Man In the Shadow (L/A)

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This story includes anal play (A)
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We are not into domination games, but I felt a need to do something.

“Do you trust me?” I asked.

She looked at me with a frown. “Of course I trust you. What is this about?”

“No, do you really trust me? Will you trust me enough to do what I ask?”

“What must I do?”

“Go to our bedroom, take off all your clothes except for your panty, and then come back.”

She got up without a further word and left the room. It was a sultry summer’s evening, and we had a fan blowing to move the heavy air.

When she came back into the room, I could not miss her visible state of arousal. Her nipples were very hard, and a slight wet patch showed on her panty between her legs. I motioned towards the chair opposite me, and she sat down.

“I want you to forget that I am here. You must play with your pussy as if you are alone. I want you to cum as many times as you want. Next to your chair, you will find a bottle of coconut oil, three of your vibrators, and your dildo. Enjoy yourself. I will be The Man in the Shadow.”

I switched off the table lamp next to my seat. The darkness cloaked me and gave my wife more of an “alone” feeling. Then the game began.

She knew why I asked her to keep on her panty. One of my greatest thrills is to either fuck her by pulling her panty to the side or to watch her masturbating with her panty still on.

Very seductively, she spread her legs. She pulled her panty to one side, exposing her very wet pussy. With her middle finger, she started making small circles around her clit. I was about three meters away but could see how swollen it was. Her movements were slow, but it was obvious that she was putting a lot of pressure on that little button.

After a few minutes, she suddenly stopped. Her body started shaking, and I heard a grunting sound coming from her. I waited.

After about a minute, she picked up the bottle of oil and poured an ample amount on her already wet pussy. She started with a deliberate sequence. Two fingers made soft circles around her clit twice. Then she would plunge her middle finger into her pussy. Around, around, deep inside. Around, around, deep inside. Again and again. Her legs spread very wide, and her eyes remained closed.

I moved closer so as not to miss anything. The smell of her arousal was hanging in the air. The sound of her finger plunging into her wet pussy was intoxicating. I opened my fly to release the pressure on my hard cock. Pre-cum was flowing freely and dripping on the front of my trousers.

With her other hand, she was pinching and rolling her nipples between her fingers, alternating between the two. She now had three fingers plunging into her at a blinding speed. Although she does not have large boobs, she still managed to lift one enough to attach her mouth to it. She started sucking and biting her nipple. I was mesmerized!

And then she lost control. Her body shook with a non-stop series of orgasms. Tears streamed down her cheeks, and incomprehensible words were coming from her mouth. At that moment, she squirted enough fluid that it was running over her fingers and onto the floor. Her head fell back, and she started crying. There was so much emotion. I felt, though, that I was not allowed to enter her world at this moment.

I stood up and quietly got rid of all my clothes, then sat down again. Precum was running down my cock, over my balls, into my crack, and then onto the chair. I was extremely aroused. It was tough for me to keep my hands away from my cock. I ached from the continued erection.

Without opening her eyes, she felt around on the ground next to her chair, and her hand found the soft blue dildo. I was watching her intently, wondering what she was up to. She surprised and blessed me with her next move.

She slid all the way down in her chair, then lifted her feet and put them on the armrests. In doing this, she exposed her anus to my full view. Her little hole was shining from the oil that she had poured on herself. She put the tip of the dildo against her opening and very slowly started inserting it. It was evident that she was enjoying the feeling and the idea of being watched so intently. She pushed the dildo in just past her sphincter muscle then eased it out, repeating the process over and over. I watched as she slowly but surely pushed it in all the way and held it there. She started fucking herself with it, and I could see that she was aiming for an anal orgasm. She was gentle, but at the same time, unwavering about what she was doing.

I could not stop my hand from going to my cock any longer. I opened my uncircumcised head by pulling back my foreskin. Then I started rubbing with my fingers around the head. Precum was flowing out in large quantities. My cock was so sensitive that I had to be extremely careful not to lose it and cum right then.

I took the bottle of oil next to my chair and covered my cock with it. My hand slid up and down. I stared at my wife fucking her ass with her dildo and enjoying every second. She was having some trouble reaching her orgasm, though.

While keeping the dildo firmly planted, she picked up her Lelo Swan Vibrator.* I heard the buzzing sound as it disappeared into her pussy. The next moment she screamed as an orgasm rushed through her body like a bullet train. Both her hands were moving. One was fucking her ass, and the other was plunging the vibrator in and out of her pussy. She was out of control—incredible! My eyes transfixed on her body, and I quaked as my hand fondled my cock. My other hand cupped my balls, and a continuous flow of precum ran over my fingers.

I must say that to see my wife losing control was a pleasure beyond anything I have previously experienced. She was like an animal, moaning and screaming and cussing all at the same time. After quite some time, she fell back in her seat. The dildo slipped out and dropped on the floor while the vibrator fell on the chair between her legs. Everything was wet: her hands, the toys, the chair, and even the floor. She just lay there, panting and breathing deeply. I could see her pussy and ass contracting as the orgasms were subsiding.

She looked at me and then stared at my cock. She opened her mouth and put a question mark on her brow. It meant, Do you want that in my mouth? I nodded and started getting up to go to her, but she shook her head and motioned for me to remain seated.

At that point, my precious wife slid down from the chair and crawled on her knees towards me. She was so sexy. As she reached me, she took my hand off my cock and replaced it with her mouth. She did not move her head at all. She just started moving her tongue and sucking the head. Her tongue was giving full attention to that exquisitely sensitive spot below the head of my cock.

One of her hands slipped between my ass cheeks and started rubbing the entrance to my ass. The next moment, her finger slipped into that precum-slicked hole, and I filled her mouth with my cum. It ran over her lips and down the length of my cock; she just allowed it to happen. Then she gently started cleaning me with her mouth.

We fell asleep with her head lying in my crotch and my cock on her lips.

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20 replies
  1. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    Did you cum? I've poured over your erotic words and I can't find where you came, just puddles of pre-cum. Very sensual and visual….erotic.

    [From MH: Right there at the bottom. "And I filled her mouth with my cum."]

  2. hornyGG says:

    Loved this! My husband loves watching me masturbate and it really turns me on having him watch me. When he strokes his cock as he watches me, turns the heat meter another notch for me.
    Mmmmm, " Woman in the Shadows " sounds fun and possibly another story for MH afterwards. 😊
    Stay horny!

  3. HappyHubby says:

    WOW! That's really all I can say. What an intense and over the top sexy encounter. You made a comment after writing The New Chef that you had one FINAL story to write. Sure hope you didn't mean this was your last contribution to MH because MH needs more great writing like this!

    • ClimaXX says:

      HappyHubby, Abba Father is busy with new things in my life. There one question that will be published in a few days but that might be it.

  4. PacMan says:

    This was so freakin hott 🔥🔥! Impeccable writing and an erotic encounter that was 😳. I was imagining this being me and my wife and it was a 🍆 boner-inducing turn on!! Wife is out, so this has likely ushered in some solo fun time!

  5. ClimaXX says:

    I want to make a comment here and hope to get many "Amen's" for it.
    I believe that a wife who is willing to masturbate FOR her husband to watch her,or one who encourages Mutual masturbation, is doing one of the greatest things that she can do for him. There is something so special and intimate about it. The entire act has so much erotic value and so much intimacy that it surpasses human understanding. For me to watch my wife's face as she orgasms is worth a million dollars every time. I learn new things every time and we have done it so many times. I will never get tired.
    So LADIES….. Bring It On!

    • SecondMarge says:

      For me having him inside me, being one body the way the Lord said is far more intimate. Watching is more like porn. But everyone likes different things.

    • PatientPassion says:

      You get an "Amen" from me, ClimaXX!

      I do agree with SecondMarge that the act of intercourse is the pinnacle of intimacy, as God designed it to be. However, I am right there with you in believing that there is something very special about watching a woman pleasure herself. The fact that she's willing to put herself on display for the pleasure of her husband speaks of a certain self-assurance and confidence in herself.

      During sex, it can be hard to see your spouse's whole body, so in a way, you're still somewhat hidden from each other while being so close. If you let your spouse watch you pleasure yourself from a few feet away, you are entirely exposed, and even more visually vulnerable, which means there's a display of trust too.

      Maybe that's reading too much into it, but I like to work through why things are the way they are. And regardless of why, a spouse's self-pleasure on display is a beautiful thing!

    • PacMan says:

      You get an AMEN from me. It is very intimate — sometimes even more so than intercourse — especially to us husbands. It’s not about the visual… it’s about the sharing and love-connection.

    • SecondMarge says:

      Don’t misunderstand my opinion. Watching a woman masturbate is a very sexy thing. I just meant for me intercourse is more intimate.

    • ClimaXX says:

      Martyiow, we just love playing and watching. My wife is super-bad on long trips. She gets semi naked, gets her toys out and then makes me suffer. She plays and comes and shakes and comes over and over…..
      But ALWAYS takes care of her man by sucking my cock. It is just so difficult to cum while keeping my eyes open.
      I look forward to those times and every time that we play together.

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