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This story contains strong language (L)
This story includes anal play (A)

This happened about two weeks after I played our “Masturbation Tag” token and got to watch as Brian performed. (June 18, 2019 story.) Of course I knew he would play the token on me. I just didn’t know when, or where. Brian is so creative and even devious when he wants to be. Often, the thought of Brian playing the token distracted my daily routine.

Saturday we were having some close friends, two couples, over for dinner. This was going to be a casual evening. We’d be cooking on the grill, and our guests were bringing sides and dessert. The evening was warm, so I wore a comfortable V-neck button-up dress. Brian had shorts on.

At about 6:00, the doorbell rang, signaling that the first couple had arrived. As I headed to answer the door, Brian took my arm and handed me our “special casino chip!” Then he said, “As soon as the last couple leaves, on the sofa with a dildo and vibrator!”

I reluctantly took the token from Brian, knowing I had no choice. I glared at him and said, “Really? You expect me to be a good hostess tonight while thinking about what you want me to do later?” He gave me a devilish smile and released my arm. My glare turned to a leer. I was realizing the pleasure I’d be experiencing at the end of the evening. I gingerly walked to the door to welcome our guests, suddenly much more aware of the juncture of my legs.

Over the next few minutes, all of our friends arrived. I greeted them warmly. I was genuinely glad to see them, but also a bit distracted by the weighty token in my pocket. I accepted all the food they brought, taking it to the kitchen. But the thought of what was going to happen later that night lingered just below the surface of my hostess pleasantries.

Brian helped everyone to a drink while I prepared the snack tray to take to our living room. Everyone got situated, beverages in hand, conversations already active. I entered with the tray of veggies and dip. Of course, Brian had taken the armed chair opposite the sofa. The only seat left for me was on the sofa opposite Brian. How did he make that happen?

As I sat down, Brian’s stare surveyed every inch of me. His eyes moved from my face to my hips to my legs. He saw right through my clothes like my dress had become invisible. I saw that he could see all of me: my eyes, my lips, my curves, the texture and color variances of my skin. He knew the spots that were becoming excited at the thought of what would happen later.

I squirmed a bit as I settled into the sofa, returning Brian’s stare. I was trying not to get too turned on by the thoughts we shared. I nervously crossed and uncrossed my legs. I couldn’t tell if I wanted to stimulate what I was feeling between them or was trying to suppress the sensations. All the while, our friends were engaged in various conversations, something to do with our local soccer team or maybe politics.

I tried to be engaged, but it was tough with Brian sitting opposite me in the chair. The idea of the chip in my pocket was constantly diverting my attention. I noticed Brian moving in his chair and adjusting his shorts a couple times. I knew I wasn’t the only one of us thinking about later.

Finally, it was time for the burgers and hot dogs to be put on the grill. Brian made a few more adjustments of his shorts before being able to tend to those duties. I tried to focus on getting the rest of the food ready for dinner. I couldn’t help but notice the warmth and moisture that sitting on the sofa, opposite Brian, had triggered.

The rest of the evening happened separate from my consciousness. I know everyone had plenty of food and drinks. I know there were lots of great conversations and laughs. But my mind was not engaged. I was completely distracted. All I could think about was being on that sofa, naked and spread for Brian. I would be pleasuring myself with a dildo and vibrator! How many times would he allow me to cum? Make me cum?

Thankfully, the last couple finished their post-dinner coffee. We exchanged hugs before heading to the door. I stepped onto the front porch to say good-bye and Brian retreated into the living room. As I closed the door, I turned to see Brian sitting in the armed chair opposite the sofa as he had done earlier.

“Have a seat, Dez!” Brian commanded.

“Shouldn’t we clean up the dishes first?” I begged for a moment to gather myself.

But Brian reminded me of the simple instructions. “As soon as the last guest leaves, on the sofa!”

I settled into the soft cushions, sliding toward the edge more than normal. I took a few cleansing breaths and thought, “OK, Brian performed for me. This is my turn to perform for Brian.”

Without any words from Brian, I looked directly into his eyes and undid the first three buttons of my dress. His eyes immediately moved from my eyes to follow the movements of my fingers. I’m sure he knew already, but now there was no doubt I was braless. The fabric of the dress opened to reveal the curves of my breasts. The edge of the material barely hid the transition from the lighter flesh of my breast to the darker circles that marked my nipple.

I slid my left hand under the seam, cupping my right breast. I caressed it gently, feeling the soft tissue in my hand. As I delicately massaged, the warmth built and the urge to touch my nipple rose. The fabric of my dress fell to the side as my fingers found my nipple. They glided over it, softly at first then rolling it between my thumb and middle finger. The pleasure increased as I tugged on it and then strummed all of my fingers across it. The tight tissue barely yielded as each finger pulled on it.

My body begged for more. I quickly undid another button so that both breasts were available to my pleasuring fingers and Brian’s eyes. Swirling, small circles with a moist fingertip around the edges of my darker peaks, I followed them with those tantalizing tugs on my nipples which intensified and focused my pleasure.

My enjoyment was interrupted by Brian’s voice. “Undo the rest of your dress.”

As I unfastened the last button, the material fell off my thighs. Now unrestricted, my legs opened. The dark triangle of my panties still covered my mound, framed by my thighs. It was the only thing that blocked Brian’s view of my bare, most delicate folds.

I didn’t need any more encouragement. My hands seemed to gravitate from my breasts to my tummy to the mound projecting between my hips. In unison, my hands slid to the softness of my thighs. My fingers caressed the tender flesh. Finally, they found their way to the sensitive valley where my legs end and my outer lips begin.

Ever so methodically, my fingers encroached on the smooth skin of my outer lips. My bare lips swelled with the attention they were getting. I could feel the heat building down there, too. In an urgent motion, I hooked my thumbs through the strings of my panties. Pulling them to the floor, this last restriction was removed. As I spread my legs again, Brian offered his words of encouragement.

“Dez, your pussy is so beautiful when it opens. You are so beautiful! Don’t stop! I love you so much!”

I dipped my fingers between my inner lips, pulling them apart even more. I traced the valley between to moisten them with my wetness. My fingers found their way to my entrance, drawing circles around it and making my cavern crave penetration. My other hand found its way higher on my mound, seeking out the shaft of my clit. Soon my fingers were working in unison, rubbing my clit and penetrating my entrance. I knew I could cum like this. Brian did too! But he had other ideas.

“Under the sofa are a couple of toys.”

His instruction interrupted my journey to a beautiful clit orgasm. OMG! All night I had been literally sitting on top of the vibrator and dildo he was going to have me use! I reached under the sofa. There were our newest cute little clit vibrator and a massive realistic vibrating dildo. The dildo was long and thick and had a loop in the base for a good grip. I had only used it once solo but loved the control I had even with slippery hands.

“Dez, I want to watch you cum with the clit vibrator!” Brian directed. In spite of the interruption, with where I was, that was going to be easy and fast. My fingers returned to my entrance, a little deeper now.

The perfectly shaped vibrator was soon nestled in my cleft. It sent amazing rumbles through my lips and clit. It is so incredible to have a body part that does nothing but give pleasure! I took it slow, at least to my mind, to let the sensations build. The intensity increased steadily, unabated. The warmth and wetness grew and grew.

“Cum for me, Dez!” I heard the words from Brian just before my body took over. Moans turned to screams. My abdomen clenched, my legs trembled, my pussy quivered with each contraction. And the vibrations kept my orgasm building! My mind and spirit were transported to another place as ecstasy enveloped my body. My world became pure bliss! Surges of pleasure coursed through every fiber.

Slowly, I descended from the pinnacle of pleasure to reenter the present. Brian’s loving voice greeted me. “Dez, you are so beautiful when you cum! I love you!”

At some point, when my eyes had been rolled back, Brian had discarded his clothes. He sat naked, his hard cock wrapped in his hand. Precum glistened on the tip.

“I want you inside me!” was all I could think, all I could say. I craved the feeling of his fullness. Only that would satisfy my inner needs.

“Not yet, Dez,” he answered. “You have another toy to show me.” The large dildo was pretty realistic. It is close to the length and girth of Brian. It also has a wonderful cockhead very similar to Brian’s. I knew I needed to follow his directions. After all, it was his chip to play.

I pulled my legs back, one foot on the edge of the sofa, my other leg over the armrest. Brian had an unobstructed view of every fold, every ridge, every crevice, every opening. I felt so vulnerable, yet so trusting, under Brian’s gaze. This is my gift to give him without limit, without fear. As I touched the tip of the dildo to my pussy, Brian simply said again, “You are beautiful, Dez! I love you!”

A deep feeling of erotic passion and love for my husband swept over me. I pressed the tip of the dildo against my entrance. Slowly, I felt myself opening. My pussy yielded to the large head stretching the gateway to my depths. I gasped as the cockhead popped inside. My opening tightened to ensure that it didn’t escape. Slowly, I pressed the thick dildo deeper, enjoying the overwhelming sensations. My pussy expanded to sheath its ridge and veiny shaft. Brian was transfixed at the sight of the huge toy disappearing inside me. Inch by inch my body consumed the massive silicone cock, the lips of my entrance stretching around its girth. The fullness was incredible! Long, slow strokes from the edges of my opening to my deepest recesses. In! Out! In! Out! Repeatedly, a void formed and then ever so wonderfully filled.

I pressed my left hand on my abdomen as my right hand pushed the toy deeper. I felt the cockhead pushing so deep, pushing against my hand! Oh my god. “That’s my spot!” I squealed as bolts of pleasure struck me. Gentle but firm strokes intensified my focus. My very existence seemed centered deep in my vagina.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum for me Dez!”

“Aaaahhhh, aaahhhh, aaahhhh,” emanated with each breath, each stroke! My moans deepened! “Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmm!” Then I cried out, “Ohhhh! Ohhh! Ohhhhhh!” The pace increased as the first contractions started. “I’m cuming!!! I’mmm cuming! I’mmm CUMMMING!!!”

Moans again turned into screams as the ecstasy returned. My pussy clenched tightly on the thick toy buried inside. This orgasm was stronger, deeper, and longer than the first. More like a volcano erupting from so very deep inside. My core muscles spasmed with every contraction. Heatwaves joined the pleasure waves rolling over me. The tremors continued, again and again and again! And again!

Eventually, after some aftershocks, I started to settle down. I basked in the blissful glow of whatever chemicals are released during this glorious experience. Brian finally broke his long silence.

“That’s amazing, Dez! You are amazing! God, I love you!”

I finally opened my eyes, blinking to let the world reenter. There was Brian’s handsome face, naked body, and magnificent cock. It’s tip glistened even more. I was so delighted to see that he had not cum yet.

Enough with the toys. I need the real thing. I need Brian inside, filling me with what a toy never can — filling me with his cum!

I got up from the sofa and approached Brian. I bent down to lick away the moisture from his swollen cockhead. Then I gave him a passion-filled kiss on his mouth. Knowing Brian and knowing what I need, I turned and moved into a favorite yoga pose. I opened my legs a bit, bending at my waist to grab my ankles. Then I turned my head to see Brian’s eyes focused on this different angle of my wet lips and openings.

In words I’ve become more comfortable uttering, I voiced my need. “Fuck me!”

Brian stood, guiding his cock to my slit. He coated his cockhead with my wetness, sending shivers as he stroked it along my clit. He paused as the swollen head pressed against my eager entrance. I savored the moment that I knew was about to happen.

Holding my hips steady, he pressed a bit harder. His cockhead opened my entrance and slid inside. I heard myself moan. We were joined as only a loving husband and wife can be. I steadied myself with my hands on the sofa as Brian pushed deeper and deeper. I felt his passion intensify as he watched each inch enter the warm, tight grotto of his wife. He paused when his hips were tight against my ass. Our union had reached its full depth.

Brian’s hands were on my hips as he guided our motion. Long, slow strokes built the excitement. Occasionally, one hand moved to thrill me even more as he traced his thumb around the ridges of my other opening. Then he lowered his hands and stood motionless. This was my signal to show him the thrusting and the depth I needed and wanted.

I began to quicken the pace, pushing my ass against his hips. I felt the pleasure of his size so very deep, feeling his balls slap against my clit. Then I saw the early signs of his pending orgasm. His balls tightened, his shaft became even more rigid and thick. He grabbed my ass to resume control. Driving long and hard into me, faster and faster. His urgency built.

“Cum in me, Brian! Cum in me!” I craved and needed the spurts of his hot cum deep inside!

I felt his cock jerk as he let out a series of grunts, then the amazing sensation of each shudder as he came. Spurt after spurt after spurt of thick, wet cream painted my deepest recesses. The moment was overwhelming and triggered my own contractions. My body attempted to consume every last drop of his passion. Brian steadied us both as our legs become less stable. Our emotions melded, as did our orgasms. We were one!

After maybe a minute, Brian slowly extracted his magnificent cock. My filled and very satisfied pussy relaxed. Always prepared, he reached under the sofa for a hand towel he’d placed there earlier. Lovingly, he wiped away the product of our passion that was trickling down my thighs. Then he gently dabbed the moisture from the folds and curves of my pussy. Turning the towel, he wrapped it around his cock to absorb our wetness there too.

Before standing upright, I retrieved our special casino chip from the pocket of my dress. I turned and our lips met. Our kiss expressed the awe we had just experienced, the amazement of our love. We both savored the moment, but I also wanted Brian to be anxiously anticipating the next time. So I held up the casino chip, smiled and said, “Wonder when you’ll see this next!!!”

He met my challenge as he lightly smacked my bare ass and said, “I’ll be ready!”

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11 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Very hot story New Wife! I am still recovering from my illness, but couldn't keep my hand from my pussy as I read this.
    Ben loves watching me masturbate and I absolutely love watching him. Masturbation is a intricate part of our sex life that we indulge in solo and together. We decided after reading your first tag story that we were going to play the game as well. We decided on a red poker chip. Haven't played yet but we definitely will.
    Thanks for sharing and keep writing!
    God bless and stay horny always!

    😘 GG

    • Horny_boy says:

      I'm really glad you are ok, hornyGG, and that now you're in the process of recovering. It's nice that you were were able to finger your pussy and have fun with it. I just got flu yesterday and it's awful, but I was also stroking my cock. I guess we all need some sexual relief, regardless of sickness…

  2. Southernheat says:

    I definitely want to start playing this game! Had to take care of myself after reading this. Keep writing love your stories. Sounds like you got the big boss vibe I wrote about a while ago you said you you wanted to buy one. I love mine definitely my favorite toy these days!

    • hornyGG says:

      I also recently ordered the Big Boss. I haven't received it yet, but am so excited to try it out! 🤗😁. So thank you Southernheat for the review and recommendation.

      😘 GG

  3. New Wife says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words and thanks to MH for the opportunity to share some of our wonderful experiences.

    GG and Ben, so happy to hear that you two appreciate the joys and benefits of masturbation, both solo and together. Hope to get to hear more about the play of your red poker chip!

    Southernheat, yes, we did get the Big Boss vibe. Thank you, thank you for the idea. Obviously I love the size and the control I have with it. Awesome! Glad this story inspired you! Hopefully to use the Big Boss!


  4. ladygarden says:

    Nice story New Wife, your writing and visualizations are cute, subtle and hot. Haven't had the pleasure to initiate a BigBoss yet–however we have worn out several Hitachi Magic Wands! We love your sexcapades and creativity, looking forward to reading more.

    Celebrate each other,

    • Ben G. says:

      Great to see you back! Hope all has been well with you and yours. Hope to one day see another story from you! Very inspiring to say the least.
      God bless!
      Ben G.

  5. ladygarden says:

    Hello Ben, thank you for the warm welcome sir and a big Shout Out to GG, hope she is recovering on schedule. Life on this side of eternity sure does have a way of getting in the way at times, doesn’t it! As a matter of fact we do have another sexventure in the works, so stay tuned!

    Celebrate Each Other!😉

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