🔊 First Time Backdoor (L/A)

This story contains strong language (L)
This story includes anal sex (A)

This is “Juicy’s” Man writing this:

It started out as a very steamy day. We filled the kids’ pool so they could cool off before bed. It was only about 20″ deep, but deep enough so everyone could get wet and refreshed.

After a lot of splashing with the kids, we got them all dried off and dressed and put to bed.

By this time we figured the sun had gone down. So now it was our turn for my beautiful wife and me to get into the pool. We could cool off without the constraints of having to watch kids.

It was still pretty hot outside and the pool was refreshing for both of us. The cool water felt great. We splashed and played around a bit. Now you have to realize this was not a huge pool–the two of us pretty much filled it up. The streetlight was shining on us so we couldn’t really get too frisky. We were still able to hunker down in the pool and enjoy ourselves. My wife’s buoyancy was fun to utilize as she could hover over my lap. I finally drew her in and held her from behind to kiss her on the neck.

Now, I need to interrupt here to explain that I love my wife’s ass. I love to play with it. I love to run my fingers up and down her crack to make her jump. I like to watch it wiggle as she walks. I guess you can call me an “ass man.” When I go down on my wife to taste her juices between her legs, I will also allow my fingers to lightly touch her asshole. I like to hear her gasp and to see her little spasm.

Back to my story. So my wife was hovering over me in the shallow water as I held her close. I slipped my hand up under her bathing suit to play with her for a while. She became quickly aroused. I slid my fingers into her luscious pussy and it was very lubricated, even in the water. I finally found the round bulge of her clit, engorged with blood. My rubbing it brought her great pleasure.

It was about this time I decided to go for broke and gently allow my finger to play with her asshole. I let my finger dart in and out, pushing the water with it. I could feel the inner warmth of its deliciousness. I went about caressing her butt cheeks and crack, as her swimsuit bottoms were nearly off by now. My manhood was throbbing. My wife gently and slowly stroked it through my swim trunks.

It was about this time we decided to head back inside to dry off and play some more. We ended up in the living room with no clothes on and just towels on the floor. We continued to kiss and suck on each other. I took my wife’s tits into my mouth, suckling until the nipples were fully erect. She caressed and cupped my balls. When I reached grew stiff again, she sucked and lightly licked my cock until it was literally pulsing. I had a raging erection that throbbed and almost hurt.

She turned around to present to me the most delicious ass and pussy. I think her intent was that we were going to make love doggy style. As I continued to massage her clit, she moaned.

I felt that she was a little dry from her love juices being diluted in the pool water, so I got the bottle of lube to help slick her up. It drizzled out of the nozzle of the bottle down her beautiful crack and onto her pussy. My finger rolled around her clit and she moaned. I was fully hard and my manhood was throbbing for a tight, wet hole to push into.

I positioned myself over my wife’s luscious pussy and slid into her several times. As I teased her asshole with my lubricated finger, she moaned with pleasure. I thought to myself, “What would it be like to slide into that virgin asshole?”

I figured that it was going to be hard to penetrate her luscious ass with my cock. But her asshole was well-lubed, so I decided to go for it. I slid my dick out of her wet love nest and moved my cock toward her backdoor. I pushed slowly, and my cockhead slipped in her ass. I was pleasantly surprised at how easily the head of my rock hard shaft slid past the round opening looking at me.

I paused for her to catch her breath and to let her relax her asshole. Her beautiful ass had a rock hard grip on my manhood. It was like a slick, hot vise. This was the first time we ever ass fucked and it was awesome! As I carefully started to pump slowly in and out of this new love garden, she was thoroughly enjoying it.

Panting hard, she started to thrust her hips back and forth on my stiff cock. I was becoming a spectator to my wife’s new passion! Her ass was undulating back and forth in front of me and tightening its grip on my cock. It found it increasingly difficult to hold back the orgasmic eruption that was getting ready to spew forth.

At last, I could hold on no longer. My rock hard cock blew its full load. It pulsed over and over until I spent all the cum built up inside me. The cum was gushing out of her lovely ass and sliding down her legs. It was a beautiful sight!.

My wife and I lay there enjoying the glow of it all. As we talked, I found out that my wife had been wanting me to fuck her ass for quite some time.

I realized that I was the luckiest man around to have such a loving and willing wife to try new things. I am truly blessed.

A note from JuicyForMyMan:
As noted in the story, I had wished for this encounter for quite some time! In fact, it took several years of me hoping before he even touched my asshole during our playtime. But when he did, WOW! The feeling was incredible and I knew I wanted more. I’d tried all the ways I could think of to let him know I’d like more but hadn’t actually said anything. I’d been raised in a very conservative family. It took several years of marriage for me to be able to verbally express my wants/needs during sex. It also made me initially unsure about whether we should have anal sex.

As well as it worked out for my husband, I would never recommend that any man try to surprise his wife with anal sex. If she is reluctant, talk about it, have her think about it, and she may come around and want to try it. Once she is convinced, you’ll need to take it slowly when you first penetrate that tight little hole. Initially, it will tighten up a lot. That’s a natural reaction which she cannot control. She will need you to stop while she takes in this wonderful new sensation and works to relax to accommodate that hard cock. Once she is relaxed, it will be a whole new world of fun and great orgasms!

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15 replies
  1. Tohimbetheglory says:

    Super 🔥! Congratulations on the first time , I am still waiting for the wife's and mine. I too am an ass man. It is a rare treat for me ; one that I love though is to rub a finger around the wife's rosebud or even to tongue it . my wife will moan and groan letting me know that she likes the playing with it. I myself have enjoyed her playing with my ass at times while she blows me. As a matter of fact this last Monday right before work she gave me a blow job , as I spread my legs more ,to give her easier access to my butt for a light spanking and digital play. My " talk "was about her having a strap on dildo and fucking my ass for the first time. This fantasy got her wound up quickly, she grabbed her massager turned it on, and in thirty seconds had one hell of an orgasm herself. The cat is out of the bag now! She started sucking me again as I grabbed my dick she continued the story, then I had a strong strong orgasm. I told her I loved the idea of it ,and I was willing to try. My thoughts are, if she gets my ass ,with time maybe I will enjoy hers as well. Not as a trade off, but as a loving couple being able to experience something NEW after 33 years of loving marriage. Spouses, don't be afraid of talking. ToHimbetheglory

    • JuicyForMyMan says:

      Yes! Communication is so important! We are much better at that now than we were at the time this story took place which was many years ago. We have been married about the same length of time as you have.

      Sounds to me like it’s time you communicated about whether she’s ready to try it!

  2. Proverbial1 says:

    It was great to get both sides of the story! As a long-time, happily married man (forty years), I am still hopeful that my wife and I will get to enjoy anal before the plumbing won't be "up to it." I think my interest in the dark deed has shifted from what the sensation would be like for me, to what sounds my wife might make and what level of orgasm she might reach, if we could add that to the mix.

    Going by "Juicy's Man" side of the story, he had been inadvertently awakening your desire in that area. On the other hand, maybe he had a long-term plan!

    Considering how easy it seemed to go for you, JuicyFor, had you been doing things that helped you be ready? Of course, you said that your fantasies had already involved anal, but what about actual private exploration before it actually happened? Had you done things yourself that prepared you?

    • JuicyForMyMan says:

      I hadn’t done any exploring on my own, but the sensation of him touching me there was so thrilling that I was very eager to try it. I’d desired even that touch for quite awhile before he did even that. I just knew it would feel good. For a long time, it seemed like he’d touch all around, but avoid the actual rosebud. Maybe the long-term desire helped build up to it! The orgasm I experienced from it was absolutely out if this world!

  3. hornyGG says:

    Hot story JuicyForMyMan! My husband Ben and I both enjoy anal play/sex. I was kinda intimidated at first due to his size. But he was gentle and let me dictate things. Once I learned how to relax, I loved it. I have always loved for Ben to finger and play with or tounge my rose bud. It has always excited me.
    Ben enjoys when I finger his asshole as well . We have recently gotten into pegging which he enjoys immensely. I enjoy being the giver instead of the reciever occasionally! 😀
    Anyway, thanks for sharing and keep the stories cumming darlin!
    God bless and Stay horny!
    😘 GG

    • JuicyForMyMan says:

      Thank you for replying, hornyGG. I just found this site in the last 2 or 3 months and have so enjoyed reading your stories! This was my/our first story, but it won't be the last one. I already have one I started which happened just a couple of weeks ago. I need to go finish it up and submit it!

  4. gcms says:

    Very hot. The ass can be very pleasurable to have it played with. Plus, there is a little bit of the mental side as it feels somewhat taboo. Both make it very pleasurable.

  5. mayfair Bones says:

    My personal fantasy. After 20 yrs plus, not even sure how to raise the topic. When my wife is extremely aroused and I play with her clit, she seems to allow me to put one finger over her rosebud and another stroking her clit.
    Never tried to slip a finger in her gorgeous ass.
    Loved to make love to her like that.

    • JuicyForMyMan says:

      If she’s letting you, I wouldn’t be surprised if she wants more, but just hasn’t told you. Has anything changed since you wrote this?

  6. Sweetie806 says:

    Hot indeed! I'm another one of those husbands who's intrigued at the idea of giving it to my wife in the ass. I'd love to bring her the kind of intense pleasure that I'm reading about in these stories, but I also know that having my cock in her ass would make me feel like her body absolutely belonged to me and only me (she'd feel that way, too 😊). I know she and I would both get off on that!

  7. Giants05 says:

    This story is super super hot. We have been married 15 yrs and together for 20 and trying new stuff to spice up the bedroom. We played w anal when we first got married but haven't. About 2 months ago we started experimenting w fingers and tongue and she loves it. Last night after reading this she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. It was super amazing.

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