Sofa Sex

My husband and I dated for almost seven years before we got married, including our college years when we lived three hundred miles apart.  Whenever we could get together during this time, we had many fabulous make-out sessions sitting on the sofa – any sofa.  Oh, how we always wished we didn’t have to stop!

After we married, we fucked like rabbits every chance we could.  But it was almost always in the bedroom. (Well, there was that one time in the car, but that is a separate story.)

So one day, when I was wearing a sexy tank top and a very short skirt (and nothing else), my husband pulled me onto the sofa and we pretended we were teenagers again.  This time there were no holds barred!

We started with some lovely kissing, his lips and tongue caressing and tangling with mine.  When his hand slid up to stroke my boob through my tank, I certainly didn’t object.  Soon his hands found their way under my top and, a while later, sneaked under my skirt.

I unzipped his shorts and soon had his hard cock in my hand.  It felt amazing to stroke it’s length while he explored my nether region. It grew got hotter and hotter against my palm as he finger-fucked me.

After I came several times, I slipped down onto my knees and sucked his cock. I did my best to give him the blowjob he deserved.

Then, still wearing my skirt and top, I straddled him and impaled my cunt on his shaft.  We rocked and thrust as his cock slid back and forth inside me, with all the panting and groaning and whispered words of encouragement of a couple in heat. Soon we both came together.

As we relaxed in each other’s arms, we remarked that being teenagers was never like this!

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14 replies
  1. TPC says:

    Love it! Thanks for another great story. My wife and I have a similar background. We dated several years in high school and college with lots of epic makeout sessions. Even 25 years down the road, seeing her in a skirt is an instant turn on. Many times we end up in the downstairs bathroom with her skirt pushed up, her panties to one side and going at it like we are newly married. Always a good time.

  2. Southernheat says:

    My husband and I also dated several years before getting married. I remember those long make out sessions and not wanting to stop. Love your stories and your heat and passion after all these years of marriage!

  3. AlwaysReady says:

    We too have relived a few of our pre-marriage makeout sessions only without stopping. We were older than many when we met and got married, but we often go back to one or two of our early makeouts and replay them in our minds.

  4. Stevie says:

    How hot and sexy!! Great role play!! The awesome part was you didn’t have to stop and you didn’t. So nice!! I remember those teen days, those make out sessions on the couch.

  5. Tulsa says:

    Fun story! Going back in time can be a rush, especially when that time was a bit risky!
    We have done similar!
    Now……if only there was still a drive-in movie somewhere….


    • Tulsa says:

      Wow! Lucky you!
      Most are extinct, but not that long ago, they were the ‘happening place’!
      Better head over there with your spouse and steam up the windows in the back row! Used to be a lot of that going on!

  6. PacMan says:

    Funny story… I basically had sex WITH a sofa… which was my first orgasm in front of my FW when we were dating. We weren’t really dry humping…. yet. But FW already O’ed from kissing alone. And my cock was hard the rest of that night. We kissed again, and my dick was rubbing up against the couch cushion. And I came…. jizz soaked my underwear, my khakis, and even left a big wet spot on the couch cushion. I almost impregnated that damn couch!! 😁

  7. PacMan says:

    No not parents house. 😁 We weren't horny teens when we dated… we were horny mid 20s! 😁 Which was good, because we dry humped…. a LOT. These were the first of MANY soiled pants. I never did soil the couch again though. THAT was a one night stand. 🤣

  8. Penny4URthoughts says:

    Fun story. We have not had sofa sex or car sex since we were dating. I think about it sometimes but then remember how much more comfortable I am in the bed. Easier to change positions too. Also has sheets that can be thrown in the washing machine.

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