After Dinner ~ Jason & Dina

Jason pulled Dina along by the hand through the crowd of fellow cruisers, and she was thankful she had packed the little black dress she wore. It had a halter top that wrapped around her neck with a simple sparkly band. But the way the skirt moved was almost heavy, swinging around her mid-thigh and brushing across her skin in a delicious way every time she moved or took a step. The feeling only made the evening more enticing.

She had teased him all night at dinner, and the effect had taken its toll on both of them! She’d run her leg up his all evening, and then let her fork and spoon linger between her lips as she’d take a bite and stare into his eyes with a mischievous glint in her eye. She knew what she was doing to him, after their afternoon in the stateroom and his promise to finish what she had started.

They started down the long corridor towards the atrium and a twinkle of lights and glass sparkled at every corner. She tried not to giggle when she noticed his tense face and how he’d draped his dinner jacket over his arm in an attempt to cover the bulge so prominently filling his groin area. They entered the elevator alone and, as the doors closed, Jason snatched Dina from behind him to fit her snugly right up against his front. She pressed her backward and enjoyed the hardness of his chest. Then, scooting her bottom into him, she wiggled. Dina appreciated the way his hold tightened, the arm he’d wrapped under her breasts cinching her in. Her nipples strained against the fabric as it pulled tight under his grip.

Jason took a few deep breaths and whispered raggedly, “I need to feel you.” Without another word, he lifted the back of her skirt and his hands found the tiny piece of lace fabric that lay between him and his goal. He explored her moist and swollen opening, and found her soaked and dripping with sweet nectar when he plunged his finger past the string and inside.

The gasp and moan that escaped her lips made his erection jump against her. He cupped her breast and sucked on a “sweet spot” between her jaw and collarbone, a move that made her knees weak and her thighs tremble.

They heard the ding announcing the arrival at their floor and broke apart, quickly exiting the elevator. Fortunately, no one was waiting to board; their disheveled appearance may have given them away.

Dina had seen that look on Jason’s face before: hungry and desperate. She had a feeling she may regret teasing him as she had before the night was over.

The small stateroom had a couch and, as Jason moved towards her, Dina’s knees buckled and she fell onto it.

Jason looked her over. The short black cocktail dress had hiked up around her hips, and he could see the white lace g-string peeking from between her thighs. The expression of desire on his face made Dina’s entire body throb.

He slowly unbuttoned his white dress shirt while he moved towards her. He was muscular and athletic, his body’s hardness maintained by years of running and lifting weights. She remembered the surprise blowjob she had given that afternoon and she knew he was about to return the favor.


The little minx had teased and flirted with him all night, and Jason’s painful erection was a constant reminder that she would have to pay. Although he would love nothing more than to plunge his thick cock into Dina’s dripping little pussy and hear her scream in delight, he knew how sweet his “revenge” would taste after he made her wait for it.

Jason looked down at his little wife and admired her. She was tan and fit from being active, petite in stature with large breasts. He loved the display of them in his face when she rode him. They were so sensitive, and she loved when he manhandled them, but also enjoyed it when he would gently lick and suckle them until she ached with desire and couldn’t take any more.

Yes, those tits were his favorite asset on her, but the crown jewel between her thighs called to him right now. He could see the wetness sopping, hot and sweet, into the tiny scrap of lace covering her pubic mound.

Throwing his shirt aside, Jason kept his pants on; he knew his wife enjoyed him shirtless with only a pair of tight jeans. He knelt in front of his beautiful wife, her exotic features accented by her long, dark brunette layers falling over her shoulders. His fingers gripped her thighs and pulled her closer to him.

The sweet smell of her desire intoxicated him as he carefully pulled back the g-string just enough to get his index finger near her opening. Her wetness threatened to spill out, so he spread his fingers over her warmth and gently prodded one finger inside her vaginal lips. She shuddered and tightened her muscles on his finger. Then he pulled it out slowly, Dina’s thighs still trembling.

“Baby, I haven’t even begun to show you what pleasure I’m going to give you tonight. You teased me all day with that ass of yours, rubbing in between my thighs, giving me that incredible blow job, and riding me hard this afternoon. Now, I want you to take that dress off very slowly. Then I want you to lay back and stretch your arms over your head. Lie there and do not move, or I will have to take that much longer to bring you to satisfaction. Do you understand?” Jason waited for her answer.

Dina slowly nodded. Jason was the leader in their home but always treated her like an equal. Yet he loved the thrill of being dominant over her in the bedroom. So she did as he commanded, undressing and splaying herself on the couch, arms back.

Jason lowered his face to Dina’s pussy and leaned in for a lick. She was sweet and salty, warm and decadent. She felt like velvet when he lapped his tongue around her outer lips to gather all the wetness he could. Finding her clit, he gently sucked on her tiny jewel.

Dina arched her back and lifted her pelvis to him, reaching to push against his head, wanting his tongue in deeper.

Jason stopped abruptly. She was pushing him over the edge with her need. With one swift movement, he lifted her off the couch and placed her in the middle of the bed on her back her hair spanning out behind her.

The curtains to the balcony stood open, and moonlight glinted off the sea to silhouette her shape on their bed. Jason took in the vision for a moment, then slowly moved to the nightstand to pick up a black tie he’d discarded there. Before she could protest, he gently but firmly wrapped it around Dina’s wrists and ensured it was snug and secure. Then he lifted her hands, laid them gently on the bed above her head, and held them there.

Dina’s breasts were high and pert, and Jason couldn’t resist taking one in his mouth. Her breaths shallowed, and she whispered to him to stop the torture of his tongue, but he wasn’t done yet. The feel of her skin against him reminded him of his bulging desire. Jason licked and sucked her nipples, pulling and teasing until they were taut. Dina’s moans grew louder until he finally felt ready to give her some release.

Jason slid down the length of Dina’s body, kissing and teasing down her belly to her hip bones and gently kissing the crease between her thigh and pelvic area. Her hips moved invitingly, begging him to claim what belonged to him. The white strap to her g-string was the only thing between him and the treat he desired.

Jason yanked roughly on the strap on her hip to pull it down, but it tore away from the triangle of fabric. The lace fell between the two of them and he bit it with his teeth, pulling it free from underneath her and throwing it to the floor.

His lips found her warmth, and Dina’s whimpering told Jason that he was right on track. He plunged his tongue into her folds, her wetness pouring out onto it. Finding her tiny jewel, he drew her clit into his mouth. Then he pushed two fingers inside and stroked her in an upward “come hither” motion.

Dina’s hips began to buck to the rhythm of his fingers inside her. Her lips and clit were swollen and pink with desire, and she strained against him for release. He felt her tense as he pressed deliberately on the little button deep inside her that he knew drove her wild. His mouth covered her clit, drinking in the wetness flooding out of her.

Dina’s orgasm came, deep and intense, pouring more of her sweet nectar out. She contracted over and over, and he could feel her insides tighten and release on his fingers. She wrapped her thighs around his neck and he buried his face in between her thighs, gently sucking as the last waves of her orgasm washed over her. Jason would do anything to make Dina happy, and she would do anything to please him.

He waited until she had finally relaxed her vice grip before moving from between her thighs. Jason still had his pants on, but it was time. His cock almost sprang out of his pants as he unzipped. He pulled his jeans down below his ass, his cock wet with his precum.

Dina’s arms remained tied above her head and her breasts heaved towards him as she breathed heavily, still recovering from her orgasm. Her eyes followed him and she nodded for him to come closer. Jason climbed onto the bed and kissed her thigh that still glistened with her cum, and Dina shivered and licked her lips.

“Baby, I need you now. Please take me however you want me, but I need you inside me. NOW!” Dina demanded.

Jason smiled, loving her urgency. He could play longer, but his erection would practically burst on her right then if he waited any longer. Grabbing her leg gently, he flipped her onto her belly. He smoothed his hands over Dina’s round little ass he pulled her hips up to meet his pelvis. Leaning forward, he reached to her front to cup her breast. His cock pressed hard against her ass, feeling the wet warmth that trickled between her thighs. Tugging and pulling on her nipples, he nibbled on her ear and caressed it with his tongue as he pressed her close to him. Jason enjoyed how her breasts dangled, just for him. He kissed the side of her mouth, and she turned her head to meet his lips more fully.

Hungrily, Jason sucked her tongue and lips, and her sweet taste made his cock tense. Dina responded in a frenzy, begging him to take her from behind. He moved his cock to find her opening, still drenching wet and swollen. As she pushed back with her ass, Jason restrained himself, holding back from letting her feel his full length and relishing the sweet, hot fire flowing through him. Then he moved his thick tip in, just an inch or so, and pulled it out.

Dina tried to move, to shove herself onto him, but the necktie still around her wrists made it difficult for her to exercise any control. She rested on her forearms while Jason lifted her hips effortlessly to him, mercilessly teasing her.

Precum started dripping from his swollen cock and Jason rubbed it around her opening, He spread her ass cheeks as far as they would go so that she was practically sobbing in need. Unable to hold back any longer, he sank his hard shaft deep into her, both of them gasping with pleasure. Spreading her just a little wider, he sank even deeper, and she flooded him once more.

Dina flexed and he could feel her sweet warm tightness all around his member. She moved her hips in small circles, and then he started long, savoring, deep strokes, slowly thrusting in and then almost all the way out. She cried out for him and then rocked her hips deep back into him.

Jason took her thrust and guided her onto his cock, over and over, until he heard, “Baby, please cum. I need to feel you cum inside me.”

Groaning, Jason felt his need build to the point of no return. He grabbed her ass to him and pulled her body up into his arms so they both knelt upright on the bed. With his arms clutched across her breasts and her nipples crushed against his forearm, he came long and hard, his hot cum spilling out of her.

Jason groaned with pleasure and satisfied desire. “I love you so much, Baby. You are a gift, my love,” he breathed into her neck. She whispered words of love in return, and he kissed her deeply, so thankful for the love they shared. And truly thankful for the gift of sex that God has given to marriage.

Stay Tuned for more & enjoy the tales of Jason & Dina’s “Sexcapades”.

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