Edging Him

There are things that I have learned about myself that I enjoy a lot. One day I took notes on what felt good and in what order. I think this would make for an enjoyable time if the wife would do this to her husband. I hope you ladies find it inspirational.

Note: How long you do each of these things depends on you. Watch and listen for his pleasure moans. Each element will feel great at first, or maybe for a minute or two. But then the pleasure usually slows down. That is the time to move on to the next thing. This list is suggested ideas that I love. Each man is different. You will have to “perfect it” on your spouse. Make sure he is letting you know what feels right.

He starts with jeans and no underwear on underneath. He also wears no t-shirt, only a button-down shirt.

Either he unbuttons his jeans or she does it for him. Then she slides down the zipper and opens up the jeans far enough to expose part of the shaft and head of his dick. Then he sits back, and they just talk about whatever they want. All the while, she glances down at him as he sits partially exposed before her.

Next, he (or she) slides down the jeans to his thighs, exposing him more while they continue to talk. Maybe one of them unbuttons his shirt and opens it up.

His exposure accomplishes at least two things:

1. If he enjoys being exposed, it increases his horniness.

2. If she enjoys the tease, it gets her more in the mood.

She eventually has him lay down on his back. Then she takes a pair of silky boxers or her panties — or better yet, slides off her own panties to use. She lightly and slowly drags the material up his cock, then lifts it up to start again at the bottom and drag them all the way back up. Doing this for a minute or so, she continues until the pleasure of it slows down. Again, she should be able to tell by his moaning. This normally feels awesome.

Note: She can vary how much of the material to drag on him. It will change the pleasure level if one inch of the material touches him versus a three- to four-inch-wide swath.

Next, the wife takes off all her husband’s clothes and helps him put on a cock ring. I like the kind that is made out of soft leather and looks like a mini-belt; it can tighten or loosen one notch at a time. Then, once it is on and comfortable, she lightly grabs his balls to massage and play with them.

Next, she has him lay on his side, putting a pillow between his legs and asking him to move his hips. That way, his balls and cock drag on the side of the soft pillow. Every five minutes or so, as his cock and balls enlarge, she should check the tension of the cock ring to see if it needs to be loosened a notch. It should be somewhat snug but not tight enough to hurt.

After he rubs his balls and cock on the pillow awhile, she moves the pillow out of the way. Slowly, she drags the silky undies or panties all over his cock and balls again until the pleasure starts slowing down.

A man’s cock extends back into his body, under the balls, and all the way to his asshole. She presses down on that area and rocks her fingers back and forth on it. Then she follows it down to his asshole and rubs all around, listening to his moans to discover what he likes down there.

Note: with the cock ring on, the balls will probably get tighter. When this happens, it feels awesome to have them played with. She should grab them, play with them, and massage them with her palm and fingers before stroking his cock some more.

Now she can suck the head of his dick awhile.

It’s a real treat if she uses different temperatures on the cock and balls. A plastic water bottle feels nice once it sits out for about 20 minutes before you start. Also, a cup of coffee that has cooled down for 10 minutes or so feels awesome. But she should check the temperature before trying it; too cold or too hot might have a detrimental effect, causing pain rather than pleasure. Using cool for a minute or so, then warm for several minutes brings the best response for me.

Note: In this description, I only include this once. But, it is a great thing to repeat after another 10-15 minutes of doing other things to him.

Next, she licks her hand and rubs it over the top of his penis. Then she can use his precum to stroke his dick. The combination of saliva and precum is better than any man-made lubricant.

Now the silky garment can come back into play for another minute or two, always dragging slowly over his balls and cock — up and down. Her hands play with his balls again then also the hard area between balls and asshole, before stroking his dick again.

She puts the pillow back between his legs and has him rock his hips against the pillow. It should be positioned so that the hard area under his balls is rubbing on the pillow as he moves. She tells him to masturbate on the pillow while doing this. The words are so hot!

After a minute or two, she moves the pillow then grab him by the balls with one hand and at the base of his cock with the other. Playing with both, she pulls downward on both of them toward his ass.

Now she returns to stroking his dick, but the bottom two inches only. She tries moving his hard cock at different angles, seeing what he likes. If he throbs, she pauses a few seconds and lets him calm down.

Next, she licks her hand again, glides it over his precum, and use the saliva and precum to stroke the full length of him. Then one hand grabs his balls while the other secures the base of his cock once more. She pulls downward again and maybe strokes his cock downward — being stroked at different angles brings different pleasures.

She might consider putting him on all fours. Then she can get behind him, spread his legs, and pull his cock through them. Next, she bends it back toward his ass and strokes him this way. The other hand can spread his ass cheeks and play with his asshole. He may even like being fingered, or enjoy other anal things. (I will leave that up to your imagination and his level of enjoyment.)

Eventually, she directs him to lie down on his back and lightly drags the silk over his balls and cock until his moaning slows down. For me, it takes about 10 to 20 seconds.

Then she plays with his balls some more, grabbing a handful and pulling them up, this time toward the direction of the top of the cock. She does it slowly — up then back down, again and again. Maybe while doing it, part of her fingers are pressing down on his cock.

Once again, she licks her hand, this time stroking just the head of his dick. She pays constant attention to how long the pleasure lasts and when it slows down. Then she moves on to the next thing.

She tries something new to see if he likes it: using her finger, she wipes off some of his precum at the tip of his cock then wipes it on his lips and lets it dry. OR, she might see if he is willing to suck it off her fingers. Which one will turn him on the most? If he loves it, she can do it more than just this one time.

Now she sucks his cockhead really well, swirling around it perhaps a minute or so. Then her tongue licks up and down his dick before she returns to sucking the head.

Again, she grabs the balls with one hand and massages them. Her other hand she uses to stroke up and down the entire shaft, paying attention to what feels good, how hard to hold it, how slow or fast, etc.

Next, she licks all over the cock in a sensual, teasing manner, maybe looking at him while she does. Then she places the pillow back between his legs and tells him to hump it. She starts talking dirty. “Do you like me edging you? Am I making you feel good? Tell me what you want.”

As she does each of these things, it should get him closer and closer to cumming.

Now she strokes his dick for him, plays with his balls, and sucks the head of his cock until he cums.

Note: You will want to determine if it might feel better with the cock ring off or on when he cums. My guess is off.

You have edged him to happiness. This is something that most men are probably never lucky enough to experience with a patient wife. He should feel very privileged.

P.S. I would love to see a woman write a story similar to this one where he does things to her to edge her to orgasm.

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4 replies
  1. ladygarden says:

    Bravo gcms, you've nailed that on the head…I mean…well you know! WOW great technique and description, your hubby is [or you are?] a blessed man. We love Edging and you just triggered a hot memory for us to write about that included…slowly unzipping his nicely fitted pants…with my teeth. Mmmmmmm….

    Celebrate Each Other
    ladygarden 😉

  2. possibility says:

    What a lovely descriptive patiently executed story!
    The things done would certainly keep me "on the boil / edge."
    I love being patient with my wife doing similar. Her pleasure in terms of facial expression, sexual moans, groans and ultimate organic release, is very much my pleasure!

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