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Edging Him

There are things that I have learned about myself that I enjoy a lot. One day I took notes on what felt good and in what order. I think this would make for an enjoyable time if the wife would do this to her husband. I hope you ladies find it inspirational. Note: How long […]

Discussion thoughts so we all can learn from each other

I am writing this as a discussion producer. In other words, I look forward to hearing people’s comments and discussion topics about what makes sex so hot. Is it the pleasures involved, or just having an orgasm that makes it hot? Or, is there more than that? I personally believe IT IS more than that. […]

Sensual Picture Taking

Every now and then I totally enjoy taking sensual pictures of my wife. And, if she is in the mood, I also enjoy her taking pictures of me. (which is not very often) I am sure it probably taps into some hidden thing from my childhood, as to the reason I love doing it. But, […]

Learning how their husband thinks with sex

I cannot speak for women, as far as all that turns them on.   I only know what I have been told.  But, I can speak for men, based on my experiences, and also based on 100’s of men that I have talked to over many, many years. Surely, someone has written down every possible […]

Hot Car Sex

I have always loved having some adventure in my sex life. What I mean by adventure is doing things that the average person does not get to or won’t do, something different from sex in the bedroom scheduled sex. “Now it’s time for sex. Strip down.”  My thought about that: “How boring!” Fulfilling sex needs […]

Sexual frustrations

With this writing, I would love to focus on some sexual problems in Christian marriages.  I am not an expert by any means, but I have done a lot of marital counseling where the problems were sexual.   Plus, men open up to me quite often about their sexual frustrations.  I guess I am easy […]