🔊 Learning About Each Other

My dear husband and I feel strongly that masturbation is a key ingredient in our married lives. It’s more than release. It’s a tool to learn about ourselves and to share what we discover. That way, we connect even better. We recently discovered a new, fun game called “Masturbation Tag.”

The rules of the game are simple: One of us has a token, in our case a special casino chip. That person is the “watcher.” The other is the “performer.” The “watcher” gives the token to the “performer” and tells them when and where and if any toys are to be used. Simple! But, of course, the “performer” never knows when the “watcher” is going to play the token!

I had been holding the chip for over a week. So, the other night I decided to play it!! After we got home from an evening out, I handed him our chip. Then I told him to put on only his black boxer-briefs and take a seat in a stuffed chair we have near our bed. I also told him to not touch himself. I got into bed and propped up with some pillows so I had a good view. I only had on panties. As I started touching my breasts to get my nipples hard, he reacted as I suspected he would.

I could see that he was firm but not yet totally hard. I could actually see the ridge on his knob through the thin material of his briefs. I told him to take his penis and balls out of his boxer-briefs through the fly. The sight of his manly parts framed in the black material of his underwear was to die for. His now firm, veiny erection was beautiful. It was so majestic!

I told him to show me how he likes to fondle, stroke and rub himself. He was to let me know when he was about to cum. After a few minutes, he was very close, so I told him to stop and sit on his hands. It was so beautiful to see his cock throb with every heartbeat!

After a minute or two, I told him to start again. When he told me that he was about to cum, I made him stop. Now, I’m usually not inhibited about asking for what I want. And I was feeling especially emboldened this night. I allowed him to get to the edge but not cum for a third time. Then I went over to him to appreciate his beautiful erection up close. I leaned over and licked his cock head, tasting his precum. At that point, I decided that I wanted our evening to last a while longer.

I returned to my position in bed. It was delightful to watch his cock throbbing with each beat of his heart. The sight was magnificent, even regal! I told him to come join me in bed. As he did, we kissed on the mouth and then I directed him lower.

I wasn’t ready for penetration just yet but sure did want to enjoy his exquisite oral skills. He didn’t disappoint! The buildup was great! He worked his magic around and through my panties and then took them off for even better access. Not really sure if I came twice or just had one long one, but it was awesome!

Then I put my hands on his head and directed him upward. I pulled my legs back and rested my calves on his shoulders. His mouth approached mine. I could taste my own moisture and feel the pressure of his knob against my entrance. We kissed for a while before he pushed a little. The head of his cock penetrated and pleasured me. Oh, that beautiful feeling of first penetration! His large knob stretched my entrance as he entered me with the first inch of his magnificent cock.

After a slow journey deeper and deeper, he settled into our favorite thrusting pattern. One long, deep thrust followed by ten short, shallow ones. Then two long, deep thrusts followed by nine shallow ones. The pattern continued. Each deep thrust was accompanied by wonderful clit stimulation as his pubic bone rubbed against my mound.

I felt myself getting closer and closer to cumming. I made it to about seven deep and three shallow. Then the involuntary contractions of my orgasmic bliss took control. My legs quivered. My stomach muscles tightened. The world went dark and light at the same time.

As I regained a bit of composure, I knew I still had more to give and take. I rolled us over to cowgirl. I love the intense pleasure of my husband’s cock pushing against my deepest recesses while his pubic bone rubs into my clit. The grinding and rocking of my hips against my husband is just amazing. His cock is my instrument of pleasure. Both of ours!

Moving with him so deep made me cum again in just a couple minutes. This orgasm was maybe the strongest yet. The ecstasy that started in my pussy soon rolled through my whole body like a tidal wave. Spent, I collapsed onto my hubby’s chest.

When my breathing returned to something near normal, he withdrew. We cuddled in a spooning position on our right sides. We basked in the feelings of trust and total exposure that strengthens the bond between husband and wife.

Of course, in this position, I couldn’t help but feel my hubby’s still very hard cock against my ass. I bent my left leg upward toward my chest to invite him to fill my entrance again. With little effort, he was able to slide into me. It wasn’t as deep as before, but he certainly was hitting my G-spot in a most delightful way. I guess I was still pretty aroused because it didn’t take much for me to cum again.

I knew I needed to help my hubby finish so I got onto my knees and lowered my shoulders to the bed. Actually, this is a very comfortable, non-stress position for me. It’s a lot like one of my resting yoga postures.

I put my hands on my cheeks and told my hubby that I needed him to cum inside. This time his thrusting started slow and deep, pausing at the end of each stroke. He gradually quickened the pace and I could sense his urgency. His noises got deeper. His thrusting became nearly frenetic. His grip on my ass tightened as he pushed deeply into me. It was truly joyous to feel him throbbing with each pulse that shot his cum into me.

After about five or six pushes, he stopped moving and I did several Kegels to help extract the last of his cum. We collapsed again, still connected and both of us so very satisfied!

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11 replies
  1. Dean316 says:

    Very fun and hot story New Wife! As an avid masturbator myself this was really fun to read even get me a bit hard. Guess i'll enjoy myself then!

    Stay sexy and god bless,

  2. PacMan says:

    This was 🔥🔥🔥! I could spend all my time complimenting New Bride — all those positions and many orgasms! But today I must tip my hat to New Groom. If I had edged myself to almost cumming 3x before even climbing on the bed… there’s no way I could have this kind of sexual stamina. Wow! I’m impressed. You each seem blessed to have a sex-crazed partner… enjoy it to the max!

  3. hornyGG says:

    I loved this story New Wife! Masturbation is a key ingredient in my and Ben's marriage as well. I know I have stated this fact many times. I love the chip idea. Ben and I are going to have to try it.
    Ben loves watching me touch and play with myself. And I absolutely love watching him rub and stroke his big cock. It is so hot and really turns me on.
    Sometimes he will cum ( which I love watching) or we will screw till he explodes inside me which is exquisite. Love it!
    Love your stories darlin! Keep writing and stay horny always !
    😘 GG

  4. PatientPassion says:

    I love the idea of a game like this, and using it to learn more about each other's pleasure makes it even better!

    Learning to love and please each other better and having fun at the same time is one of the things I most look forward to in my own future marriage. Thank you for even more inspiration, New Wife!

  5. R Dub says:

    Well played New Wife, very well played. You made the most of your turn with the token.

    Thank you for another sweltering story. You are one of my favorite writers here as you have an intimate way of drawing the reader into the action.

    Hoping to read how the next play of the token unfolds.

  6. Southernheat says:

    New wife I’ve loved all your stories they are well written, entertaining and very hot! They certainly get me in the mood and give me a few new ideas. May have to try out your token game sounds like fun! I like the pattern you mentioned haven’t started with that high a number or actually kept count but several short and then one long then several short then two long, oooooh, love that the short thrusts make your pussy beg and plead as you anxiously await those long deep strokes mmmmmmm mmmmmm
    Just thinking about it makes me smile
    😊 keep writing stories!

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