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I was so ready for this little Sexcation, and so was she. We talked about when we could wear clothes and when we couldn’t. After she packed, I went behind her and stole all but one pair of panties out of her bag and put them back in her drawer. (I knew she wouldn’t mind). We dropped our kid off with the grandparents and took off.

It was a short three-hour trip. During the drive, we listened to podcast after podcast and an audiobook about sex and intimacy. All the while, I kept feeling her up. Just before we got into the area where our AirBNB was, we stopped for some groceries and wine. As luck would have it (or as my planning and a quick Google search would inform me), there was a “love shack” toy store right there. So now, armed with steak, veggies, snacks, wine, and a new wireless waterproof wand we arrived at our cabin deep in the woods.

I checked out the hot tub on the back porch and began making my plans. She went to unpack. This was going to be a great weekend.

I poured her a glass of wine and took it into the bedroom where she was unpacking. Then I started dinner. Cooking is one of my favorite pastimes, so I dove right in. The playlist coming through my BlueTooth speaker, the smell of garlic and onion sautéing in the pan, and the sunset over the mountains were all perfect. THEN. IT. HAPPENED.

I turned around and there sat my wife. She had pulled the barstool out from behind the bar. She had one leg thrown over one side and the other propped up on the bar. And I could see that the new toy was getting its test run.

She looked at me and said, “I guess we need to make sure it works.”

She was in a t-shirt with her bra mysteriously gone, and nothing else–except some fuzzy warm socks, which sort of made me laugh.

She started playing with the speeds, vibration settings, and positioning. I started trying not to burn dinner! In less than three minutes, she had the first of what would be more than 20 orgasms that weekend. (Yes, we counted.)

Writing this now, I’m thanking God that he designed multi-orgasmic women who love to please their men!!

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15 replies
  1. ClimaXX says:

    Having a wife who is multi orgasmic is one of the greatest blessing that God gave me. Some people when they read these stories, do not believe it, but we actually made a pendant for my wife after spending 3 days in Cape Town just counting her orgasms. The numbers are shocking and most of you will say it is IMPOSSIBLE. If MH would allow it, I will send a photo of the pendant to be added to this answer.

    • HeSaid-SheSaid says:

      I have a belief that all women have the ability to have multiple orgasms. If they're not having multi's, then I think there must be some limiting factor in place that prevents them. For some, it may just be the belief they can only have one during a session. For others it may be health related, relationship related, lack of technique, or trauma of some kind either emotional or sexual, just to name a few.

      I think it is very discouraging for those who are trying for the wife to have multi's and it's not really happening, myself included.

  2. MKpassion says:

    Great story. Great job setting the mood. Every married couple needs regular Sex-cations!! Sometimes you just have to plan them and go. The rewards are well worth it. The connection between spouses seems to carry on for weeks after too.

  3. christmakesithot says:

    Loved the quick story! We love our wand. My husband wrote about are first experience with the wand (Toy Story part 3). We were in the hotel for just one night but I was up to 9 orgasms before we pulled out. I'm addicted to my wand now and my husband loves it.

    • AlwaysReady says:

      Oh, thanks! Thanks for the comment. We've had the original Magic Wand for years.. this was our first wireless wand… It's getting a workout for sure. (which reminds me I should go make sure it's charging).

  4. Southernheat says:

    Nicely done! Sounds like that was one spicy 🌶 weekend! You’re both blessed that she’s multiorgasmic; so much fun! Sneaky and well prepared, finding the toy shop nearby. I don’t know if I would have been happy you unpacked my panties, but it sounds like she didn’t need them that weekend anyway. Keep writing! Thanks for sharing.

    • AlwaysReady says:

      Ha. I left her one pair.. it was only a two-night getaway, we only went out for one dinner. She definitely didn't need them. So in reality (but doesn't make for good reading.. I only stole one pair. It was more the "thought of" now you can't wear panties than the reality of it).

  5. LadyGarden says:

    OMG Marriage Heat—you’re on quite a roll with these story photos. Ooo-La-La! My wife and I both are really digging this recent batch.

    Sex between a married couple is mysterious enough—thrown on the gift of a multi orgasmic wife, our cups runneth over 😉. Such an incredible gift from above. I think we’re on our third Magic Wand now.

    A favorite pastime is tightly binding Kay (Her crazy sister does a much better job than I do)
    so she is utterly helpless—and using the Magic Wand and Magic Bullet to bring her to multiple orgasmic bliss. She loves to cum, even squirts sometimes. Which makes it even more mysterious when she begs and pleads with me to please stop as she can’t endure any more climaxes.

    Sisters reading this thread—why/how is it possible not to desire any more orgasms? As a male, I am quite perplexed. I came once twice back to back and can only imagine what it’s like to cum twice.

    My best orgasm ever was after having my vasectomy reversed. Despite having outpatient surgery and undergoing anesthesia, my urologist actually directed to “make love to your wife tonight. No jerking off. You need to make love as part of the post operative procedure.”

    Being good patients, Kay and I made love that night, it wasn’t the best of settings and I was still a bit groggy. Yet when the time came, my orgasm must have lasted nearly…you got it… twenty seconds, per Kay. Such an incredible release, it would not stop. So I can only dream what it must be like for a women to climax over and over again.

    Fantastic story, thank you for sharing. Great title too.

    LadyGarden (K)

  6. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Wonderful story. As parents of five with twenty years between the oldest and youngest, we highly value our “sexcations” (never heard that before but definitely using it from now on), as it sounds like you do. We’ve been thinking of doing our next one in a house type rental rather than a hotel so we can cook and eat without going out and have more freedom. Your story helped tip the scales in that favor. Looking forward to our next trip.

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