beautiful way to build a little anticipation for the full expressions of sexuality that will be coming in marriage. Personally, I hope my own future fiancee/wife will be willing to open up and have a little fun like this when we finally begin approaching our own wedding!

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