One-year Anniversary – Sample Ignite Story

Our one-year anniversary was quickly approaching and I was going to make some plans. But my husband told me not to plan anything. He was going to handle it all.

He told me to go shopping and buy myself a new dress and shoes. So I took my time shopping as I wanted to find the perfect dress. I found a really sexy silk dress. It was a wrap-around, mostly black, with some small bright pink print and a v neck. I also bought a black lace garter and black stockings and some new black patent pumps.

Today was the day, and I was so excited wondering what he had planned for us! I ran the bathwater, soaked in a bubble bath, and shaved my legs. After I dried off I did some trim work on my landing strip. My pussy was now ready for action.

I put some lotion and perfume on, then dried my hair and put my makeup on. Now it was time to put on my stockings and lace bra. I put on a special pendant necklace that he had bought for me. It hung right at my cleavage. Finally came my four-inch black pumps. Before putting on my dress, I looked in the mirror. I felt so sexy and thought I looked pretty darn good tonight. I put the dress on and was ready to go!

Where was he? What could he be doing? My curiosity was getting the better of me! Just then he called and said he was running a little late. When he got home he quickly showered. Then he put on a nice black suit with a crisp white shirt and a nice tie. He looked so handsome, and mmmmmm, he smelled soooo good! I am one lucky woman!

When I asked him where we were going he said it was a surprise. We drove up to one of the most exclusive restaurants in the city! I had always wanted to go there, but it’s booked way in advance. I knew he had to have been planning and saving for this evening for a long time.

They escorted us to our table secluded in the corner. The restaurant was beautiful and the menu was all in French. My hubs had taken a few semesters of French in high school and college, so he tried to impress me by reading the menu and helping me decide what we wanted to try. We both decided on the Dover sole with lump crabmeat. We started with a salad and a lobster bisque. The atmosphere was so romantic.

We flirted and held hands. I put my hand under the table on his thigh and began to inch toward his bulging package. I rubbed him as he smiled and gazed into my eyes. We talked and shared our feelings and how wonderful this first year of marriage had been. We talked about the good and the bad experiences of the past year. We shared our future dreams with each other too.

I adore this man! The way he looks at me makes my heart melt. I wish everyone could be as happy as we are! We are so blessed and we give God the credit for it. We work at our marriage, but putting God first in our marriage is what’s made the difference. Lord knows, neither of us is perfect and have made many mistakes along the way. But true love accepts each other: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Dinner was relaxed as we enjoyed the food and each other’s company. After dessert, he paid the check and we waited for the valet to pull the car around. We kissed as we stood there. We got in the car and soon I realized we were not heading home. Again, he would not tell me where we were going.

We drove up to the beautiful Doubletree Hotel. This was the hotel where we spent our wedding night. He managed to get the same hotel room to surprise me. I asked questions as we were going up in the elevator. What about my clothes, my overnight bag, my makeup, and my birth control pills?!

He smiled and said, “Relax, I’ve taken care of everything!” He said that my mom had been in on the whole thing and she had gotten sample sizes of all my makeup and face cleaner. That way, I wouldn’t notice anything gone if he packed it for me. He took care of the birth control and getting me another outfit.

He said the only catch was that I had to go to church the next morning wearing just what he brought me. If he forgot something I had to go with what I had! Of course, I checked everything, but he hadn’t forgotten anything. What a sweet guy!

Then he walked me to the coffee table to show me something. He had brought the top of our wedding cake that we had frozen to keep for this one-year anniversary! He really had thought of everything. That was the reason he had been running late. He had checked into the hotel and brought everything to our room before he came home to get ready. We were really full but tasted the cake anyway. It was awful, but the thought was still so romantic. It brought back memories of the wedding day anyway.

We talked about our wedding night and our first time together in this very room. How special that night was! Neither of us has been with anyone else. It’s so special to know that no one else will ever know the joys of sleeping with this wonderful man. He is all mine! We trust each other totally and give all of ourselves to each other 100 percent. That’s why the sex keeps getting better even today.

Now the real celebration could begin. We stood by the window overlooking the city skyline. I pulled his jacket off and tossed it to the couch. Then I pulled off his tie. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt as I kissed his neck and ran my fingers down his hairy chest. Kissing his lips, I helped him out of his shirt.

I took my shoes off and began to undo my dress and let it drop to the floor. There I stood in my black lace bra, black lace thong, black lace garter, and stockings. He was admiring my body as I slowly took off my bra and tossed it on the couch.

We kept the curtains open as we stood kissing in front of the window. We were several floors up and the view was beautiful! I dropped to my knees and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. They dropped to the floor. I admired his new pair of silk briefs he had bought for tonight. They looked so sexy with his cock straining to be free.

I rubbed his cock and his balls lightly through the underwear and then tickled him with my fingernails. He was aching for me to touch his skin, but it wasn’t yet time. My hot pink fingernails started at his ankles, stroking and tickling all the way up his legs. He shivered with delight. I pulled his briefs down and ran my nails over his nice firm butt.

His cock began to jerk and twitch, begging to be touched. Then I ran both hands along his shaft, close, but barely grazing him. His cock was twitching and his breathing was heavy. Then I licked around the tip, barely touching him. I licked up and down and around his shaft very softly. Then I would blow my hot breath on him.

Now he was begging, so grabbed his cock firmly and stroked it hard. I sucked it hard a few times, then back to teasing light strokes. He was begging for me to play with his balls. I began to lick and suck them, then I started to tug on them just the way he likes. I licked the precum from the tip of that wonderful cock. Teasing him was getting me so hot and wet. I was about to cum just from giving him such pleasure. Oh, how I love to suck that cock!

He pulled me up on my feet and began kissing me long and hard. Our tongues darted in and out and swirled around. He would lightly bite my bottom lip, then run his tongue along my upper lip as if tracing my lips. That always drives me wild. I pulled him closer and started sucking his tongue. Then he would suck mine.

We were so hot with desire. We longed to express our love to each other on this special night. He held my hand and walked to the king-size bed. I laid back on the bed as he kissed my neck and worked his way down to my breast. He gently circled my nipples with his tongue. Then he blew on each nipple watching them get more erect.

He ran his tongue down my belly and circled my belly button. He was taking his time and I was in agony. I wanted him to get to my throbbing pussy. He gently kissed my thighs just above the stockings. Next, he moved my thong to the side and started working his magic with his tongue. He licked long strokes from back to front, then circled my clit. He inserted one finger, then two, into my hungry wanting pussy. I was moaning in pleasure!

Then he got his finger wet with my pussy juices. He slowly started to push his finger in my rosebud as he licked and sucked my pussy. It didn’t take long for me to buck and moan with my first orgasm. “Oh, baby! Oh…mmmmmm…ohhhh… mmmmmm…yessssss!

Now he began to remove my stockings one at a time. I reached behind me to unclasp the back of the garter belt and threw it aside. He slowly pulled my thongs down and removed them. I wanted him inside me so bad!

“Baby, I need to feel your cock inside me! Now please! Don’t make me wait any longer!”

I spread my legs. He got on his knees and pulled my legs over his shoulder. Then he grabbed my hips as his cock entered my wanting wet pussy. He began to push deeper and deeper. I wanted him so deep!

He started to thrust in and out as I moaned and screamed, “Harder! Give it to me!”

He was ready to explode. I knew it wouldn’t take long. He began pumping me faster. As he erupted, filling my pussy, I orgasmed at the same time! Breathless, we collapsed in each other’s arms. I thanked him for such a special evening and told him how much I loved him. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

We set the alarm to get up on Sunday morning for church. We didn’t want to be late since we were on staff at the church. We couldn’t get a replacement to cover for us.

We had room service bring our breakfast and then I got in the shower. As I lathered up the soap he got in the shower behind me. He was kissing my neck and fondling my soapy breast. I turned around to kiss him and began stroking his cock with my sudsy hand.

I got the soapy washcloth and washed his body. I really enjoyed washing his balls! Next it was my turn. He washed me and the soap felt so good on my breast. We quickly washed our hair, turned off the shower, and dried off.

We had to hurry, but we also had to have more of each other. I pushed him back on the bed and climbed on in the 69 position. I sucked his cock as I ground my pussy on his face. His tongue felt amazing! The more I sucked that cock the more my juices ran down his face. I love to suck him…mmmmmm!

We wanted it so bad. It didn’t take long until we both orgasmed. He spurted a big load in my mouth and I swallowed all I could. Then I grabbed a hand towel to clean us both up. We hurried to dry our hair and I put my makeup on. We dressed quickly and rushed to church.

We couldn’t stop smiling at each other all morning! That was a night I will always remember sharing with my beloved! I count my blessings every day that I’ve had 32 wonderful years with my beloved!

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  1. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    Very nice. Either you have a superb memory or you journaled some of these details, cause I can't even remember what I ate for dinner a week ago, lol. Next week is 26 years for us. We are planning a 4 day trip away. Can't wait!

    • Southernheat says:

      Congratulations for 26 years! Yes I kept a journal of memorable events! I have a good memory when it comes to those kind of memories! My husband read the story and it brought back memories for him. We had some fun after he read it.

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