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Brian and I both have fairly stressful careers, ones that demand we be very professional with our clients and coworkers.  I guess I’d describe it as needing to “be on guard” and “always-on” all day long.  So when we are alone in our home, it is so comforting to be totally open and vulnerable with each other—all trust, no fear, no judgment.  Last week was a very good work week for both of us, but we welcomed the opportunity to set that aside.  We both needed the feeling of surrendering to each other.  Probably me even more than Brain!

Brian went to pour us each a second glass of wine when I stopped him and suggested that we go to bed a little early.  We turned out the living room lights and headed to the bedroom.  I took off my top and slipped my leggings down and stepped out of them, then turned to Brain before he took off his boxer-briefs.  Holding his hands, I offered to help with those.

He paused a moment, taking in the sight of me standing naked in front of him except for the small triangle of my thong.  He pulled me in for a kiss, light at first and then with more passion as our mouths opened and our tongues touched.  I put my hands on the back of his neck while his grabbed my ass and pulled me tighter to him.  I loved the feeling of his thickness pressing against my stomach.

I pulled away just enough to tell him that I was ready to take those boxer-briefs off.  I slowly lowered myself as my fingers maneuvered the waistband over his cock and hips and slid this last piece of his clothing down his legs and to the floor.  With his magnificent manhood poised so majestically just inches away, I indulged in some long, slow licks from base to tip.  I so enjoy the way he responds when the tip of my tongue flicks along the beautiful inverted V that marks the edge of his engorged crown.  After a few more licks and some swirls around his ridge, I stood up to kiss his mouth again.

I told him to stay right there, don’t move!  I quickly retrieved our K-Y Duration spray from the nightstand.  We use this very infrequently but when we want, a couple of sprays can make our intimate time together last longer without the anxiety of ending prematurely.  I held Brian’s engorged cockhead in my hand and gave it four quick sprays.

“Whoa Dez, that’s twice what we usually use!  I want to cum too!!!” Brian shouted.

“Don’t worry Brian.  Trust me.  I promise that you’ll cum,”  I reassured him.  After rubbing it in for a minute or two, I washed my hands while Brian headed to our bed.  He welcomed my arrival with more passionate kissing while I caressed his face and neck.

Our kissing paused and we looked into each other’s eyes as his hands softly explored my neck and the edges of my breasts.  Without him even touching them, my nipples were already getting harder and protruding upward.  The pinnacle of each breast drew its sensitive, darkened tissue tight.  When his fingers lightly strummed across one of my nipples, micro-electroshocks of pleasure radiated outward.

I put my hands over my head to just take in the pleasure of Brian’s fingertips lightly touching my body, his lips exploring new paths from my neck to my panties, marking milestones with kisses.  His fingers were so soft, his caresses so light.  I welcomed the return of his mouth to mine with open lips and swirling tongue.

As we continued to kiss, he got on his knees between my legs, supporting himself with one hand while the other caressed my inner thighs and then slid inside my panties.  At first, he just cupped my pussy, letting our warmth build.  Then a finger began exploring my delicate folds.  Soon it found my entrance.  My moaning got louder as his fingers worked their magic.  I found myself massaging my breasts, tugging at my nipples.  I pulled my legs back further, his fingers working my G-spot, his thumb rubbing my clit.

“Oh fuck!” I whispered.  “I want you to fuck me!”

Brian leaned back to pull my panties off my hips and down my legs, and then we resumed our passionate kissing.  His fingers returned to my G-spot, his thumb to my clit.

“Please fuck me, Brian,” I whispered again.

Once more, I pulled my legs back, giving him access to the entrance I needed him to fill.  He used his hand to guide his rock hard cock to my opening but didn’t penetrate.  Instead, he used his cockhead to slide up and down from my entrance to my clit.  I licked my fingers and began rubbing my clit as his cockhead repeatedly traced a path between my pussy lips.

“You’re such a tease.  I want you in me!” I begged.

Finally, after a few more strokes, I experienced that amazing sensation of his swollen cockhead stretching my lips, penetrating my tight entrance.

“Oooo,” I gasped as I tightened around his magnificent shaft, his cockhead just inside.  Then I sighed and moaned as he slid deeper and deeper into my wanting pussy.

“Oh, yeah.  Don’t leave!” I muttered as his strokes went from base to tip. “Yes, Yes!  Right there!” My arousal was building faster and faster.  I could feel an orgasm beginning to swell inside.

“Ooooo!  I’m gonna cum!  Oh my god!  Yeah!  Yeah!  Oh, fuck!”

I pulled my legs back further, wrapping my heels behind his legs.

“Keep fucking me!  Don’t stop!!!  I’m cuming!  I’m cuuuummmming,” I screamed as my body shook, my legs trembling with wave after wave of pleasure coursing through my body.

When my quaking subsided, he pulled out, and we kissed even more passionately, my legs still holding him tight.

Then he leaned in even closer and slid his cock back into my wet pussy.  His thrusting resumed as before.  Long, slow thrusts gradually got faster and faster, harder and harder, deeper and deeper!

“Oh my god!  Fuck!  Oh my god!  Yes!  Fuck!  Keep fucking me!” I pleaded. “You’re gonna make me cum again!  Harder!  Harder!” I moaned.  “Yes, I’m cumming!  Don’t stop!!!  Ooooooo fuck yes!” I yelled as he pounded me all the while I came.  My body clenched with another orgasm, stronger than the first.

As I lay in the afterglow, Brian kissed me deeply and held me tight.  I was a puddle of bliss on the bed.  His kisses moved from my mouth to my neck, then lower.  Soon his face was buried between my legs.  Brian looked up at me as his the tip of his tongue tasted my moisture.  When he started to lick the sides of my clit, my moaning resumed.

I again pulled my legs back.  “Oh my god!  Oh, fuck!”  His tongue played at my entrance. “Yes!  Yes,” were the only other intelligible words I could utter. My moaning got louder.  “Yes!!!   YES!!!” as his tongue worked Brian’s magic on my pussy. “Oh Yes!  Oh, fuck!  Right there!!!” I screamed over and over as yet another orgasm crashed over me.  “Ooooooo!   Fuuuuck!”

My screams were only silenced when Brian covered my mouth with his. As he slid forward, his amazing cock again penetrated my slippery entrance, driving deep inside again and again.

My last orgasm had barely subsided when the next one was about to start.  Thrusting feverishly in and out of my pussy, Brian’s cock was hitting every sensitive spot.  Relentlessly, he drove his cock deep, faster and faster.

“I’m gonna cum again.  Yes!  Yes!!! Fuck!  Don’t stop!  Yes!!!”  He must have felt my orgasmic contractions too.

“Yes!” he yelled out.  “Cum on my cock!”

His words pushed me over the top again and again.  I screamed as my body shuddered uncontrollably as yet another orgasm washed through me.  I’d never felt so connected to Brian and so connected to my body.  It was as if I was aware of every cell being doused in pleasure.

More deep kisses, more holding each other so close.  Then I rolled out from under Brian.

“I need to taste you!”  I climbed on top in a 69 position.

Taking his magnificent cock into my mouth, I could taste my own juices combined with his precum.  He was so hard, so thick, his cockhead so beautifully swollen.  He moaned as I took as much of him in my mouth as I could. My head bobbed up and down on his glorious shaft and my tongue swirled around his engorged ridge.

But I needed him in my pussy again.  My passion still was not satisfied.  I turned and straddled him, sliding his cock into my pussy.  I’m not sure which of us was moving more, Brian thrusting up and down or me bouncing on his majestic cock.  Either way, it was having the effect I needed.  Faster and faster, he thrust in and out from tip to base.  We continued to kiss and embrace as his cock was working the deepest recesses of my pussy.

I began rolling my hips, my clit now getting the pleasure of Brian’s pubic bone while his cock was hitting my deepest pleasure spot.

Brian was feeling it too.  “Oh my god, yes!  Go!  Go!!!” he encouraged as the pace of my grinding became more frenetic. “Yes, Dez!  That’s it!” he encouraged again.

“Ooooo!!!” I moaned over and over.

“Yes!  Yes!  YESSSS!  Oh, FUCK!” I screamed as I felt my pussy clenching Brian girth.  Somehow, my body found still more pleasure to wash over me.  As my orgasm gradually subsided, I again took Brian’s cock into my mouth.  I love that this incredible man was able to give me such passion, such amazing pleasure.

He held my hair aside.  “Dez you are so beautiful.  Such an incredible sight!  Yes!  YES!!!” he moaned.

I looked him in the eyes as I rolled onto my side in front of him, pulling my right leg toward my chest.  As he penetrated me again with his still rock hard cock, this time from behind, I whispered “Are you gonna cum in me now?  I want you to fill me with your cum!”

He held my face in his hands as he pounded me harder and harder.  Then his hand reached down to my clit.  His thrusting hit my G-spot perfectly, and his fingers rubbed in sync with his hammering cock.

“Oh my god,” I uttered again and again!  “Oh, I’m gonna cum again.  I’m cuuuummmming,” I screamed.  But his pounding didn’t stop.  And neither did my orgasms; surge after surge of pleasure gushed from my pussy to my curled toes and clenched fingers.  My legs shook uncontrollably as my night of pleasure continued.

“Oh god!” were the only words I could get out. One orgasm continued to the next and the next.  Brian was relentless as my contractions clenched his cock.  I nearly fainted from the pure ecstasy I experienced again and again and again.

Now I NEEDED Brian to cum in me.  After all, I promised him.  Brian knelt on the bed and I straddle his legs as he hugged me and entered my pussy again.  We bounced together, both so wet.  I rocked my hips while he rubbed my clit perfectly.  When I was so close to another orgasm, he rolled me onto my back and we fell into a most intimate missionary position.

“Please cum in me, Brian.  I want to feel your cum!”

His thrusting was now much more urgent.  Faster, deeper, harder!

“Oh my god,” he growled over and over!

His grunts got louder as he worked to overcome the last effects of the K-Y Duration.

“Oh!  Yes!  YES!!!” I begged.  “Fill me with your cum!!!  Fuck me!” I continued to urge him.

“Oh!  OH!  OH!!!”  he grunted as his cock began to jerk.  One last deep thrust, and then I felt the ultimate pleasure of my incredible husband throbbing as he pumped spurt after spurt after spurt of his hot cum into my deepest recesses.  Instinctively, my pussy clenched in a pleasurable rhythm, extracting every drop of cum from his shaft.

We laid together in perfect union.  My pussy, filled with his cum, tight around my wonderful husband’s magnificent cock, his arms holding me, our lips again connected.  Nearly exhausted from our passion, we relished the moments of mutual bliss.

Eventually, Brian withdrew.  I reached for a hand towel from under my pillow to catch the overflow of our love.  Our sleep was as peaceful as our evening was passionate.  What a joy to experience God’s blessing of passionate marital sex with the man I so love.

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9 replies
  1. LadyGarden says:

    Wow, that is incredible–fantastic story and writing. You two are beautiful together, in perfect sync. Thank you for inviting us to "observe" and be inspired. Can't wait to re-enact this tonight! (if you don't mind) lol


  2. PatientPassion says:

    Wow, New Wife! This was white-hot, and such an inspiration. My first thought after reading this went something like, "God, let me do that for my future wife!" I so hope and pray I can please her like that! I want her to be able to experience so many multiple orgasms she loses count; where some of them flow together so she can't tell if it's multiple or one massive long one!

    Thank you for showing that this is possible! If I may ask, did you have to learn how to get multiple orgasms to happen, or did it come fairly naturally? Like I said, I want my future wife to experience the same thing if at all possible, so any tips are appreciated!

    • New Wife says:


      Without sharing too much publicly, I would say that, with the help and encouragement of Brian, we discovered how I could have multiple orgasms. Not really something I's described as "learned." Early in our marriage, I was satisfied with one orgasm. But then one time after I had an orgasm, Brian patiently waited, holding in my warmth, and then started again. I was a bit reluctant but then he offered encouragement when he asked "Maybe another, Dez?" When it happened pretty quickly, and even better, we realized the possibilities. It's only gotten better since.

      Hope that helps. There's probably additional information on the TMB site in the Q&A section.

    • PatientPassion says:

      Thanks for reply! The common theme I see in various pieces of advice here is to use gentle, loving encouragement to grow and try new things. I'll definitely make that a habit!

      Thanks for providing an awesome, God-honoring example of marital eroticism and intimacy!

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